Non Return Valves

RM 69 offer non return valve prevents marine toilet and bilige system against flooding with hose connection 38 mm.

12-volt flow control valve - (Storage Problems) How to Avoiding Fuel Theft

Marine Valves

Some big international companies

Oswal Valves Pvt. Ltd

Manufacture(ISO 9001:2000 certified) and Supply of Industrial, Marine/boat and Transformer Valves

Oswal Valves -fast growing valve manufacturers, with the latest and sophisticated technology for the reliable quality valves and prompt service.

Valve Productions: Gate, Globe, Angle Globe, Check, check, Wafer Check, 3-way Ball,2-way Ball, Needle, Bulkheads, T Fittings, Fire hydrant, Foot, Strainer, Diaphragm, Strom, Valve Chest, Mud box, Plug, Pressure Relief valve, Closing and Air valves.

Spears - MFG of Fittings and Valves


largest supplier of engineered and marine products, pipe, valves and fittings and serves for all segments to the industry(most recognizable and reliable brands)

W&O provide convenient access to complete tested valve-automation systems that are ready to boat , ships or offshore platforms install

William E. Williams Corporation

Since 1918, we have produced top quality valves(in Cast Steel, steinless steel, Forged Steel and bronze) for industrial,marine and commercial applications.

Products range for marine valves include:Bronze Gate Valve, Bronze Globe Valve, Bronze Swing Valve, gate valve , globe valves abronze swing check valves, Bronze Angle Valve and Bronze Hose End Valve

RK Marine Griup China Corporation

Company located in China(factory covers 50,000 square meters) and specialize in producing, designing, developing and service of marine valves to JIS,DIN,API,ANSI,BS,GB Standard and valves to operatete under is a complex mix of extreme conditions.

Products range: Marine Bronze , Cast iron, Cast Steel and Butterfly Valve, Marine Air Pipe Head

Econosto UK

With experience of ship building and repair, we are the world’s leading suppliers(brand Econ valves) of a wide range of marine products ranging from valves, hoses, gaskets, instrumentation and more through to marine hydraulic control systems, exchangers and de salination plants.

Apollo® Valves brand US

Marine Products and sold under the Conbraco brand included plumbing and water gauges, heating products, pop safety, relief valves, marine fittings and backflow prevention devices,also joined the company's ball valves, actuators and mixing valves as part of the complete Valves products produced in U.S

Our Products valve family include : Ball Valves, ButterflyCheck, Marine and Mixing Valves

Dalian Marine Valve Factory (DMV) China

DMV is a specialized manufacturers of marine valve under jurisdiction of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. The main products include DN3~1600mm, PN0.03~25Mpa various materials butterfly valves, strainer, air head, stop valve, stop check, cock, safety, gate valve, pressure, storm valve, ball and much more- all valves for complete ship and big boat set.

Integrity Technical Products Co China

One Of Main Supplier of Plumbing Productsand valves in China. Products range include : Valve & Hosebib, Ball, Brass Ball, Stop Cock& Gate, Radiator and Angle Valves

Econosto Oy Norge

Specialize and reliable service in high-class components, equipments and systems, valves, actuators ,strainers, level gauges, and also steam and pressure solutions from several different branch of industry. Quality products and competitive prices.


Parker Company is the world's leading diversified manufacturer of control technologies and motion systems, providing best precision solutions in variety of commercial, mobile, industrial and marine markets.

The company's products are vital to virtually everything requires control or that moves, development and all forms of transport include marine use.

Parker valve range include: Ball, solenoid, needle and check quality valves


Quality products for the marine industry in the two types for Starting air compressors(Compressor valves) and for Explosion protection include relief valves in their diesel engines

Inmor RU

The company delivers Inmor ship fittings for the repair and modernization of sea and river vessels, industrial plants.

MTD-proekt RU

Solenoid valves for special applications, The working environment - water, oil, air, inert gases, alcohol, Construction: valve, direct action with the membrane, It can be applied to the vacuum

Wexon RU

supplies components and spare parts for use in a variety of oblyastyah activities: water supply, heating, ventilation, shipbuilding, hydraulic systems, industrial automation, food and chemical industry, metal, gas or oil and marine industry. We is a leading supplier of quality valves include marine valves, products are designed to control the flow of water, air, gas, steam, also in addition solenoid and pressure operated valves, our product range includes a wide selection of motorized ball valves and actuator valves.

Our extensive product range can accurately find a suitable solution for your applications, and we will be happy to assist you in choosing the components.

