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Toplicht - Marine Hardware and Equipment from Germany for traditional boats, powerboats and classic yachts.

We offer more than 10,000 products of equipment for classic boats and traditional ship owners and boaters: brass, bronze and galvanized steel, tar and rope, but also from modern materials.


Boat Hardware, Deck & Interior Hardware

Interior Hardware

Boat Hardware, Deck & Interior Hardware

Deck Hardware

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Deck fittings, cleats, winches, portholes, rope and wire, hand-made blocks, anchors, chains, anchor winches, paints, coatings and impregnations, heaters, kerosene lamps, ship's clocks, navigational instruments and safety equipment and hand-picked books and specialized literature.

  • rope & wire
  • blocks
  • wire rope, rigg & sail
  • deck fittings
  • general equipment
  • anchor & chain
  • winch & windlass
  • portlight & hatch & vent
  • interior fittings
  • locks
  • heating & cooking
  • lighting
  • clocks, navigation & vhf
  • boatbuilding material
  • paint, varnish, oil & tar
  • tools
  • sanitary & toilets
  • pump, tubing & fittings
  • engine & gearbox
  • electric equipment
  • safety on board
  • this & that & gifts
  • book & chart

Toplicht ship to worldwide shipping immediately from our stock: Deck fittings, cleats, winches, portholes, rope, hand-made blocks, boat anchors, chains, anchor winches, coatings and impregnations, boat building and Takelwerkzeug, brass fittings for the interior, lights, boat clocks, navigational instruments and safety equipment and technical marine books.
Since 1981, TOPLICHT has the top lights tip developed into a recognized institution. Anyone who is passionate about the construction, restoration, preservation and operation of traditional boats, powerboats and classic yachts.

