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Raritan Marine Toilets and Accessories - The median length of service for Raritan employees is more then 22 years, an anusual number in the fast changing world live and work in.

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Marine Toilet Accessories

Raritan Sanitation system/toilet accessories


Sealed solid state timer to timed operation, adjustable from 1-15 seconds for electric
marine toilets rated for 80 amps -12Vdc 50 amps. avaliable for 12,24 and 32V

Continuius duty solenoid

For use with push button swith, rated 80 amps -12Vdc 50 amps. and reduces need for long runs of
heavy wire. avaliable for 12,24 and 32V

Push button switch

Single pole momentary push button rated at 15 amp 12V

Heavy Duty Push button switch

Single pole momentary push button rated at 35 amp 12V, button switch with protective rubber cover


Valve design "y" provides discharge options with 1 1/2 barbed fittings

Check Valve

Valve provides to maintain pump prime and stops unwanted back flow, instans in a 3/4 ID plumbing

hose line

Sanitation Hoses

Marine Grade 1 1/2 hose allows waste to flow freely

Sea Fresh System

Marine Toilet syste(can be adaptes to other electric toilets) allows the user to convesiently select, with the flip of a switch either sea / lake/ river eater for toilet flushing, by using reduces calcium build up toilet and plumbing lines and helps to reduce raw water odors
avaliable for 12,24 and 32V

Toilet Control Box for marine models SeaEra or Crown Head II

Provides the ability to control intake and discharge separately and can be used or remote pump and tessurized water models

Holding Tank Monitor

Raritan monitor with Reliable electronic design and indicators and up to four tanks from one convenient location. Monitor are low power consumption protected for the marine environment and Can be used with holding and waste water tanks.

Available for 12, 24 or 32V

Hold'n'Treat system by RARITAN - Holding Tanks & Marine Sanitation