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MARINER - 4&2 stroke petrol and Electric Outboards

Mariner Outbords: long-term ownership satisfaction and smooth running characteristics, providing more power with absolute control. A wide range with unheard of levels of durability combined with clean and silent running.

Mariner Boat Outboards - New levels of fun and fuel eficiency

Mariner Outboards

The Mariner® reputation is built on experience For year after year quality ngineering.

When it comes to maintenance Mariner Integrated Marine Outboard Technology provides the assurance of complete control. The Mariner outbords range caters for everyone from power-seekers to cruisers with one important boat outbords common factor: reliability.


E P Barrus Ltd

Launton Road, Bicester.

Oxon. OX26 4UR.

Email: [email protected]


Four stroke Mariner Outboards

Mariner's Company offering an unsurpassed level of smooth power, smoke-free running, quiet and incredible resistance to corrosion four-strokes different types high technology Engines: portable ,powerful from 40 to 60hp and 80 to 115hp's, Mariner Outboards. 4-strokes Outboards are considered top of the pile when it comes to fuel efficiency and cleanliness.

All our 4-stroke versions , OptiMax and Verado Outboards are designed and build to meet the stringent emission standard (EPA). 4-strokes are available with naturally with a carburettor aspirated or either electronic fuel injection.

Mariner 4stroke outbord characteristics include smooth operation and exceptional idling and quiet work,provides longer life and efficient fuel economy.

All boat outboards come complete with propeller, to 60hp tank and electric control box. Five years leisure/ one year commercial Mariner-Warranty.

photo: 4 stroke, 209cc 8 HP Mariner boat outboard

Our range consists of 2.5HP to 15HP, 20HP to 40HP and and upwards 4 stroke Outboards

Outboard Facts:

In the important mid-size Hp range: 2.5hp and 3.5hp single-cylinder four-strokes weighing in at just 17kg, Barrus was also A exhibiting three new models of 80hp, 100hp and 115hp. These 1.7lt, electronically fuel-injected four-strokes have been built on the Verado base, and share many components with the supercharged engines. Due to the lack of a supercharger, these naturally aspirated engines will not bear the Verado name.

The new versions

Outboards designed with new acoustic foam lined cowl design, lighter and stronger than conventional cowling and these outbords F80, F100 and F115 instant starting without any choking or manipulation of the throttle are naturally aspirated and have an electronic control module (ECM) featuring a Motorola processor provides precise fuel and combustion processes control necessary to maintain safety and optimum performance.

The Mariner four-strokes at 2.5hp (1.8kW) and 3.5hp (2.6kW) are single-cylinder engines displacing 85 cubic centimetres - the highest in their class. Mariner now have a complete line-up of four-stroke outboards from 2.5hp through to 275hp (202k W).

Verado features:

Complete lines Verado of four-stroke outboards from 2.5hp through to 275hp (202kW).There is a fuel shut-off valve for safe transportation and easy stowing. For easy starting manual choke and for reliable operation thermostatic control and water-cooling. On the Market: The 2.5hp outbord Mariner model is available in short shaft length (381mm) while the 3.5hp is available in both shaft length, short and long (381mm and 508mm ).
Thiese two models meet the EU emissions regulations.

We offers a complete line of extremely light portable 4-stroke outboards, with the widest range of models to choose from for all boating needs.

Two stroke Outboards

know us non-compliant outboard, Direct Fuel Injection Outboards with Electric start (turn-key), adapted to conform to the new emissions regulations with greater efficiency and advanced engine technology. Powerful and lightweight outbords for outstanding acceleration, but Outstanding fuel economy, all designed with XK360 aluminium alloy providing excellent protection against water.

photo: Three cylinder, 2 stroke 1526cc Mariner Outboard

Our range consists of 72,90,115 and 150HP 2 stroke Outboards

Outboards Facts and More

Emission regulations continue to drive development and model changes in the marine engine market. Although there were still two-stroke outboards on display on some stands, this is likely to be their last outing, as with no more being imported,
it is just a matter of using up existing stocks. This boat is screaming out for a modern two-stroke but If It gets a new ona It will have to be of the kind that kaaps the
tree huggers content.

Electric Outboards

With a thrusters transom mount trolling Mariner 12 v motor designed to run quietly perfect for fishing boats.Less weight and for example lake trolling would call for quiet and smooth operation. 2 Year Leisure Limited Mariner-Warranty

36 pounds of thrust Mariner Outboard

photo: 36 pounds of thrust 12 v engine model, It is also available 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds

Our range consists of 30, 36, 46, 54 and 82 pounds of thrust Outboards

The test: 100hp Mariner Outboards on Atlantic Fisher 550 boat in BFM

The test 550 was filted with a Mariner 100 hp 4 stroke outboard the maximum for this model though Richard recommends 80hp for best economy and allround performance.

As appears to be the norm when it comes to boat test days it was blowing up as storm or very nearly, on my visit to Myfort So, we were restricted to tne estuary for the most port, with it's 8-knot speed limit. though I'm advised the 550 is capable of 30 knots with the 80hp set up.

The uncomfortable short chop in the open estuary showed me how well the 550 handled cutting through the waves, throwing water wide. When I increased speed into waves she ploughed into them not trying to side over them - this is a very dry boat!

Turns, even in these conditions were smooth ond tight without only slip.In colmer waters a blip on the throttle during tight turns mode the 550 heel over slightly, but tie hull dug in with no slip. With an increase In speed and adjustment at the engine's power trim, she easlly come up onto the plone - but I hod to keep on eye on that 8-knot speed limit!

Diesel electric propulsion systems - Manufacturers & benefits of this emerging technology

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Lehr Propane Outboards - The New third fuel type for Smaller Boats. The 4-stroke 2.5 hp(92cc), 5(112cc) or 9.9(212cc) and 15(323cc) engines.

Haswing Marine - Australian Company is establishing a new generation in how electric trolling outboards are made today.