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Swim Platforms - Swim Platforms, Inc.

Boat Interior & platforms

Boat Accessories - Yacht Interior, Seats and Tables

Manufacturer of fiberglass Swim/Dive Platforms for most popular boat builders and brands, Platforms are custom made to fit specific boat models also building new platform models to look at of a factory and giving you the room you need to diving gear, sit, swimming slip of fun.

Swim Platforms, Inc.

Swim Platforms Inc.



Since 1976 Swim Platforms Inc. has built a business supplying fiberglass-quality Swim Platforms to the world and extending customers boating pleasure,fun or sport. Swim platforms are beautiful addition hat give factory look,best safety investments your family,sport or and friends, and style for different makes and models (like Baya-1993 Model to 2009-Envision)

Products Range

  • After market platforms
  • Custom made for each boat

Dive N Dog - Boat line of dive and dog Ladders, economy ladders & boarding ladders range

Opacmare - Italy Design Manual and Automatic Swimming Platforms and Luxury Ladders

Besenzoni Italy Ladders - Collection of Side and Bathing Ladders/platforms

Garelick - Swim Platforms/Ladders for sale

Poly Swim Boat Platforms - Authorized Distributor of SeaDeck marine Products - working on hard decking and shock absorbent and Durable platforms include pads, helm pads(different sizes and thickness) and large and small kits

930 Parkview Ln
Lincoln, NE 68512


Poly Swim Boat Platforms

- we Offer stronger 100 % plastic (recycled) swim platforms (than stronger and 1/2 lighter than fiberglass), Colors and Customizable shapes to fit any boat specification and needs.

All platform stainless mount hardware are included. Proces at 700$

PlasTeak® INC. - recycled Plastic Lumber & products - Free recycled plastic lumber and makers of custom swim platforms,Ladders, under platform and Grab type, trims, sea ray inserts, grates, decking lumber, furniture, Grates and mote quality marine products

Custom made Plasteak platforms

Two colors custom platform from PlasTEAK

The Plasteak offers truly custom made boat swim platforms. An easy process, each one to your boat specifications, design through delivery. Plasteak’ll talk with you to discuss your platforms needs, budget and ideas, either in person, or by phone - 1-800-320-1841.

You can get Plasteak custom made pedestal grill-stands installed on a swim platform. You can choose your faforite Primary and Secondary colors: white, teak offwhite or black, for example - Teak + Black Platform.

swim platform from 100% recycled plastic Lumber
platform 117x54 from synthetic teak

Swim Platforms from Plasteak are designed from UV stabilized boards that are manufactured out of highly Recycled Plastic.

These Plasteak boards are resistant solvents, waterfowl stains or gas, the bright color runs all the way through each piece of board and will not fade.

Unlike wooden, more-expensive swim platforms, which often require a season-to-season maintenance, Plasteak swim platforms are will not splinter or rot without any maintenance needs.

Keep in mind: The PlasTEAK Custom made swim platforms are not returnable.

PlasTEAK Inc. Online
3489 Sawmill Road
Copley, Ohio 44321-0290


CustomBuild Swimming Platforms

More beauty function to your boat and importanmt platforms are less slippery wet than dry plastic just like
the surf-boards.

Swim Platforms all custom made to your Œspecifications and can be curved to match any boat transom. , build from UV resistant solid boards that are made out of 100%-"green" recycled-plastic. Boards for Platforms(Generally at least 18" wide) will not absorb paint, stains, oil or water.

available in Green, Teak, OffWhite, Black, or White Colours or special orders.

Contemporary Fiberglass - Custom Made plastic swim platforms include accessories for platform, outboard motor platforms, rails, pads etc.

Contemporary Fiberglass®
10907 E. Marietta Ave. Suite 2
Spokane Valley, WA, 99206-6620



Made Design and Swim-Platforms SafeStep and Service

Custom designs and build any size or style-swim-platform and rails to fit your Œneeds for all models.

