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"Rhino" and "SolidWorks"
great tool for Boat design

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Great 3D tools for the marine Design


Rhino-3D is a great tool for marine industry and vessels design. If you are primarily concerned with A-surface, the exterior, visible side of a part development. Rhino 3D can edit and create, analyze, and translate surfaces, nurbs curves, and Now with the new display modes and enhanced rendering, impress your clients in every phase of the Boat projects.

With fiberglass, the B-surface - the inside, less-finished side of a part such as a hull is kind of whatever you end up with. It's not as controlled as injection molding, so Rhino is excellent for modeling - marine especially. You don't need to model all the small radii and fillets, though. The computer can zero in and make a mountain out of a molehill.

When you're spraying these plugs, the spray will fill in the minor fillets. Tooling companies even prefer that you don't model them, you give them a radius chart and tell them what fillets and radii you want and where, and they can put those in with the cutter head.

So the tool-path guy doesn't have to tool-path it either, and that makes it less expensive for the client in the end. Whereas in injection molding, you have to radius all that stuff: controlled surfaces and flowing surfaces into radii lead-ins. That's a whole different ballgame.


3D CAD Design Software "SolidWorks" is another great tool for design , simulation & analysis and manage your data. More boat companies are starting to use it. It's a little more difficult for surface development, but works well with Rhino.

The 3D - Design Software focus on ease of use allows more designers, creative engineers, and other technology professionals include Marine Specialists than ever before to take advantage of 3D in bringing their Unique designs and boats to life.

The look of the design

Now everything is clone on the computer, so the skill level of the designer with the software he's using will drive the look of that product.

If you're not good at surface development, you're going to get a pretty flat, boxy product out of it. If you're skilled with the software, you can get a more sculptural, flowing design. Skill level with the illustration tool drives the look of the design. And some features are driven by what products are available; for example, portlights and windshields and much more.

Maxsurf, a leading design 3d-tool, is an integrated suite of software for naval architecture and boat construction. Completed boat models can be analysed for strength,stability, and performance.

Where to Download/Resources

Download Rhino-3D , Versions 4,5 and 6 include latest Rhino OS X

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