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VanDutch Marine is a Company with a strong naval architecture position focused on the design and the of yacht construction, a symbiosis of advanced technology and modern design in the most avant-garde fashion in the yachting world.

Dutch craftsmanship providing fast, light weight yacht with economical practicality. Motor yacht are made with a sandwich - omposite construction using the technique of vacuum forming and injection, reinforced with Kevlar enhancing the lightness and strength of the boat to the next level.

Range of Boats:

VanDutch 30, VanDutch 40 VanDutch 55 , VanDutch 40 and 2 brand new models will join the VanDutch Elegance Family in 2014, the VanDutch 45 and the 70.

VanDutch power yachts are excellent cornering, easy to maneuver boats with uniquely smooth riding. Equipped with an and navigation system and modern autopilot to stay in control of the boat without any vibrations or stress.

the New VanDutch 70

Pure lines,power, art and elegance, in consequence of experience gained from the Begining of theVanDutch concept from the experience gained from the previous smaller models.

Van Dutch 55

Van Dutch 55 the overall impression is one ofextremely high quality and over engineered. Used hi-tec solutions are understatedly high-end and the quality of design is impeccable. Darkly charasmatic and capable of 38 knots, in considerable style and comfort.

Amazing in appearance, the motor yacht VD 55's volume and beam starts a lot
further forward than one would expect at first glance. The open design and clean lines and plumb bow make the illusion, but whatever the case it ensures there's a surprising amount of space.

the initial VanDutch concept

The smooth boat hull aft, the high gunnels gently taper down to an open transom, suggesting enough of an 'Open sailboat' design to entice sailors who may otherwise baulk at the thought of owning a motor yacht. Only the low raked windshield with minimal visible stands proud of the top deck. The VD 55 can comfortably accomplish the twin purpose of sociable day boat or luxory limousine transfer. Well protected design by high gunnels and the wraparound windshield from spray or wind. The portside helm of the 55 is another such example, with no superfluous distractions for the pilot. The throttle, wheel, compass and modern display screens for navigation are all that are primarily required, so they are kept in front.


Clever things constructed, both the VD 55's deck and hull are fabricated from fibreglass sandwich utilizing the vacuum-infusion technique. Kevlar reinforcements at
critical stress points ensure she feels like she's milled from a solid rock. When underway there's no evidence of discourteous creaking, vibration and squeaking , but instead VD 55' goes about her business.

Van Dutch Yachts & Frank Mulder

Van Dutch Yachts and designer Frank Mulder, the collaboration have achieved something close to perfection.
When Yacht-builder Van Dutch sought a designer for a very different breed of motor yacht, Van Dutch didn' t look far before collaborating with fellow Dutch - Frank Mulder. Setting up Mulder Design studio in 1979, Mulder quickly established a name for high-performance and style yachts deliver a new and fresh approach. The MD studio has developed a flair for producing yachts with an appreciation for contemporary design mixed with traditional values that reflect the owner's style and character.


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