SafeStep® provide well swim platform will enhance the safety and enjoyment of your boating experience especially manufactured to fit your boat's transom curve, include boarding ladders or a variety of swim and safety options, also special graphics and color matching, also iclude custom made water tight storage compartment.
This Platforms are build in fiberglass and plywood for lasting quality, cost is 60$ | sq-foot.

Extreme Marine Products - premier manufacturer of aluminum wakeboard towers and aluminum swim platforms

Extreme Marine Products, Inc.
2057 E. Aurora Rd.
Units L & M
Twinsburg, OH
44087 USA



swim platforms and Service

powder coated(over 180 colors) aluminum-tube swim platforms making them for many years.

Baja Outlaw Platforms - hand made marine grade aluminum re-boarding or swim strongrst platforms(also S.steel Drop-Down ladders ) for Baja boat models.

Extreme and Offshore Swim-Platforms - most popularΠplatforms suitable for offshore boats.
Swim Platform are light and strong made in aluminum tube from your boat dimensions, Platforms Œcome with: powder coat colors, all mounting hardware and side grab handles free.

Runs Swim Platforms- Platforms with the same materials and parameters but 8" deeper than other two type platforms, come equipped with slats and rails.

The Swim Platform(Salt River Marine) - custom made and designs any style and type swim platform Œto meet the specific boatmodel dimensions.
We Offer with adjustable tilt platforms and custom ladder pocket placement for easer boat access.

Salt River Marine, Inc
4015 East Madison Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034


Flat top and split level mounting Swim Platforms

Platform for flat top and split level mounting style, All our Platforms comes with mounting hardware and kit comes with full installation instructions.

We Offer Capri, Euro, FunStep, flipstow, Cruiser and One or Two-Step Platforms also additional with storage Compartment, vents or optional Handrails.

Solid Teak Swim Platform

Years S & P Custom, Inc.

Since sixteen Years S & P Custom, Inc. is focused on design, custom designed accommodated your requirements and fabrication of highest-quality Swim Platforms. The S & P provide custom woodwork-design and installation services and of both sail and power boats, small or large and any style, including partial or complete rehabilitation projects of a boat's interior - such as incorporate enhancements. All parts, Brackets, Ladders, Swim Platforms and items are of our manufacture in "S & P Custom" facility located in Florida (St. Petersburg).

Custom Built Swim Platforms

Each Teak Platform is customize your needs to fit the contour of your boat and mounting brackets. Teak Swimming Platforms come in standard thickness of 1-1/2" , the oil finish is applied.
Through wide ranges of solid teak swim and dive platforms, they have main goal to meet all the customers`taste and needs.

St. Petersburg, Fl. 33711
4037 7th Terrace South
Tel: 727/ 510-3198

Is swim platform a recreational accessory ?!

Most the time a boat swim platform will not be a beautiful addition and is a recreational accessory, but it becomes much more than that when someone his (a very bad scenario)fallen overboard. Often and Newer models larger boats provide a reverse transom stern, where the transom itself is inset a little from the hull sides. This makes a convenient boat area, just above the water level, for leaving and entering the water for a Swimming, Diving, fishing, just get some sun, take a dip or, more importantly in this case, recovering an overboard victim. Unfortunately, these well hull configurations are not very common on smaller yachts and boats, where a sugar scoop can complicate a rudder attachment and an boat outboard engine mount.

Many boat owners install an aftermarket (this page shows some of the popular) swim platform onto the boat stern that can give your boat a styling factory look and will enhance the safety and enjoyment. If the platform is well designed and manufactures and the installation is strong These boat upgrades are desirable( if not a custom design it to fit your specific boat model needs), because often transoms are more flexible flat surface and you may need to reinforce platform (attachment points should be through bolted and have a large backing plate) from the inside the transom. The better if there is room on your transom, the bigger swim-platform you can have, but small size swim platform or ladders with swim platform if not too small are very welcome when you are in the water.

