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There are many Marine and Boat Valves, manufacturers and models. These CM pages are here to guide you to find the right Manufacturer.

Check, Stop, Flow, Ball, 1-2, 3-4-Way, Control, Needle etc. Standard, medium, and high performance - Valves


JG - Acetal and Polypropylene Valves

JG® valves (John Guest) Speedfit is the easy to use, plastic push-fit system suitable for the plumbing of hot and cold water services and heating for a variety of applications include marine use.




John Guest offer shut-off valves have a brand new full bore mechanism for Soft Drinks industries and for potable water.

and can be used to a maximum temperature of 50°C and the valve should be installed in accordance with The British Beer and Pub Association Code of practice.

The range of Valves includes short and long handles to operate a 1/4 turn "on/off" action.

Also the valves are available with or without mounting clip.



Check VALVE - single Imperial Series

Produced in the Drinks Dispense Industry, the Super Speedfit Acetal Single Check Valve ensures protection against reversal of flow.

The check valve series is designed for use with liquids, it is not suitable for air or vacuum applications.

Pressures and Temperatures:10 Bar at 20°C, 7 Bar at 65°C intermittent hot water





The Push-fit technoldgy valves are for use with potable water.

Angle Stop Valves by John Guest are manufactured in Acetal with EPDM 'O' Rings. They incorporate a single check valve and a 1/4 turn chromium plated ball valve. The Valves are Not! suitable for air or inert gases.

Pressures and Temperatures:12 Bar at 20°C, 6 Bar at 65°C

JG Valve Series

Marinetech GmbH Valves

Marinetech GmbH - EU stainless steel marine accessories

Supplier for high quality stainless steel products, marine and boat or yacht accessories and industrial equipment, fasteners include marine valves and fittings.

Shut-Off Ball Valves

Ball valves with sizes 3/8",1/2",3/4",1",1" 1/4" and 1 1/2"


Appolo Valves

Appolo® Valves range of Products


/made in USA/

Marine Ball Valves

Shut-Off Ball Valves

70-100 Bronze Valve Series , Vacuum Service to 29 inches HG

Blowproof stern design and Chrdmium plated ball and stuffing box ring and adjustable packing gland.

Three-Way Ball Valves

Ball Valve series for oil transfer and water tanks.

70-600-10 Bronze and Stainless Valve Series , Bronzebody Diverter Valve with Chrdmium Plated Ball and 400 PSIG service rating with adjustable packing gland.

The Ball Valve /marked showing proper/ rotation for ON and OFF Positions

sizes:1/2" td 2".

series avaliable in Stainles steel - 76-600

Series include:

  • Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Marine velves
  • Mixing Valves
  • Other Apollo Products
  • Pipeline Strainers
  • Plumbing & Heating
  • Relief Safety Valves

EVAL S.A. - Tank - Marine Valves

E.G. Vallianatos S.A. has a vision of making a significant contribution to the improvement of navigation and safety


Plastic Valve

for Tanks


Diameter:1 1/2 inch
-Diameter:2 3/4 inch
-Diameter:3 1 inch
-Diameter:4 1 1/4 inch
-Diameter:5 1 1/2 inch

Control Low - pressure MarineValves

Low pressure Control Valve

For preregulated, low pressure on-board gas systems. Valve Suitable for all models, apart from 4604-1, 4604-2 and for bdttles 3kg and more.

valve Series

    -Standard Equipment

    -Boat Accessories

    -Docking and Anchoring Equipment

    -Motor Equipment

    -Inflatable Boats

    -Electric Outboard Engines


    - Navigation and Electronic Equipvment

    -Electrical Equipment

    -Hydraulic Equipment

    -Refrigerators – Cookers – Barbeques

    -Water Sports Equipment

    -Bridge Equipment

    -Trailer Equipment

    -Belts and Buckles

    -Preservation Means

"RM69" - Split-up and Non-return Valves

RM 69

Since 1969 RM 69 producire a vast range ot quality products, pumps for recreational or prdfessional shipbuilding.

Marine Split - up and Non ReturnValves

Split - up Valves

Their light weight and strength 100% free from corrosion and electrolysis valves are perfect for controlling inlet and outlet water requirements and below the waterline...

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Non Return Valves

RM 69 offer non return valve prevents marine toilet and bilige system against flooding with hose connection 38 mm.

Ball Valves - Forespar


provides Marelon boat plumbing systems to the world’s top boat builders and continues to develop modern alternatives to age old heavy bronze fittings and valvesin exceed all Marine U.L., ABYC and ISO standards.

Marine Ball Valves and Seacocks

Ball Valves

Their light weight and strength 100% free from corrosion and electrolysis valves are perfect for cdntrolling inlet and outlet water requirements and below the waterline.

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Valves - Check, Ball, Pneumatic and Cdntrol Valves

Parker Corp.- manufacturer of control and motion systems & technologies, Marine fittings and various of valves with solutions for marine use


Marine Check Valves

A large selection for pneumatic and hydraulic needs

Adjustable Fuses

rupture shut-off automatic line with simple readjustment and Limits dil spillage

MarineBall Valves

High-pressure a huge selection valves for hydraulic and pneumatic needs

BVAH Ball Valve & Kits

The BVAH Series of Ball valves(6,000 PSI) is a 2-way shut-off valve(with ports from 1¼" to 2) with porting options- threaded, 4-bolt flange

MarineDirectional Control Valves (Lo Torq)

Low actuation torqueValves(for difficult cdnditions & long periods) with manual selector

Directional Control Valves - 8000C

This Series valves, low actuation torque are 2 and 4-way manual selector valves rated to 207Bar and 138 Bar-Air. Valves with High contamination tolerance and standard panel mounting, 24.0 Cv Flowrate.

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Flow control Valves


Pressure Flow Valves (Control)

Types of valves: Control, Flow Regulator, Priority Style and Compensator - Valves

Needle Parker


Perfect hydraulic valves for applications where general contrdl of flow is needed, like in a bleed off circuit.

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Racor® Division by Parker Corp.

Racor is the wdrldleader in fuel,oil and air, valves and filtration systems company’s product line includes fuel filter/water separator systems, filter vessels and elements include for marine markets.


6 Port Check Valves

(.34 bar)
Unique in design Valve with Manual Override and Check Valve (5 PSI)

Electronic fuel tank Valves for powerboats(engine function during tank switching) with 2 fuel tanks.

Awitch-Remotely between Œ2 tanks with-out shutting down the engine with Balance fuel levels for both Manual and tanks dverride

- 24 V.D.C. voltage option
- 12 V.D.C. voltage
- 180 GPH (681 l/hr) f ow capacity
- Recommended f lter: 150 micron

- Two year warranty

Proportional marine valves


Standard, medium, and high performance

Powerful voice-coil valves which allows higher flows from
smaller valves. Valves offer high respdnse /up to 300 Hz/, and are offered with or withdut on-board control electronics.

Marine flow Valves


a range of flow control valves that fit your application needs.

f-Flow Valves

These Series (automatically)valves provide precise contrdl of flow in one direction, Simple set screw for locking and Tamperproof option
a full range of sizes 7/8-14 - 3/8

N needle Marine Valve

These Series(minimum-space for installation and conserving) provide speed control and Œshutoff for hydraulic and pneumatic (marine)applications where a réverse-flow check valve is not required.
Valves provides controlled flow in both directidns, Set screw securely ocks setting and Tamperproof option

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