Lithium-ion Batteries

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Are you "drunk on cheap energy", if it's actualy true at the time, and it may still be true for some nations Likewise, society has also been drunk on cheap batteries, the kind of batteries that don't cost much to purchase, but how a hideously high cost of ownership.

Marinelithium ionbatteries

Lithium-ion Marine Batteries

In fact society simply would not have laptops. iPhones, Androids, iPads, and Kindles if it were not for the inroads made in lithium-ion polymer (LaPo) battenes.

Lithium-ion Batteries for boating industry

Is there a powerful but safe Lithium-ion battery for the marine industry?

The plus factors

The plus factors with using Lithium Pros make all the difference. Charge time is less, weight is a quarter of the weight of a comparable battery, longevity incomparable. Boaters love the difference.

The technology has an energy density of about 120Wh/kg - about three to four times greater than lead acid Essentially, it tracks supreme power for supreme safety In addition, it heats up to a manageable 150°C, and is inherently safer than lead-acid batteries as there are no chemicals to explode or spill.

And are there performance improvements for marine propulsion, diesel motor starting, or generator-off energy? The University of Texas patented Lithium-ion iron phosphate - known as LiFeP04(Lithium Iron Phosphate).

If the manne industry needs a better battery, it would seem that the solution is LiFcPCM as it offers a optimal balance between safety and power, given that these Batteries are replacing lead-acid systems installed in locations that are very close to danger zones in yachts and boats.

A lead-acid battery

The murine industry tends to get new technology long after it has been released to
the rest of the world. And even then, it is often a left-over design that has not been closely optimized for the specific needs of the boating industry. After struggling for 100 years with the same old lead-acid battery designs, it's amazing how many marine customers and boat owners now know exactly what improvements to batteries they need and want.

But the big Lead-Acid Battery companies never came asking - and they still aren't asking.

However, one company in the USA did. In fact, speak with the marine and recreational vehicle industry Lithionics Battery started the process in 2009, during the worst recession in the industry's history, but believed that the mannc industry would innovate its way out of the financial slump. The company made it easy: it handed out over US $ 100,000 of free bauencs for the industry to beat up. blow up. test, and punish, as the customers saw fit.

Lithionics Battery (also means, No More Dead Batteries) wanted to know what improvements were needed, what features were important, what price targets would work, and most importantly, what a new-age battery needed to look like, behave like, and install like.

In summary, the battery of dreams would be. to some extent, a better lead-acid battery in that it would be a lithium-ion battery in a lead-acid battery footprint.
A lead-acid battery is cither a deep-cycle type or an engine-starting type.

Lithium-ion Marine Batteries Manufacturers

Smart Battery

Smart Battery company products meet IATA regulations for Lithium Ion dependable Batteries.

Marine Lithium Batteries by are the industry's predominant choice for Dual Purpose - Starting and Deep Cycle Lithium Marine Batteries from Yachts to small fishing Boats. Smart Battery® All they are built tough and designed to last up to 2000 cycles and over ten years.

They offer a full line of 12V Lithium Batteries. from 12V 7AH to 2V 300AH Lithium Ion DC Batteries.

Valence Batteries

Proven and Safe Lithium Energy for Marine Applications. Using proprietary phosphate technology Texas Company Valence U-Charge® Lithium marine modules offer inherent safety and any capacity from kWh to MWh. in scalable solutions up to 1000 V. Inherent Safety. DNV GL/ ABS Type approved all they are ease of Integration and configurable Lithium-ion Marine Batteries.

Saft Lithium-ion Batteries

Cost efficient and Environmentally friendly Batteries. Saft Company is the supplier of choice for fully integrated, lighting, turnkey systems and other auxiliary systems.

K2 Energy Lithium Ion Marine batteries

K2 Energy's Deep Cycle Battery is the answer for any boater who needs reliable power under wide ranges of temperature. K2-Marine Deep Cycle batteries are 35% more efficient(over 2,000 uses) than lead ocid type with foster charging times, up to 70% lighter and can shed up to 150 lbs from a traditional lead acid battery system.

K2 Energy Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries.

If you are not familiar with the highest quality, latest technology in marinebatteries. You need to check them out. Below is a picture of the new 48AH battery that weighs in around 19 pounds.

Lithium technology, LIPO battery on Boats - the possible role of lithium butteries for boat owners.

Mastervolt batteries

The Company Mastervolt electric solutions are widely used in demanding boat & yacht markets such as off-shore, marine and solar industries with a power range from 300 W to 40,000 watts.

The new Mastervolt developments as CZone, WiFi operated digital switching integration with navigation panel manufacturers, Lithium Ion batteries and Mass Combi Utra charger inverter combinations. All coming together as system solutions for magnificent applications as Volvo Ocean 65 racers, Volvo Trucks E-Pto and up to 35kW 3-phase parallel configurations for Industrial solutions.

Lithium-iron phosphate marine batteries

The Mastervolt offers best performing Lithium Ion (LiFePO4) batteries in the segment.

They are 2000 cycles lifespan and weight and Space savings units up to 70 %. Lithium Ion batteries features also fast charging/discharging and high efficiency safe operation without wasting energy

Mastervolt Company brings new Lithium Ion technology in two main product ranges MLS series, It's small capacity battery series, entry model for smaller applications, such as mobile and portable applications or backup power equipment and MLI Ultra series batteries that provide large capacity series equipped for cycling, like running airconditioning, electric motors or pumps for long periods of time with short intermittent charging.

Carbon Foam Batteries

Trolling motor marine batteries