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DriveGuardian from Marine Design Corp

Marine products - MDC DriveGuardian


DriveGuardian from Marine Design Corp., has gone from concept to reality and is currently in production.

MDC DriveGuardian could change the way powerboaters drive reliability and feel about engine.

Like other marine products, Marine Design Corp. is focused to the offshore racing world and they envisions the DriveGuardian Patented product having a broader appeal beyond race teams. The torque rating of the DriveGuardian is designed higher than the engines output.

In the begining: The concept made sense to veteran offshore racer Jason Saris, who owns Performance Marine in Bolton Landing, N.Y., with Rick Gage. Whether or not DriveGuardian worked in practice though would be proved over a full season of Offshore Powerboat Association competition.

Saris, who earned the 2014 Class 4 OPA World Championship alongside his son Johnny, installed the DriveGuardian essentially a torque-limiting clutch mechanism for your drive that takes the place of a regular rubber drive coupler and decreases loads on the engine and drivetrain on Saris Racing Engines, his 32-foot Coyote powered by a pair of 650HP engines.

The results

The results is extremely positive as the patented DriveGuardian created by Marine Design Corp., helped the team’s Mercury Racing Bravo One XR drives with IMCO Marine two-inch lowers withstand the abuse of a full season.

DriveGuardians are not cheap, but that it’s easy to tell why once you see how precisely manufactured they are and you can have confidence in your drives again thanks to DriveGuardian.

The idea is to erase any torque spikes that are sent to the drives. The torque spikes can be caused by getting on plane, rough water, etc. The DriveGuardians absorbs
and dissipates the extra spikes in load as the props re-enter, preventing extra stress on the drivelines.

Beside the offshore racer boats the Patented DriveGuardian application should be well suited for the recreational boat market, especially for people who run their boat hard
in rough water.

The DriveGuardian

DriveGuardian is a inovative torque-limiting coupler designed to absorb the excess torque that exceeds a preset value but each DriveGuardian unit must be calibrated to work with the engine(s) in a given powerboat.

Bravo versions

The price for the Bravo version is $2,495 roughly three times
as much as the stock coupler but less than repairing blown drives.

all prices:

DriveGuardian NXT: $2,695
DriveGuardian Bravo: $2,495
Drive Guardian SSM: $3,995
DriveGuardian CrashBox $3,995

NXT1 versions

The price for the NXT1 version is $2,695 and doesn’t require engine relocation to install. There are versions for boats running a transmission or crash box, but those, depend on several factors such as bell housing type, starter placement and engine torque.

The installation is straightforward and can be performed by any reputable dealer or experienced powerboat owner.

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