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Nautical fittings for boats, yachts or work boats and pleasure vessels. Our range of products include Gangways, Ladders, Boarding Ladders, cranes, Door hinges, large numbers of windlasses & Capstans, Nav lights,pumps, toilet systems, chairs, Marine electrical products. We are italian supplier of the most famous shipyards and of the foreign ones.

Sanguineti - Ladders/systems

Sanguineti Chiavari - a leading Ital company since 1958 for manufacturing Manufacturer of Quality Boat Parts for leisure boat sector.


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Collection of Boat Ladders

with excellent Italy's quality

Swimming Hydraulic control Boat Ladder

Retractile model swimming ladder made of inox and light alloy, paintfinish, with fixed massive teak and grooved steps. Sliding & hydraulic control 24V DC 800W ladder, down grade guided by gravity and Fully extractable translation system, limit switch signalling ladder extraction.

Models Available in 5, 6, 7 steps
Wieght: 74, 78, 82 kg

Manual Model side Boat Ladder

Manual side boat ladderdesigned of anodized inox fixing plate and light alloy equipped with self levelling teak Non-Slip 4 - 7 steps and Casters at end.

Models Available in 4, 5, 6, 7 steps
Wieght: 35, 40, 45, 50 kg

Hydraulic Folding Swimming Boat Ladder

Motorized Automatic folding swimming Boat ladder 800W 24V DC designed of anodized light alloy and inox and fixed massive grooved steps in teak material. Hydraulic control for sequential sliding and tilting, down-grade guided by gravity. Fully extractable translation system and limit swich signalling ladder extraction.

Models Available in 8 steps
Wieght: 130 kg

Hydraulic Folding Deck Ladder

Hydraulic lifting-control for 24v DC 800W Retractile deck ladder 142/56cm for deck access constructed of
light alloy and grating Non-Slip 4 teak steps.

Models Available in 4 steps
Wieght: 82 kg

Boarding Ladders

Retractile "King" Boarding Ladder

Electric 24V DC 3PH motor Retractile boarding ladder with caisson-structure constructed of light alloy and inox. Point finish, selflevelling from 5 to 10 steps, electric control & drive by steel cable, control boom and electric winch.
Massive teak "ship shaped" waking surface, construction made according to dimensions of the bulwarks.

Models Available in 5,6,7(on request),8,9 10 steps
Wieght: 175, 185,195,205,215,225 kg

Revolving Hydraulic Boarding Ladder

manual natural boat ladder

Caisson structure Boat Boarding ladder with self-levelling steps and lorn platform constructed of upper platform, light alloy, articulations and hull fasteners in inox.
Paint finbh, Tilting, inclination and rotation hydraulically operated equipped with grating waking surface in Nature teak.

Models Available in 9 steps L470cm/H30cm
Wieght: 700 kg

Manual Control Boarding Ladder

Manual accomodation boarding ladder classic design with folding lower platform and fixed Non-Slip 3 to 5 steps,
,strong construction made of anodized alloy and nature teak grating walking suiface. Fastening to hull
by end-stroke inox plate without lower "Y" support.

Models Available in 3,4,5 steps
Wieght: 42, 50, 56 kg

Swimming Boarding Ladder

Lightweight 11,5kg Extractable swimming ladder constructed of polished inox and fixed teak steps.

Models Available in 4 steps
Wieght: 11,5 kg

Swimming Folding Ladder

Lightweight 8,3 to 11,3kg folding swimming ladder constructed of anodized alloy and fixed teak steps
Manual Ladder come equipped with fitting housings

Models Available in 5,6,7,8 steps
Wieght: 8,3, 9,3 10,3 11,3 kg

Manual Teak Ladder

It's natural boarding ladder manufactured from massive teak, and anodized light alloy for supports and hinges. Access ladder have been designed for all types of low level work. Handrail Ladder systems come ready to install and available optional.

Models Available in 3,4 and 5 steps.
Wieght: 385 kg, 41kg and 45kg.

New Hydraulic Ladders

Aft Bathing Deck Ladder

The New Retractile 4 Step ladder specially designed for aft-bathing boat deck access. Made of gsating teak steps and light alloy(varnished). Control Mechanism for Hydraulic Ladder Lifts.

Model comes in 4 step version. 82 kg Weight. 24 D.C. Feeding Volt

New Retractile boarding ladder

The New Motorized swimming from Sanguineti with ladder extraction/retractile system. Manufactured frim inox and light alloy, grooved steps made of ixed massive teak. For sequential tilting and sliding boarding ladder comes equiped with Hydraulic-control system guided by gravity.

The Standard Model comes in 8 step version. 130kg Weight. 24 D.C. Feeding Volt

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24dc, 4 step, 82kg. Hydraulic Ladder dimensions 24dc, 4 step, 130kg. Hydraulic Ladder dimensions