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Three main elements are present in any decent boat lettering:

Conveying information, attracting attention or directing the eye to the vessel and Enhancing boat appearance with style, colors, or content.

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Boat lettering



A discussion of lettering and decoration for Boats


Clarity & readable

The message must be readable - this is after all the purpose of most lettering. Unless the work is a deliberate puzzle, or deliberately playful or artful', with the words secondary in importance to the look', then the message should be easily understood. Simple letter styles are obviously easier to read than ornate ones.


There needs to be a connection between the style and presentation of the lettering, and the subject. Boat Style is a large part of a message, sometimes the largest. What meant? The style should, if not enhance the message, at least work with it and not against it.


If part of the message embodied in any boat letter is straight cerebral information, another part of what is communicated lies in the emotional response of the viewer. We can be affected by a fine example of writing from a purely artistic, aesthetic point of view, even if it is written in a language we don't understand, and uses symbols which we have no idea how ro pronounce or interpret.


Important Characteristics of a Good Boat Logo Design

However, certain design characteristics of logos originally designed for print collateral, often make them less desirable when utilized in signage and boat lettering.The time in which the viewer has to absorb the image to read it is one of the things that makes logo for boat and sign advertising different from print logo design. Every logo designed for boats and yachts advertising will work fine in print as well.

Create an image that is memorable for the viewer, and leaves them with a lasting and memorable impression. The image needs to be more clear, concise, and have some elements or Marine Graphics that make it unique for that business.

Therefore, your boat lettering and designs should address the elements of logo design that achieve these goals.

Thinking about the layout and design

Some logos will be fantastic, by virtue of the color of the boat or the letters in the name. Others, for the same reasons will not be great. An older boat, for instance, with the name of a sea gods and lots of odd letters in it and a drawing , probably won't look as good as a new poowerboat saying "The Fastest Sea Wolf" on the side. These are factors outside of control, but mastering the things that can be controlled is the key here.


It's more Important to be visible. Some typefaces, while appropriate for print, are illegible at an expanded viewing distance. When choosing fonts for your boat logos, you must try to imagine what that face will look like at a distance. Typefaces or scripts with exaggerated thick and thin strokes are often difficult to read, but you can even manually increase stroke widths. Avoid typefaces for logos that have large variances in stroke widths. Whenever possible, alter or modify the originating font, and this will add to the uniqueness of the logo-design and create a more identifiable aspect of the boat.

Simple Design

Design, layout, estimating, selling, equipment, materials, tricks of the trade and communication sue all done well when limited to the essentials. Keep it Simple. The word good', like the boat lettering , is subjective. However, there is no doubt that beauty is perceived in a fine example of lettering. The very concept of 'beauty' is culturally conditioned and shared by consensus.

Effectiveness and Beauty depend on simplicity and it takes thorough planning to accomplish this, it is no small feat. On the other hand, you can see boats any day on any dock that look like a bad dream. Too much copy and color with too little design careen across truck bodies everywhere. This doesn't mean only having straight lines, or serifs, or forms which look like roman letters, although you may need to adapt elements.

Different styles will succeed or fail when these practical criteria are applied, and this will affect how you feel about the result and finaly boat look.

A custom boat lettering that glow in the dark.

If you have a regular graphics guy you use they can order glow in the dark vinyl for boat decals. It will need to be the marine grade vinyl. You could also check around online for companies.

If you know anyone with a silhouette and your design is not larger than 12" tall they can cut for you. If you don't know what it is silhouette is a home sized machine that die cuts vinyl, paper fabric etc. Great for crafting, scrapbooking home decor etc.

Raised lettering

This is also known as relief lettering or Domed lettering, and is in fact low relief letters, in which parts of a design are raised up and thereby separated from the surrounding area. In practice though, it is not so much the letters which are raised up as the background which is carved away. The letters still end up projecting from the background plane. Raised lettering normally takes much longer to carve than incised lettering.

The classic lines of an early design

Old 22" Deluxe Powerboat- named for its blue upholstery

Hand-painted pinstripes, hand-cut reflective side stripes

The triple-cockpit 26-foot Runabouts - Miss Wmnepesaukee Boat shows off the classic lines of an early Chris-Craft Carvel hull.

Gulfstream Gear - Cuts & designs lettering and graphics for boats and automobiles

Advise on boat lettering - do it yourself

You can use a hairdryer and a rubber squeegee from hardware store. Then use wd40 or goo-gone to remove left behind adhesive. If the letters have been on a long time u may need to polish the area to fade it in. Note: Hairdryer/ Heat gun (on low!), plastic (not metal!) scraper, adhesive remover, and then you're probably gonna wanna compound it if you've got a shadow from the old letters.

Before Apply letters: Wet sanding will remove the contrast behind the old letters and oxidized hull. Start with a 400 grit then keep moving up to finer grits finishing with a 2000. Follow up with compound. Apply letters. Wax everything after.

Vinyl lettering

You can use for my vinyl lettering. Very affordable and fast. Easy to do yourself. Watch some UTube videos to learn how. Take your time, have a helper.

A decal builder

BoatUS website has a decal builder design application on their site. Just build and they ship it to you.

Boat Graphics Now - Battle Ground, Indiana - boat graphics and lettering, make your favorite vessel unique.
Boat Graphics, UK - vinyl lettering and printed graphics for the marine industries

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