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Unified Marine, Inc. Company was formed in 1984 focused the marine and boating industry with the latest in innovative Seasense products and accessories at competitive prices include: All in one Primer Bulb, Brass Fittings, Gas vents, SS Hose Clambs, Dual Fuel Line Assembly, different models Shut-Off Valves that Meets U.S.C.G./ABYC/ EPA Requirements.

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SeaSense Fuel Tanks - portable and safe

Designed and Constructed for ease of use and versatility the fuel tanks can be stacked, this allows you so have enough fuel onboard without loosing boardspace.

Seasense adds a convenient way to stack the fuel tanks, if you need more than one 6 gallon fuel tank for your boating travel plans.

Fuel Tank - Secure Stack

Save boat space with SeaSense exclusive compact SecureStack Fuel Tank. Form molded with insets and recesses, this 6 gallon fuel tank stacks securely & safely eliminating any shifting in motion.

SecureStack tank meets USCG and ABYC standards.

Two 1-1/2 groove for secure tie down

Built-in 5% vapor volume expansion chamber.

Durable, high density polyethylene frame

Handles on each end for easy transportation

Stands up or lays down for your convenience

Measures 20" L x 13-1/2" W x 9-1/2" H

Fuel Tank - Tie Down Kit
(2) 68" Nylon Straps
(4) SS Strap Tie Downs
(8) SS Mounting Screws

Manufacturer of Seasense Boat Parts & Marine Accessories Unified Marine, Inc. has been in the competitive industry for over 30 years. The brand are currently offer over thousand innovative products by category: Marine Plumbing, Hardware, Boat Anchors, Safety & Boat Care, Fuel Tanks & Motors and Lighting & Electrical.

Great Deals on SeaSense Fuel Falves and Accessories, Boat Anchors, Paddles, LED Lighting, Cup and Rod Holders.

How do you place an order with Sea Sense: All SeaSense products are available for sale in amazon store or you ou can reach Sea Sense Customer Service at tel number 1-800-282-8725, or fax number (239) 676-9770.

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