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Tank monitors

The well readable digital tank monitor TCM shows a clear overview of the filling conditions of up to four tanks, e.g. a water, a fuel and a waste water tank. The measuring of liquid level resulted by proven immersion tubes TGT/TGW that are available in different lengths or with ultrasonic sensors series UTV. Older level sensors series TRG or level sensors with different characteristics (240-33 Ohm, 0-90 Ohm,...) can also be connected. Active level sensors with current output 4-20 mA are also connectable. The tank monitor TCM 2 and TCM 4 calculate the water tank level by a flow rate sensor DFS. The calculation of the level is made by a math-integration algorithm. The fill up reset (100%) is made just by pressing a key when the tank is full. The tank symbols can be choosen individually by the setup. An interval measurement procedure reduces the energy consumption to a minimum. In case the voltage comes under 12 V, the measurement interval increases further reducing the battery consumption.

The size of the individual tank can be stored in the setup, so the measuring value can be shown in liters or in percentage. Please keep in mind that because of the limited resolution of the sensors, the shown liters/level will never be exact. To adjust the displayed level to non-rectangular tanks, a correction/compensation factor can be set in the setup for each tank.
An alarm buzzer (duration max. 2 min)with an acknowledge function advise about the tank level coming out of a limit. The threshold level can be set in the setup menu. Additionally, the voltage of two batteries can be displayed in the models TCM 1 and TCM 2. A warning symbol indicates battery voltage lower than 11 V or greater than 15 V.
Ultrasonic sensor UTV, immersion tubes TGT, TGW and flow sensor DFS have to be ordered separately.

Model :TCM 1

Input voltage 8-30 V
Dimensions 105 x105 x40 mm
Cut-out 88 x 88 mm

Tanks: 3
Flow sensors DFS possible: 0
Tanksensors TGT/TGW/UTV possible: 3
Voltage measurement: 2
Alarmfunction: voltage (only flashing)

Dimensions: W 105 x L 105 x D 40 mm
Installation cutout: 88 x 88 mm

Model :TCM 2

Tanks: 3
Flow sensors DFS possible: 1
Tanksensors TGT/TGW/UTV possible: 2
Voltage measurement: 2
Alarmfunction: voltage (only flashing)

Dimensions: W 105 x L 105 x D 40 mm
Installation cutout: 88 x 88 mm

Model :TCM 3

Tanks: 1-4
Flow sensors DFS possible: 1-2
Tanksensors TGT/TGW/UTV possible: 1-4
Alarmfunction: Empty- / fullalarm
The tank depth can be adjusted to the centimetre by using ultrasonic sensors UTV40 or UTV80. If you`re using a distance ring to balance the off zone of the sensors, you can compensate this value too!

Dimensions: W 105 x L 105 x D 40 mm
Installation cutout: 88 x 88 mm

Tank Sensor

The contactless measurement of liquid level in tanks using ultrasonic technology does not require mobile parts any more to be gotten dirty or damaged.
The sensor emits an acoustic wave perpendicularly to the liquid surface and detects the reflection from the liquid material. The distance from the sensor to the liquid's surface is computed based on the speed of sound and the time between emission and reception of the waves. To get correct measurement, the waves must hit the liquid surface vertically (6). Fluctuations in the level of the liquid in the tank due to movements become balanced by a continuous measurement and a special computing algorithm.

The off zone from the face of the sensor is only 5 cm. This range cannot be measured. In cases where it is not possible to fix the sensor parallel to the liquid surface, the optional focus tube can be used. The ultrasonic tank sensors can be easily exchanged against existing conventional tank sensors that has the attachment according to the SAE standard (5 mounting holes in the pitch diameter of 53 mm). The output signal of the ultrasonic sensor UTV is 0,5-2,5 V and designed to operate with the tank monitors TCM and the gauges "WATER/FUEL/WASTE Water UTV 52" through a 3-wire line. The ultrasonic level sensors are available for tank depths of 20 - 80 cm, in steps of 5 cm.

Type * UTV 20 Tank depth200 mm Order-No.: 7 0219 3520
* UTV 25 250 mm 7 0219 3525
* UTV 30* UTV 35 300 mm 350 mm 7 0219 3530 7 0219 3535
* UTV 40 400 mm 7 0219 3540
* UTV 45 450 mm 7 0219 3545
* UTV 50 500 mm 7 0219 3550
* UTV 60 600 mm 7 0219 3560
* UTV 70 700 mm 7 0219 3570
* UTV 80Focus tube* UFT 40 800 mm 400 mm 7 0219 3580 7 0219 9400
* UFT 80 800 mm 7 0219 9800
Distance ring * UTS 25 for balancing the off zone. 25 mm 7 0219 9025
* UTS 50 50 mm 7 0219 9050
* Prog UTV Order-No 7 0219 0000


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National Magnetic Sensors, Inc.

Tank Sensors & Indicators

Single Level Tank Sensors

National’s Single Level Sensors or "SLS" sensors as we call them are a simple "off the shelf" solution for detecting rising or falling fluid levels. Single Level Sensors provide one point of switching and are usually reversible by inverting the float on the stem. Most often they are used to provide inputs for high or low alarms by mounting them at the top or bottom of a tank. All they are cost effective in simplistic applications where durability is important. They are available with SPDT or SPST or switches(reed).