Swim Platforms from Amazon

collection of Swim Platforms and Steps from different manufaturers

Do you know that Amazon offers a huge collection of Swim Platforms and Boat Steps from different brands such as Whitecap, Garelick, Whitecap, Windline etc. In additional - In addition, not only were prices lower than other online stores, but boat owners and retailers have come to rely on price promotions. If you are looking for standard Swim Platforms, not custom made, this is the first place to check out

Swim Platform - Custom Fabrication

EVAL - a wide Range of Ladders Models

AFI - Boarding Systems,Platforms and ladders

Performance Boat Center Swim platform

Nice piece of Performance Boat Center work

Thise different Swim platform was fabricated from Performance Boat Center for a Cigarette Top Gun. Heading to the paint shop for the finishing touchs. Contact AJ in the boat service department if you want or need more or something different, for your boat or for more info or details.

1650 Yacht Club Dr
Osage Beach, Missouri
Tel+1 573-873-2300

YourSwimplatforms Ltd. (Toronto)

If you want a good looking and looking great Swim Platform You are in the right place.YourSwimplatforms Canadian Company located in Ontario and the Great Lake area designed and produce quality unit for swimmers and divers or to give you more space for chairs, room for BBQ's, ease boarding and is just a great place to warm with family in the sun.

Swim platform options

YourSwimplatforms boat platforms will be custom designed Especially for your boat needs, they all comes with mounting hardware (includes: 1" support poles, bolts, nuts, washers etc), vents, rubber trim , a ladder (undermount ot top 4 step ladder), Non Slip Surface or Colour Matched Gelcoat.

Swim platform + addoptions. Ladder and Vents
Swim platform + addoptions. Photo 2

YourSwimplatforms Basic include standard Platform mold (to 11 feet, 6 feet in width, Prices from $1550.00 to $3150.00 for 12 feet wide by up to 48" deep) that you can modify it to include all the parts and extra elements you would like on your swim platform.

The Swim platform options are endless, for more details or discuss visit or call new toll free phone number 1-855-664-3838.

Custom Molded Swim Platforms

by Scout Boats (

Many Boaters officially say - if you own a Scout boat and use it, your quality of life will improve, your health will be better, and you satisfaction of life will be richer! See another feature of scouts, made with attention to detail you'll notice on every vote that they have a swim platform on this model 195 sport fishers.

 Scout molded product for swim & dive

As you can see - it's a nice custom molded fiberglass platform, very practice, step folds into it so you can actually sit on this platform. so this is something that you really don't see on other boat builders.

Flip Up/Down Swim Platform

by Cobalt Factory

Swim Platform Package plus Swim Step

While you're outfitting your powerboat for the boating season, see thise original swim/dive options that can be installed.

Flip Up/Down Scout pack

The original Cobalt swim Platform provide unique design - is essentially effortless in its deployment – flip up and down Platform that will make your Life more safer and more fun. And this is not all., you can dress up your platform with the super-strong Superior Matting System - "Sof-Trac" mat. It’s an especially developed appliqué that means the surface stays comfortable even when wet, feets stay slip-free, stays more safety,and more convenience.

Trem Marine Division(IT) Swim Platform

Double transom Swim Platform "Spargi"

d25mm ss pipe Swim Platform

Super strong Double transom Swim Platform "Spargi" constructed from Ø 25 mm 16 stainless steel Pipe and marine lumber. To ensure a perfect arrangement of the bridge according to the different inclinations of transom this model comes equiped with telescopic spacing attachments.

Dimensions: length 1400mm x Width 450mm.

model "Giglio" Double transom swim platform

d25mm ss pipe Giglio Swim Platform

Constructed from 316 stainless steel 25 mm. pipe (Centre to centre 260 mm) and and marine lumber.

Dimensions: length 1300mm x Width 550mm.

model "Ustica" Triple transom swim platform

d25mm ss pipe Swim Platform Ustica

It's made from 316 SS 25 mm. pipe (Centre to centre 260 mm) and and marine lumber. Ustica comes in 3 different variants in length proportions, each adding to the Trem family.

Dimensions: length 1700,2000,2300mm x Width 550mm.

