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Accmar Florida Company, a manufacturer and distribute the finest in quality complete line of dock parts & accessories, including dock lights, pedestals, aluminum dock ladders etc.

Fixed, seawall, pontoon and dock Ladders


Accmar Equipment Company
12351 S.W. 128th Court, 303: Miami, FL 33186
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Dock Aluminum Ladders

All Ladder Versions avaliable from 3 to 7 steps for straight,lift,Swing or Finger Pier.
Ladders are designed for easu use and dock installation from marine grade aluminum mill finish , certified to ensure durability and lasting strength.
Ladders are max safe design, tested up to 665 lbs. with step distance of 12" and max width of ladder: 20” for fixed, seawall, pontoon and dock locations.

Accmar offer custom ladder modifications including additional steps and custom colors.

Straight Dock Ladder

Lift Dock Ladder

Swing Ladder

Lift dock Ladder

(Finger Pier lift Model)

The company DockAdd addition to its unique white bumpers jetties, pier now dark blue and black bumpers. This system consists of rigid plastic profiles on the side of the jetty be made. Because there are bends, connectors and end caps are available, there is a beautiful, sleek and durable system that protects boats.

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1081 KD Amsterdam
Phone: +31 (0) 20-642 20 62


Dock Swim Steps & Ladders

4 Steps Swim Dock Ladder

High quality Stainless steel swim-dock ladder with four broad steps.

Color: steel 304

The stainless steel ladder has a diameter of 32 mm. It measures 185 x 50 cm. Weight 16.50 kg

5 Steps Swim Dock Ladder

High quality Stainless steel swim-dock ladder with five safe broad steps with non-slip.

Color: steel 304

The stainless steel ladder has a diameter of 32 mm. It measures 215 x 50 cm.

Weight 18.00 kg

4 Steps Aluminium Dock Ladder

High quality Aluminium dock ladder with 2 steps.

The ladder has a diameter of 30 mm. It measures 158 x 35 cm.

C&M Marine Products Company provides and manufactures quality dock, deck boxes and accessories including products such as fish cleaning stations, leaning posts, dock and seawall ladders, platforms consoles, and much more.

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1461 Lake Groves Rd NW Unit 2A
Lake Placid, FL 33852

Office Tel: (863) 465-0588


C&M Marine Products

Dock and Seawall Ladders

3-8 Steps Fixed Dock Ladder

Standard Dock Fixed Ladders series 6000 in marine grade aluminium provides easy basic water access, avaliable in powered coating

Available Versions for:

3 Step 15 lbs.,4 Step 18 lbs.,5 Step 21 lbs. ,6 Step 24 lbs.,7 Step 27 lbs.,8 Step 30 lbs.

4-8 Steps Lift Dock Ladder

Lift dock Ladders series 6000 in aluminium with controled access include winter access and storm readines also avaliable in powered coating

Available Versions for:

4 Step 23 lbs.,5 Step 25 lbs. ,6 Step 27 lbs.,7 Step 29 lbs.,8 Step 31 lbs.

3-7 Steps Aluminium Dock Ladder

Finger Pier Ladders in marine grade aluminium avaliable in powered coating

Available Versions for:

3 Step, 4,5,6 and 7

Standard fixed, sturdy and dependable Wide-step Ladder series 6000 in aluminium with better footing step design

Available Versions for:

3 Step - Wt: 15 lbs.,4 Step - Wt: 18 lbs.,5 Step - Wt: 21 lbs.,6 Step - Wt: 24 lbs
7 Step - Wt: 27 lbs.

Dock Edge - quality,durable and teliable marine products and accessories, include Dock Protection products, dock Accessories, Fenders & Buoys, portable toilets and Life Rings.
All manufactured with dedication to superior quality for boating industry.


Dock Steps& Ladders

fixed and removable dock ladders

Brushed Stainless Steel Dock Fixed Ladder

"Howell" Brushed Stainless Steel Fixed Step Ladder made in Heavy 1-1/2" tubing for dock or marine application, come with steel hardware. Available in 3,4 and 5 Steps, made in Bright White polyester finished or brushed S.Steel...more models >>

Dimensions: 3Step dock Ladder 23"-25"-4",4Step: 23"-25"-4", 5Step: 23"-25"-4".

N1 In Marine Dock Ladder - A1A Dock Products Quality Boat Ladders products, made in USA Over 30 years in aircraft machining and welding for a major airline. Derek & Mr. Grundler came up with the idea to put our main thrust into manufacturing an improved dock ladder. Ğroducts Dock Ladders below:

  • Swing Ladder
  • Straight Ladder
  • Floating Dock Lift-Ladder
  • Lift Ladder
  • Finger Ğier-Ladder
  • Finger Ğier Lift-Ladder
  • Short Based Lift Ladder



The Straight Ladder, perfect for seawalls and stationary docks with fluctuating water lines, makes climbing in and out of the water a breeze. The variety of lengths will accommodate most installations.

Easy Steps for Cleaning. 14 " D-handrail.

Available Ladders in 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 steps-versions

more models >>

Ladder Guide - Requirements and tips for proper ladder usage and safety