For Example: Consumption is about .8-1 gpmile. The fuel tank is 100 US gal.

About 3200-3300 on plane at 24 kt. Had the transom mounts, gimbals and alpha #1 legs replaced which helped with the mileage. At 2200 off plane at 10 kt the mileage isn’t much better. On the Great Lakes on Lake St. Clair and up Huron or down Erie is a series of hops and here you need more range.

30 X 100 = 300 Miles on a single. I run appx 8-12gph unless pushing it up to about 57-59 mph running a storm. Then all bets are off, and it’s about 14gph. but easily run 8hrs at cruise safely with my 100gal tank. Never let it go below 1/4 tank. 8hrs, no issue. 3.5 hrs at cruise it will usually take 30gals unless a sheet of glass.

For the given storage tank, having conical ends

How to calculate the volume of both the sperical dish ends only.

These conical ends are semi ellipsoids. if tank straight height is “h “and extende conical ends heihght is ” a” and tank diameter is ” d” .
the volume of cylinde part of tank = π h (d^2)/4. The two(2) half ellipsoid forming the bottom and top of tanks volume of Ellipsoid of 2 diamters d and height a is = 4/3 π (d/2)(d/2)(a) = (4/3) π a (d^2)/4 = 3π a.d^2
The total volume of the Vessel tank is = π h(d^2/4)+ 3πa d^2 = π d^2. ( h/4 + 3a) = π d^2. (h +12a)