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Water & Fuel Flexible Tanks can be used for fuel and water storage or shipping; for potable water, black water, waste water, jet and diesel fuel, rainwater collection etc.

Our team team at CM shows companies - dedicated to the manufacture of quality products suitable for residential, commercial applications.

Plastimo, Vetus, Avon, PFT-Marine Flexible Tanks

Water FlexibleTanks

Plastimo Flexible tanks

Patented and tested Plastimo Flex-PVC water tanks, ready and easy to install with F12 mm valves and F38 mm inlet fitting. Tanks are resistance to tearing and abrasion and consist of a welded non-porous tasteless, water chamber inside a tough nylon.
envelope. Suitable for boats,yachts & motorhomes in spaces without sharp objects.

Available Shape of tank:Square, Triangular or Rectangular with Capacity: 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L and 120Litre.

150-litre flexible fresh water tank

The inner bladder of tanks does not 100% effect the water taste . These shape fitting lightweight flex tanks can be installed fast and almost anywhere. Easy maintenance, as the inner chamber can be removed for routine cleaning.


web/source: www.plastimo.com


Triangular or Rectangular Flexible water tanks for quickly and easily installed and assume the shape of the space in places normally difficult to reach.

Tanks Capacity:

Flexible Water Tank for 14.5 Gallons, 18.5, 26.5-Rectangular, 26.5- triangular, 42.5 and 58. with Dimensions: 25 x 30, 29 x 30, 37 x 30, 54 x 30, 78 x 28 and 46 x 59.

Fabric of Tanks consists three layers: water resistant, a reinforcement and suitable for water contact layer.

Vetus Flexible Water Tank in wear-resistant fabric (easy to clean, odorless and tasteless drinking water) All tanks are triple layered and most resistant to pressures.

Each fresh water tank has two right angle nipples as standard supply.

All Vetus flexible water tanks come with a 3-year warranty1


web/source: www.vetus.nl

Fuel FlexibleTanks

Avon Flexible tanks

Avon ofer perfect fuel tanks (length 1.03M, height 0.31M) with Capacity 22.7 or 5 Gallons

In daily service with the royal navy and special forces, this fuel tank is suitable for transport by air, boat or submarine.

The rugged construction of flex tank ncludes a robust, non leak, combined filler cap and fuel outlet. Male and female snap fuel connecters make the changing of tanks quick and trouble free. Multiple tanks can be fitted to lifelines and take minimum space.


Avon Inflatables Ltd.

web/source: www.avon-workboats.com

PFT-MarineFlexible/Portable tanks

PFT-MARINE type Fuel Tanks - RU

Portable, 7-layerd barrier film flex and fuel self-contained tanks type PFT-MARINE are propose as main or extended fuel tank.

Diesel, gasoline, petrol or fresh water Tanks for containment of at the board of sailboat, powerboat or any outdoor activity, easy install at the desk of a boat or at the any box inside

SPF Tanks - synthetic polyether fabric and provides mechanical strength and weather resistance properties. Inner shell of all tanks are 7 layered and provides extraordinary chemical resistance properties.

PFT-MARINE tanks are supplied with discharge 12 mm (0,5') fillers and 24 mm (1') charge-air went.


web/source: www.rusinflex.com

Waste Holding FlexibleTanks

Vetus - Waste Flexibletanks

(14.5 to 42.5 gal. capacity)

Tanks for Boat Toilets and waste water,(Rectangular shape with capacity: 55L, 70L, 100L and 160L) height when filled is approx 30sm.

Odor-free Vetus Flexible Holding Tank provides are simple Type III solution to your waste water storage. Flex tanks for black & grey are constructed in the same manner as their Vetus Flexible Water Tanks except the materials used is suitable to store waste/water and are odor tight. All Tanks with a 3 year warranty.

Custom made Flexible Water Tanks

Reliability and durabilityFlexibleTanks

TIDEL, is probably No 1 UK designer of of Tubes / Collars / Flexible Tanks for Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boats.


