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The oldest institutions in sport

Yacht Clubs - Heritage and tradition

The Yacht club is one of the oldest and most historic institutions in sport, sailing and boating. Steeped in tradition, members share in a social bond, both on and off the water. Several of the yacht clubs mentioned in craigmarine.info have played important roles in the evolution of the sport and offshore of yacht racing.

This is where the history of yachting has been made, and still is today, by way of major competitions and the men who have become sailors and yachtsmen right in those clubs. Every single detail of a clubhouse has its history, which is passed down orally from one generation to another, often accompanied with the same amusing anecdotes. But it is on one point that no exceptions can be made: the club's president must always be the descendent of an old family of proven lineage.

All yacht clubs are special- they are homes. Homes for families and members who love the ocean. People who sail on the sea, who race on the sea, who eat and sleep on the sea - all people who live on the sea. This common thread, the love of the sea. is what makes a yacht club work, and the club's members often act like a family.

Clubs undertake many sport activities, both social and sporting. include the junior sailing program. Virtually every yacht club has one.

The Club Rules of etiquette

Yacht clubs, with their strict dress codes and rigidly enforced rules of etiquette, some of which date back centuries have fueled legends and engendered myths so deeply rooted that they have become impossible to dispel. Even today these are places where written rules—and especially unwritten ones—are enforced. These are the places that keep hold of traditions but of many secrets, too. A captivating world, then, far from everyday life and bound to the most ancient of rituals, although always in step with the times.

The basic ingredients of the consistent organization of a club are good manners, a sober lifestyle, respect for traditions, love of the sea, respect for the rules and the customs that altogether will make up the club member, shaping him or her in the yacht club colors and helping him or her to grow, but without taking oneself too seriously because, first and foremost, a yacht club has to be a place of pleasure. This is why a membership application must not be considered merely as a bureaucratic formality.

The blue blazer and traditional

Yacht clubs are full of tradition all around the world. The traditional blue blazer for men is a common denominator. Many older clubs did not allow women in the club or certain parts of the club as recently as the 1960s. Some Clubs around the world allowed dogs, but not women. Some clubs would not allow members or guests in the front door without a blazer on for men and a dress for women.

Many of these "rules" have been relaxed in the just twenty years as members realize that the purpose of the yacht club is to relax and enjoy and "How to enjoy life!"

Club's Affiliation

Affiliation is instead completely different, as it instead calls for an unrestricted exchange of rights and duties between club members. Needless to say, affiliation means having a thorough knowledge of the customs and practices of the places and of the possible points of contrast in the rules and styles enforced for each of the clubs.

A Alabama , Alaska , Arizona , Arkansas
C California , Colorado , Connecticut
D Delaware
F Florida
G Georgia
H Hawaii
I Idaho , Illinois , Indiana , Iowa
K Kansas , Kentucky
L Louisiana
M Maine , Maryland , Massachusetts , Michigan , Minnesota , Mississippi , Missouri , Montana
N Nebraska , Nevada , New Hampshire , New Jersey , New Mexico , New York , North Carolina , North Dakota
O Ohio , Oklahoma , Oregon
P Pennsylvania
R Rhode Island
S South Carolina , South Dakota
T Nashville , Texas
V Vermont , Virginia
W Washington , West Virginia , Wisconsin , Wyoming Cheyenne

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