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Identity Marine Interiors - If you want to have a boat that's going to have quite a stunning interior

Australian Boat/Yacht Interior Services

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Identity Marine Interiors - one of the many speciality marine services located at the Gold Coast City Marina,Australia

The designs and fabrics are created and sourced by two artistic and talented ladies - Bev and Sarah.

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Australian Style & Stunning boat interiors

The pair have combined their individual flair and talents to create Identity Marine Interiors, It is experience and a feel for boats and yachts that Bev has been developing over the 40 years.

Comment. Bev: "If it's a stock boat, we are allowed to use our imagination, within reason," "If it's a client's boat we sit down with the client and discuss what they want."

This may take a few meetings over about 4-5 weeks.

To complete the overall boat interior fit out there are designer crockery, deck chairs, polycarbonate glasses, floor mats and flameless candles, which are a big hit for interior decorating, on show along with hundreds of fabric swatches at their Gold Coast City Marina shopfront.

They at Identity Marine Interiors have thousands of fabrics to choose from and at the end of the exercise, the pair have not had any boat owner dislike the finished fit out. Tthey can't use just any fabric, threads, and the stitch/seam. It has to be one that will stand up to the marine environment(salts tested) and not go rot and mouldy!

Comment. Bev: "We try and mould their thoughts into reality and what is going to work and then we come up with a colour board that shows the various combinations of fabric colours for cushions, upholstery, carpet, Window & Floor Coverings, wall linings and everything. The colour board shows how it all comes together and how the colours and fabrics complement each other,".

if you don't like the Interior Design Color

Being a stock boat if the boat owner who buys it doesn't like the colour scheme all the cushions can be taken off and with the neutral beige base they could easily start again. By the sound of it the colour scheme will be striking.

They can't use Ceramic and Glass ornaments on a boat, so they include artificial flower arrangements, a lot of stainless steel and acrylic in the overall design and everything is glued down to stop it falling over underway.

The cushions are not just your ordinary household scatter cushions either. They are designer cushions,beds created and moulded with a foam core, so they don't go flat with use. It's the same with the sheets on the beds. They are all custom fitted and have mesh sewn into them to allow air to circulate, so they don't attract mould. Sarah: "And there was one occasion where the owner wanted it his way. "So we designed a look with manly cushions to give the interior a blokey feel".