Tilley Inflatable Design & Engineering Ltd

web/source: www.tidel.biz

Tidel offer custom made flexible highest quality tanks (with range flexible connectors,flanges and sleeves) of providing instant water storage designed to fit any power boat space, there are suitable for storage on Rib's boats, yachts and for most applications with or without vents.

Nauta Flexible Tanks

Flexible, Portable, Holding, Water and Large capacity fuel TanksTanks

NAUTA® flexibility tanks designed for any space, especially those odd-shaped places with range of sizes - adaptability, lightness, handiness and fiability boat tanks



web/source: www.pennel.fr

Nauta - Flexible, Portable fuel TanksTanks

NAUTA®FUEL portable-flexible boat tanks are a remarkable improvement over the traditional and painted metal or aluminum tanks. These Fuel Tanks with 1 year warranty are coated on both sides with a neoprene / nitrile and in extremely rugged 935-dtex nylon fabric do not leave rust rings on the cockpit sole or floorboards. Available Models: L/Dimension(sm): 26 / 42 x 23 x 25, 35/ 73 x 45 x 35 x 17, 35/42 x 32 x 25, 50 /42 x 45 x 25, 70/42 x 61 x 25, 70 / 73 x 45 x 35 x 30, 1325/ 139 x 320

JKS International LLC Flexitanks

Flexible tanks

JKS - USA Company offer direct sales of the Flexitank,equipment and and associated accessories, The JKS also is a manufacturer of a wide range flexible fabrications inlude: fuel and storage tanks or chemicals tanks.

JKS Flexitanks are designerd from heavier weight coated fabrics and compounds approved by the EU regulatory agencies NSF and FDA.

The JKS flexible tanks can be used for fuel,et fuel, gas,diesel and water, suitable for all commercial, marine, residential, or military applications.


190 Street A, Picayune, Mississippi, 39466, USA
CAGE Code: 48HA4

(1) 601-273-4470


Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing, Inc.

custom and standard boat pillow fuel tanks for any type of vessel

Aircraft Rubber is manufacturer of excellent Marine pillow tanks. Usable for
transport all types of liquids, for extended range racing and power boating. Aircraft Rubber pillow bladders are super toug, puncture resistant, light weight manufactured from highly resistant elements and materials for extr. weather conditions. An additional Boat pillow tanks are collapsible, they are a real potential and tanks can easily be stored in confined areas.

All flexible pillow bladders come equipped with D-rings, with a fill plate with cap.

All ARM pillow bladders(25 gal. to 1000gal.) are Re-usable and Portable, specially designed for Boat Fuel Tank or temporary storage. can also be used for: maintenance storage of critical liquids, Critical Incident Response, Refuse containment, Oil Containment etc.

These tanks are designed to equip any vessel, perfect for pleasure cruising, fishing or powerboats include Military and Industrial Vessels with extra diesel, fuel or water storage.


1550 NE Kingwood Ave
Redmond, OR 97756



Flexcell® fuel Tanks

Flexible tanks for boats and any type of marine vehicles

Flexcell® fuel Tanks/bladders are comes with FIA approved safety fuel cells to be used in most severe conditions. Along with the fuel cells to offer a ready to mount solution the peripheral tank accessories are also available, include filler hoses, dashboard gauges, fuel filler valves and tank sensors. In fact, this company also make crashworthy marine tanks for racing boats.


Nuova Rade

Undisputed leader in quality raw materials and plastics engineering for boating and yachting trade, Nuova Rade Italian company can manufacture items and boating products include Sensors for Waste Tanks, Portable Fuel Tanks "Jerrycan" and Flexible Water Tanks with constant care for any design aspects in different dimensions, with no limits to size ranging from 70 to 680 tons.

Nuova Rade New Flexible Tanks

The both flexible water tanks, Rectangular and triangular Flexible unit are brand new in the Nuova Rade production line and will solve the problem of storing water in your boat. Easy to store and use all tanks tanks are supplied with already welded Tank Fittings adapter and two outlet & inlet Elbow Fittings equipped with moveable Thread Tightening Ring for sealing.