SLS sensors are available with Stainless, Brass, PVC, Polypropylene, and nylon stems, with various floats for suitability with liquids involved. They can be had with a wide range of electrical characteristics to suit many applications.For more details visit: http://nationalmagnetic.com/singlelevelsensors.html

Multi-level Tank Sensors

The advantages of Multi-level Sensors are that they can perform multiple functions such as differential pump control with alarm outputs. They are installed easily with minimal labor, and because they are one piece stem assemblies, they don’t leak like some field installed kits or single level modifications can.

With options such as junction boxes, thermostats, and up to six or more discreet levels per assembly, a single multi-level sensor can fulfill the level requirements of most applications. Because of unique modular construction and modern engineering , multi-level tank sensors can be specified, manufactured, and shipped, with incredibly short lead-times. Often a multi-level sensor can be customized to your exact requirements very reasonably utilizing materials such as plastics, brass, and stainless steel.

Whether for level indication and warning, pump automation, or system control, National Magnetic Sensors, Inc. should be your choice for multi-level sensing.

Series of transducers

The Company produces a unique series of transducers for liquid level sensing and indication.

The design is very shock and vibration resistant, and is easy to interface into the real world.

These sensors utilize an array of matched hermetically sealed reeds and a precision resistor network to provide what basically might be described as a very large-scale linear voltage divider.

Many digital meters have an excitation feature that can power the end to end resistance path and read voltage directly into the meter. This voltage can be displayed as a percentage of "full", or in engineering units such as gallons. National supplies meters that can be linearized up to 11 points for accurate readings in cylindrical tanks.

It is very easy to insert the unit into a 4-20ma-instrument loop. Simply order the transducer with a 2-wire transmitter conveniently mounted in the accessory J-Box.

It is possible to install these unique devices to drive typical automotive style gauges. By specifying the sending units resistance, and using 2 wires only on the transducer, the current change (always proportional to float position) will operate the gauge with great accuracy, and very long life under demanding conditions.

Originally designed for tough maritime duty, try this sensor wherever vibration, and shock, or mobile applications shorten the life of less resilient equipment.

Tank Level Indicators

SERIES 80000

Monitor your home heating oil inventory easily and safely. No more trips down to the basement to check oil levels. No more going outside to "stick" the underground tank. "Peace of mind at a glance" is yours when you install a Series 80000 tank indicator system.

These "industrial strength" indicators are trouble free miniatures of the same type of systems.

Company offers models for every oil tank size, above and below ground. A new model for horizontal above ground propane tanks is available as well.

Company has pre-engineered Indicator-systems to fit most tanks. Also for 275-330 Gallon vertical tank or 275-330 horizontal tanks.

Other Sensors

Bilge , Bottle Switches and Drum Sensors

Thwe Company manufactures Multi-Level sensors pre-engineered and sized to provide level sensing for standard size drums.

The sensors mount in the .75" NPT bung fitting and provide high level / low level / or a combination of high / low on one assembly. Most drum sensors have a cable output that eliminates the need for cumbersome junction boxes on what is basically a portable sensor. National has manufactured variations from PVC with integral Neon Pilot lights for visual warnings. Other variations are available in PVC, Stainless Steel, Brass, and polypropylene.

the larger series

In general the larger series utilize larger reeds with greater voltage and current ratings. They also are equipped with larger floats that act more positively in a wider range of conditions. They tend to withstand abusive conditions much better than "miniature" sensors.

installed with up to 30 degrees

A. In most applications a sensor can be installed with up to 30 degrees off vertical and still perform satisfactorily.

The magnetic sensors are no adjustable.

They are discreet sensors designed to actuate at a very precise point with a large degree of repeatability. National has several designs, which allow "tweaking" of position when placed into a tank, but most people think of adjustment similar to setting a pressure switch with a variable "on" and variable "off", typical of a controlled differential.

A successful application requires much thought about normal operating conditions. Will the Liquid congeal or crystallize as it dries? Is the process a batch followed by immediate cleaning? By answering these questions you may still consider a larger float type of level sensor or might decide that another technology may be best. Often only actual testing under observed conditions will reveal conclusive evidence of satisfactory performance.

The Magnetic reed sensors are "pilot duty"devices. On and off differential-control is best achieved through the use of a control relay, or if it is a large electrical load, a contractor, or magnetic starter. In any event you accomplish two things here; you prolong the life of the sensor, and you gain true differential control over your load by interfacing with a relay or starter. Examples of loads that may be directly controlled are LEDS, Piezoelectric buzzers, and other low current, non-inductive devices. Incandescent lamp loads can be trouble. They are in effect short circuits upon sensor closure. Some resistance can be added in series in conjunction with the larger reeds is advised for lamp loads.

the weak link in a float switch

There are no "gremlins" installed by the factory or weak links that will cause failure in some predetermined amount of time. The only thing that may shorten life of our equipment is electrical overloading, or the normal effects of corrosion. To some degree both of those factors can be overcome or at least minimized by proper material selection and proper interfacing.


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