From the current top light-catalog Our entire product range is available on the left. Here anticipate some selected articles: MULTI MASTER "LIMITED EDITION" SELEKT-PLUS Set
FEIN - Promotions to 31.12 for short-term offers that you receive the exclusive top light kit "FINE Limited Edition".. This is the set of "SELEKT PLUS" with additional accessories, such as the new M-Cut saw blades - used in hoh ...
more PORT HOLE Teelichthalter DELITE
The decorative candle holder PORT HOLE by the Danish designer Peter Jessen Seidelin enjoys a simple directness. The maritime design style has elements of a classic porthole.
more quartz watch BARIGO VIKING Arab brass
The quartz watch from the series BARIGO VIKING is a flat, easy to read Clock entirely of brass with Arabic dial. The surface is polished brass. The time base and the battery via the back, ...
more fairlead JAVOTTE Bronze
Strong with clean elaborated wide spout. Made of cast bronze, surface "tumbled and polished. To screw. Reproduction cast of an original fitting of the British Mylne-twelve "JAVOTTE" of 1909. Weight 210g.
more manual overhaul / Erich
In 1925 first published the "Handbook for maintenance work on motor, sailing and rowing boats" was for years the German standard work for the maintenance and repair of wooden and steel boats, sports of all kinds, it has been mentioned ...
more Darwin - Stormglass.
An ideal gift and a unique meteorological instrument: the storm glass. The use of storm glasses of this type is in the maritime industry since 1750 known
more VICTRON CENTAUR Charger with 3 outputs
Battery charger Victron Centaur: microprocessor-controlled high-power charger for three battery banks. Adaptive 4-stage charge characteristic. - Schwitzwasserschutz (IP21), electronics acrylic coating against corrosion. - Temperature Controlled and more
more Berth light GENOA cast brass
This heavy Berth light is produced in an Italian factory by hand. The parts are manufactured in a traditional sand casting process and hand polished. The casing is made of brass, all visible locations [...]
More gas stove 2-flame stainless steel SAILOR Techimpex
2-burner gas cooker, stainless steel. Ignition, burning (1.7 kW 2.3 kW burner output), supply pressure 30 mbar. CE approved. Standard delivery as a table maker without any accessories (as shown). Also available as halbkar [...]
more LED wall light prebit R1-1 Gold
Traditional wall light with gold head lamp and frosted glass shade. The body is made of solid machined parts: base plate of brass, aluminum light head (optimal heat dissipation), gold-plated surface.
more DAVEY yacht blocks Ash
Very compact blocks of lacquered ash from the series of the British tradition DAVEY house. modeled in a sleek rounded design, the English style of the '20s. Technically, these blocks correspond to modern standards: The ...
more BETTER NAVIGATE / Sven M. Rutter
The book 'Better Navigate' does not claim, the art of navigation to invent new - it goes to the author rather to give pleasure boat skippers a practical guide to the hand that allows you to zukunf [...]
more Klaubeschlag gaff Shoe
Traditional gaff shoe and Gaffelendbeschlag (Klaubeschlag). The gaff shoe made of galvanized steel is clean with sewn Takelleder. Thus, the painting of the mast is protected and the fog closes freely.
This unique Schlagpuetz (canvas buckets), we have a craft worker in Germany, manufactured in small series. Actually, each bucket is unique. Segeltuchpuetz a particular advantage is that the exhaust from outboard [...]
more OUT INTO BLUE / Bastian Hauck
"All sailors are dreamers." With these words Bastian Hauck's book on his adventure Baltic Sea - and takes us on a journey. With its 50-year-old Tadorna, a modified Folke boat, it goes from Berlin to the Oder nac ...
more fuel gauges black VDO Economics
Fuel gauges VIEW LINE. Available are various fuel gauges for fuel, water or wastewater. Please note that each Verwendbarleit the corresponding donors. Newly developed instrument series from the German market leader mi ...
more Suellklampe bronze by SPARTAN
Very useful and nice cleats that are attached to the coaming edges. Molded from marine bronze, tumbled surface finish. The cleats are ready to install and come complete with bolts and flat head screws .. (UNC-thread 1 / 4 ", B.
more ULTRA AX Lifejacket (150N-Class) SECUMAR
The best automatic peiswerten West Series SECUMAR ULTRA AX: Extra flat packed for optimum mobility, very fully equipped: the flat ULTRA AX models are the successors of the patented folding legendary rescue ...
more engine mount bronze SPARTAN
Outboard bracket in bronze. This rugged mounting for outboard motors up to about 10 hp is ideal for classic yachts with transom (eg Jollenkreuzer). Is firmly bolted to the deck, only the discreet mounting - ROD ...
more LED light KTR SOLAS Lifebuoys
Man overboard light KTR with bright flashing LEDs. Automatic activation when removed from the plastic holder. Supplied with Lithium battery and holder.
more guayac-Schotleitcsen DAVEY
A classic fitting which is long service on board and more beautiful. The clean-profile, eye-tauwerkschonende lignum vitae is enclosed by a strong bronze bracket.
more Rocna - galvanized anchor bracket
New development in New Zealand: the Rocna - anchor is characterized by exceptionally strong holding force on all anchor reasons. This "anchors with high holding power (HHP) is hand made of high strength steel and hot dip galvanized.
more BREAKWATERS / Stefan crutches
New Release: More than 25 masters tell in "breakwater the story of her life." Your experiences are full of romance, wanderlust, and often of the highest drama. With wild storms, mean pirate or unscrupulous gangsters[...]
more Strakgewicht 1.6 kg brass PIG
For boat and ship builders and designers finally available: Strakgewicht (the boat builder says: pig) from solid cast brass with a rolled surface. suitable Latte nose, even for narrow Straklatten - With little brass. In ame [...]

TOPLICHT ship to worldwide shipping immediately from our stock:
Deck fittings, cleats, winches, portholes, Riggbeschläge, rope and wire, hand-made blocks, anchors, chains, anchor winches, paints, coatings and impregnations, boat building and Takelwerkzeug, brass fittings for the interior, accessories and heaters, kerosene lamps, ship clocks, navigational instruments and safety equipment and technical books and hand-picked Spezialliteratur.Optimale advice and best possible service to our customers are our priority. All items are checked by us before shooting into the top light-line to "thoroughly". We bring our experience as a sailor, sailors and craftsmen in the product selection and quality inspection. In our shop and exhibition in Hamburg, you can view all the products and articles check in and rest.