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Edson Marine


Boat Boarding & Steps

Boat Boarding Step with Line

Removable One Step safer and easier and stable boarding step with line lightweight-2,3kg and compact for min space offered by Edson.Step are designed in aluminum ans coated
with durable coating. The step are equipped with 6 ft of braided line with strong stainless steel snap shackles.
Thie Step is designed to hang the side of yacht or powerboat, is a great choice to the Get on Board.

Boat Boarding Step without Line

Removable One Boat Boarding Step without Line in aluminum and coating and comfortable handles give you a secure handhold.

Edson one step

Edson one step is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum powder-coated with a durable white urethane, One-Step boarding step by Edson Marine is designed to attach to lifeline gate stanchions and hang against the side of the boat.

The single boarding step is suspended by an adjustable 6 feet of braided line with stainless snap shackles.

It has four neoprene bumpers that help steady the step and help protect the topsides from scuff marks.
While the 4 inch-by-15 inch aluminum step takes up less stowage space than a hanging ladder, it has some heft to it and requires two hands to set. Edson one step is bulletproof construction suggests it will last well beyond its 1 year warranty.

In fact, it is hard to find a comfortable center of gravity when first setting foot on the step, this was attributed to the step's framed in back, which creates a sort of open box shape, and the shallow 4.5" step.

One-Step's biggest advantage

The One-Step's by Edson biggest advantage is its heavy-duty and strong construction. While most people prefer a deeper step, the One-Step design will appeal to agile boat owners who like its ruggedness and are looking solely for a boarding step. It's recommended for the traditionalist and those who cannot use the other design boarding steps such as sailstep (see below) because they lack an aluminum toerail.

Boaters had a tendency to step on the frame's outer edge because of the skinny step and the backing, and concentrating body weight in this way, while pulling yourself up using the rope or stanchion, that makes the step lean away from the boat, placing the load on the shackles and stanchions, and shifting the user's center of gravity backward.

Boat Stern Rail Outboard Mount (Motor)

Outboard Motor Mount build in aluminum to hold boat motors up to 45kg - 100lbs

Teak Isle Company - design and manufacture a variety of marine products. Our products line
include Plexiglas doors, slidiong doors and shower boat doors, holders, fasteners, hinges, steps, latches and much more.


Teak Isle


Boat Steps

Boat Entry below Deck Steps

Teak Isle MFG. Inc offer very comfortable and practically and ease of installation entry below deck steps and step systems.
More Beautiful and Stylish Steps are made in poly , traditional teak or cherry wood with loncoin nonskid inserts.
Steps available in Variety of patterns and colors and materials(Teak or Cherry) and custom shaped floor inserts for all boat needs.

Boat Wooden Steps

Beautiful and Stylish but practically Wooden Steps - its superior durability and ease of installation with non-skid inserts.

Teak Isle Company also offer Boarding Platforms with various and Customized Rails and boat ladders.

Doyle Marine offer Amazing Range of marine/boat and general use quality parts including "QuickStep" products - The biggest little 1-2 steps in boating.


Doyle Marine


Boat Boarding & QuickSteps

Boat Boarding QuickStep1

Compact and Lightweight, Small and easy to work One Boat Step QuickStep easy way for more height perfect for small watercraft.

Doyle Marine's


Lightweight and easy to grab, move, and secure, the height-adjustable Quick Step1 is suggested for use while boarding, but it could be used for a slight step up at the mast, that allowing you to reach the top of your sail covers, or to get into the dinghy from the water.

Doyle Marine's QuickStep1 is a wide, plastic boat step that offers plenty of step ping space for most feet, but its not so wide that its difficult to center your weight on the step. The step is a 6-by-8" plastic platform, suspended from 1" diameter braided lines and hung from lifelines with snap shackles. The simple design has no pins to keep up with, no handles and no bumpers no frame or screws, and it weighs less than 2 pounds.

While it's not as rugged as the other steps in the test, the plastic QuickStep 1
can be submerged without corrosion concerns, and the compact step is easy
to store and very portable.
Boaters liked the deep step, which offered easy and steady footing, but sudden weight shifts will have you swinging on the bumper-less platform. Use does require adequate upper-body strength.

QuickStep 2

Company Doyle also makes the two-step QuickStep 2 (see below), which is more like a ladder, it retails for about $40.

Boat Boarding QuickStep2

Small and easy to work and storage two Step - QuickStep easy way for more height.Comfort and safety Steps are designed in UV resistant polyfoam plastic, equipped with 2 comfortable and enoughlarge footpads, large bronze snaps and 16 ft low stretch braid line.

This Step design, are able to work in a variety of areas on or around your yacht or powerboat include inflatable boat.

GARELICK® wellknow and impressive collection of boarding ladders and steps, a huge range for any boating needs, Top name brand(Garelick) for all your needs.

Boat footrests & Steps

White Polymer Rounded Step

Anti — slip grooved step in High density polyethylene and Heavy duty aluminum construction in extrusion with anodized aluminum brushed finish...more >>

Step dimensions:

7,5-inch. H x 15-inch. W x 8,25-inch. D

Modern Vinyl Rounded Adjustable Step/Footrest

Styling Step by Garelick with rounded-design and anti slip-surface with teak—inserts, provides more comfort for multipie users in 4 positions 5 inches(12,7cm) height of vertical - djustment and 18 degrees down adjustment. Heavy duty aluminum extrusion Construction with brushed aluminum -...more >>

Step dimensions:

7,5-inch. H x 15-inch. W x 8,25-inch.D

SailStep Boarding Steps

The the only step SailStep, has an anodized-aluminum frame with a hinged, fold-down, nonskid plastic step ,roughly 7 inches square, the frame's U-shaped top "hooks" over an aluminum toerail. Its realy adjustable, and rubber bumpers keep it from marring gelcoat and help steady the step.

Designed by sailor Clayton Chinn for sailors SailStep are created tas a stable and safe means for his wife to get on and off the vessel while docking and casting off, but it to be a secure step for typical boarding as well.

Bopaters will find the step easy and quicklyto attach and unattach, and in fact it was the most stable in use. The "SailStep" isn't so cheap at $279,but the solid step and impressive frame are well manufactured and were designed with practical use aboard sailboats in mind.

Currently, the maker SailStep now sells the kit with a float attached to
the retaining pin, and SailStep models that can be attached to wood and fiberglass toerails are in the works.
SailStep can stores flat in a supplied, heavy-duty mesh storage bag and measures 10" wide by 16" long and 3" thick.

ARC Marine

yacht eqipment teak furniture and accessories |

Boarding steps

Maritime teak boarding steps in 40x30x50 cm supplied in natural finish.

Maritime ARC library steps

Solid teak Wood folding steps converting to reading chair. An age old and realy practical idea. Wooden Steps come as step in 63x45x94 cm, as chair in 42x45x94 cm