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CMT-Monitor Tracks Ship Thruster Condition

Condition Monitoring Technologies GmbH has developed a flexible thruster monitor for the marine, boating and offshore industry that helps predict failure. The system provides real-time feedback on oil and vibration parameters to help avoid costly unplanned repairs,services, adjustments and downtime.

The CMT Thruster Monitor is for use on propulsion and positioning thrusters and can be retrofitted on existing ships. It provides on-screen trending of all parameters and can be accessed remotely via the web.


Friction Modifier for Industrial Gear Oils

Industrial Gear Oils - Metalworking Fluids and Lubricants

Croda Lubricants has launched Perfad 3100 friction modifier for industrial gear oils. The company says Perfad 3100 forms a durable film in the mixed and boundary film regimes where energy losses are high. Benefits cited for the product include reduced wear and increased efficiency, high thermal, low treat rates, and oxidative stability and low ash. Tests show that Perfad 3100 has minimal impact on water entrainment in gear oil formulations.


Rhenus Lub - Lubricants

The Rhenus Lub Company are the leading solution provider to industry with contribution towards considerably reducing your process costs. Rhenus Lub GmbH & Co KG has introduced an extreme-pressure cool- ant for use in cutting operations on titanium, aluminum, aluminum alloys, most hardened steel and other special materials. The mineral oil-free fluid is formulated as a synthetic grease that dispenses with the addition of amines and boric acid. Rhenus FU 60 can be used in drilling, milling and thread- ing operations. The company says Rhenus FU 60 has good antiwear properties and excellent flushing action. The coolant meets all industrial health and safety requirements, and contains no chlorine or nitrates. It has a low pH and is classified as water hazard class I.