The Nuova Rade flexible water tanks are available in 6 Rectangular Sizes with capacity from 55lt to 200 lt and 2 Triangular Sizes - 55lt and 100lt.

When replacing the old tank wasn't an option. So, cutting out the top of the old tank and put a new flexible tank inside it.


Flexi Tank TM

Marine Water, Diesel and Waste Flexible tanks

FTA Australia Company provide standard and custom seamless sided Flexible (FlexiTsank) Boat tanks. see the differences and replace rusty, bulky, and expensive jerry cans that can damage your boat.

ATL flexible Tanks (fuel & water & waste)

ATL Storage Tanks - PETRO-FLEX, AOUA-FLEX and CHEM-FLEX Storage Tanks

One additional benefit by flexible boat tanks is not having to try and find fuel with jerry cans in the more remote locations as the quality of the fuel down here can be questionable.

Having the ability to stock up on the "good stuff" in the major ports has taken some of the worry about unfiltered or contaminated fuel out of the equation.

ATL Custom Tanks / Bladder Tanks

Custom 200gal. Fuel Bladder, Shown Full & Empty (Collapsed) Below.

This Bladder Also Features Alternative Hardware Which Includes a Threaded Cap with Pressure-Relief tank-Valve and 1" Outlet With Ball-Valve & Safety Lode.

Custom 65 gal. version Fuel Bladder is Destined by ATL To Fit Within The Bait Tank On 34 Custom.

ATL can duplicate your existing boat bladder. Simply send them your current bladder and they will duplicate it to your original specifications.

ATL flexible tank by original specifications

ATL Bladder Tanks - flexible fuel tanks

Military-spec, Rugged, Fully collapsible and lightweight with such built-in safety features they are great option for easy and compact shipping. Allowing boaters to travel farther than ever before this is one of the best options to extend vessel’s range. Marine flexible tanks have only problem with those bladders , they don't stand in place on ruff sea even with the harnesses. Just focus on that detail.

For these purposes, they offer safe ATL popular Stainless Steel KS199 Ratchet Tie-Down System (see photo below). Tie-Down tank System comes equipped with 304 Stainless ratchets, 316 Stainless collar and S type hooks. Stainless Steel KS ATL tank kit fits the units: from 150 to 300 gallon Petro-Flex tank Versions: from 200 to 300 gallon FueLocker tanks.

Whether it be a live fuel well, storage compartment or bait-tank you can use a fully collapsible bladder flexible tank for fuel, waste or water tank(potable or non-potable)when there's some space on boat.

Without a doubt, for both either one to other destination far offshore or transits fishing trips the flexibility of the ATL bladder style tanks makes them useful for capacity or ease of storage. The flexible, rugged unit fits well between the engine room and inboard stringers of most models. Depending on style, for gas or diesel, the Company manufactures two different styles of safe fuel cells.

Custom ATL flexible tanks

ATL company, specializing in flexible containment technology can manufacture collapsible custom fuel bladders for any spot on boat. In fact the team at Company ATL is ready to tackle each custom flexible water, waste or fuel, boat tank needs, you only need to make a dimensioned sketch and send them to ATL team.

That flexible tanks have advantages

That flexible tanks have advantages over standard tanks; mainly because there is no "Free Air" space above the water level and in my opinion, my water stays fresher and tastes better than experienced on many other boats.

One proviso on this though, some water outlets, the water tastes unacceptable. The taps at Cosgrove is one, and the water on the top summit level around Tring/Cowroast, also tastes unacceptable to me. It may have something to do with the variations between "Hard" water and Soft water, or in fact reconstituted "Treated" water.One thing is sure though, I would fit anoither flexible (Butyl) water tank.

NAUTA(Imtra) Flexible Tanks - For Water, Fuel and Waste

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