Lift Swim Platforms

Platforms from "SeaLift Platform Lift" US company are individually designed and produced to accommodate you needs and boat models,they also ofer teak decking servising. They features with no shims, additional fiberglass modifications and adapter brackets.

Swim Platform - factory options

Custom SeaLift Platform options(the size and shape) are available only for the swim platform. The platforms from SeaLift are available as a factory option from
SaeRay boats, Grand Banks, MJM yachts GB eastbay series and Lazzara Custom Yachts boat builders.

Because there are no unnecessary elements and parts (only two hoses and one cylinder - up to 2500 lbs) exposed to the seawater SeaLift’s platforms requires less maintenance to keep up with.

The reputation is very important to boat manufacturers, and that is why they choose to install SeaLift Hydraulic Watercraft Lifts. This product is not only mechanically superior, but all stainless steel construction gives theb boat clients the better level of comfort in knowing that the system will stand the test of time. "We are proud to offer the SeaLift product line to our customers" said President from Atlantic Marine Electrical Services .

2 models by SeaLift - Custom designed hydraulic Swim Platforms

Pop-Up Platform - Chocks

You can have the useful of chocks that conform to the bottom of your boat tender for better stability with SeaLift’s exclusive Pop-Up Chocks. Thanks to that lift system you can enjoy without stubbing any risk of tripping at the swim platform over an awkward, protruding chock.

The SeaLift comes with One Year Warranty and can be transported almost anywhere in the world. They're happy to work with domestic and international freight shippers to determine the best mode of transit in order to meet your specific needs.

If you have one of the SeaLift lifts on your 40 foot powerboat and you will be very pleased with it. It provides excellent transport for my 10' rigid dinghy. It is wonderfully useful when rafting up to bring people and pets in and out of the water.

Safety in mind

The SeaLift’s platforms is not only very useful and extremely powerful, but it is also extremely reliable and safe. With the safety in mind, ell they are engineered so that you won’t need to worry about accidents with you or your family.

For contacts:
613 Cidco Road
Cocoa, FL 32926

Jatoba Swim platforms

by The Platform Guy,IL

For over 14 years Company are focusing on mainly on production for Craft Boats, but recently they expanding the platform-business to other power and ski boats.

All PG Swim platforms are constructed from solid Jatoba Wood, stainless steel screws plus west systems expoxy.

Due to its ability to resist seawater and more dense, Jatoba material is more dense than Teak tropical hardwood and often outlasts teak when used for the swim platforms for boats.

both Platforms are fabricated using the leading  west systems epoxy

The Jatoba Swim platforms are designed to precise measurements into one of three pre-defined custom measurements or dimensions. Custom sized take 2 to 3 weeks to made for about $400-$450.

To place an order fill out the following form at

Shipwreck Boat Works

Custom made swim platforms

With over 31 years this Company is focused on boat restoration and repair services. Using the latest technologies and experienced professionals with practical experience they provide comprehensive marine services, they make also custom designed Fiberglass swim platform for all boat brans & mdels.

Fiberglass swim platforms

Over the years, Shipwreck Boat Works have grown to be an all inclusive customizing business. Shipwreck's origins are based in providing professional gel coat and fiberglass repair. All Shipwreck's platforms are custom, specially designed and build to suit all boat owners need.

Shipwreck Boat Works - well  installed Fiberglass swim platform on Donzi

Thanks to fiberglass and marine plywood Constructione SBW swim platforms are maintenance-free and and low cost. The fiberglass solution more readily available to boating industry by offering fabrication and design in various configurations,style and sizes to give your boat the amazing look of a new factory fit.

In fact: Unlike plastic, metal, or wood, fiberglass platforms has the least expansion and contraction with cold,heat or stress.
Achieve any feel and look desired, finishes give fiberglass

Every swim platform is designed and fabricated to well-fit the transom curve of the vessel.

The swim platform is color/powder coated completely include computer color match. And because all of their Ffiberglass swim platforms are built and painted here they can include special custom graphics, color palette/matching and boarding ladders.

for contacts:
Shipwreck Boat Works
Tel (866) 349-2628