LK Group Sweden

LK Valves is a part of LK Group company and manufacture and producer full range of industrial marine valves.

We has got a comprehensive product range(available in several different materials and depending on the application and were installed) of marine valves, actuators and quality strainers- complete product family typically for marine applications.

We offer a quick and complete support for all our world wide customers.

Asco US

We (over 100 years of experience) provides and manufacture quality valve products and valve systems to a number of different industries such as nuclear power, analytical, medical and automotive and marine.

ASCO Valve is leading manufacturer of innovative solenoid valves, control of fluids. Our products(over 50,000) are constucted to control the flow of gas,air, oil and water, steam and largest selection of 2-, 3- 4-way solenoid valves, electronically enhanced solenoid valves, micro-miniature valves, fuel, gas & oil products, pneumatic or air preparation equipment, process valve , pneumatic & air preparation equipment, pilot valves, sensors and temperature/pressure switches.

Vatac Vango China

VATAC-VANGOVALVE Since 1989 Mfr's of China, manufacture and service of a realy wide range of industrial valves and fittings for the services of Gas, Oil, Refinery, Power Station and Marine Industries.

Supplying Products range include: Conduit Gate Valve, Gate-Knife Valve, Bellow Sealed, Check, Globe, Butterfly, Cryogenic, Ball ,Plug Valve, Needle and much more different types of valves, Pipe Fittings and Flanges all made in China.

John Guest®

50 Years of Innovation - Acetal and Polypropylene Valves. JGuest offer push-fit valves in both acetal and polypropylene for a variety of applications. Products range for plumbing and heating, beverages and drinks dispense, air and pneumatics, specialised products.


The Best you need for Marine

- Athens

EVAL S.A. was founded in 1976 by Evangelos Vallianatos with the trade name of EVAL as a manufacturer and distributor of boat and yacht quality parts, accessories safety equipment.

RM69 -


- Holland

RM 69 Mfr -More then 30 years can be founf a range or marine Boat Toilets from RM 69 and complete range of marine parts, manual or electric bilge pumps, accessories and Split - up and Non Return Valves.

Forespar CA

Serving the marine industry for 44 years!

Enhance your Boating Experience with Forespar Marine line of quality Products that Perform, make your boating experience most safer and more fun with our line of plumbing and deck hardware products, light weight, systems,valves and accessories.

Marinetech GmbH DE

High quality Germany stainless steel products and services.

We offer ono of the largest selection of products ana accessrories for marine market, and
have more than 29000 item in stock for boats and yachts.

Johnson Valves

Johnson Valves Companyhas over 65 years experience supplying the marine industry for all aspects of maritime approved fluid control valves. Johnson Valves are able to visit ships to survey and assist in the identification and replacement of marine valve installations. Johnson Valves quality products has a broad portfolio of clients that service and build all types of boat and craft including wind farm support vessels, yachts, workboats, landing craft, ferries, cruise and naval ships. In addition J.V. Company support other marine applications and work with many specialist valve manufacturers.

Johnson Valves is very proud of the relationship it has developed over many years with Burgess Marine and its partner Testbank Ship Repair. Johnson Valves has supplied a complete valve package to Boat builders include Burgess Marine for the refit of a Classic 1938 64m motor yacht, once owned by Sir Bernard and Lady Docker. Accredited to IS09001:2008 and utilising a portfolio of high quality manufacturing partners, Johnson Valves is in a strong position to be able to supply complete valve packages for all types of marine refit and new build projects.

Econosto valve solutions

Econosto can support in a number of ways in developing marine valve related concepts in the realisation, design, rand delivery of complete systems and valve solutions . In addition , Econosto Company - Part of the global ERIKS group provides its customers with maintenance repair services. Company supplies more than one million quality products from stock within 24 hours. The company's innovative, company's brand products - such as Econ - are developed in accordance to specific customer specifications and boat owners and global uniform standards. Brand products are supplemented with by a wide A-brands range of leading manufacturers in the industry. Econosto Company supplied all the valves for the 6000m3 hopper dredger Reimerswaal. Among others, Econosto is supplying marine valves, remote valve control systems, tank level measurement and signal systems for this 'state of the art' sand and gravel dredger. Today, Econosto Coompany has been the key supplier for the Kooiman Group-Netherlands for many years. The correct fulfilment of such a major project requires not a complete and high quality range of products, a large database with all 3D product drawings, a well-equipped valve automation centre and, the necessary application expertise.