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 Yacht Designers and Naval Architects, Interiors and Exteriors

Where can I read more about the marine literature, yacht style and the mechanics of translating these daydreams?

Some of these editions are old, but especially well done:

Best Boats to Build or Buy

by Ferenc Mate Vancouver: Albatross Publishing House, 1982. Over 30 of the best boats available in North America viewed through the discerning eye of a well-known boating author/photographer. Covers everything from rowboats through lightweight racers to trawler yachts. Available at Amazon >>

The Best of the Best The Yacht Designs of Sparkman & Stephens

by Francis S. Kinney & Russcl Bourne New York: W. W. Norton & Company. 1996. A stunning collection of 100 yacht designs from the legendary firm, including such all-time favorites as Ranger. Dorade. Stormy Weather, Brilliant, and Bolero. Descriptions include major specifications, a design commentary providing analysis and history. at least one photograph, and study plans.

Canvaswork & Sail Repair

by Don Casey Camden. Maine: International Marine, 1996. Find out step by step and picture by picture how to measure for, construct, modify, maintain, renew, and repair fabric aboard. The detailed text and illustrations render the techniques virtually foolproof. Available at Amazon >>

Boatbuilder's International Directory

Edited by Don Purdy Benicia, California: International Association of Amateur Boat Builders, updated periodically. A source list of hundreds of boat plans and kits, from canoes to cruisers, both sail and power. Includes materials, hardware, tools, rigging, engines, magazines, books, and schools.

Boat Joinery & Cabinetmaking Simplified

by Fred P. Bingham Camden, Maine: International Marine. 1993. A basic skills and projects book that can turn any left-thumbed dubber into a journeyman joiner. Learn how to choose and use tools, laminate beams, build lockers, berths, galleys, bulkheads, decks, rails, hatches, spars, and more.

Brightwork: The Art of Finishing Wood

by Rebecca Wittman Camden, Maine: International Marine, 1990. The complete guide to keeping your brightwork in Bristol fashion. If you feel a yacht unembellished with beautifully joined, beautifully grained wood is no yacht at all; if you feel varnishing is a duty and a privilege, not a chore, then this book is for you.

Cruising in Comfort

by Jim Skoog Camden, Maine: International Marine. 1986. For those wishing to shed yachting's hair-shirt image, this book explains in detail how you can make your boat as comfortable as possible on the high seas or in a remote anchorage.

The Cruising Multihull

by Chris White Camden, Maine: International Marine, 1990, 1997. This is the complete guide to these spacious, stable, exciting boats—from one of America's most respected and innovative multihull designers.

The Marlinspike Sailor

by Hervey Garrcii Smith Camden, Maine International Marine, 1993. Superb drawings cover knotting and splic- ing, whipping, serving. Turk's heads, end knots, matting, sennits, making a sea chest, stropped blocks, and all kinds of fancy ropev/ork. Make your boat into a yacht of twine (and a lot of spare time).

Principles of Yacht Design

by Lars Larsson & Rolf Eliasson Camden, Maine: International Marine, 1994. Here is the volume critics praise as the replacement for the classic but obsolete Skene's Elements of Yacht Design. This comprehensive manual covers all the aspects of sailing yacht design, including structures, materials, and layout. It is truly the new bible of sailboat design. Available at Amazon >>

The Sailor's Sketchbook

by Bruce Bingham Camden, Maine: International Marine, 1983. Eighty-three projects for your boat, including navigation centers, cockpit tables, wood- shelled blocks, galley enhancements, portable showers, lamps, gimbaled tables, bunk boards, wooden hull ceilings, book racks, riding sails, boat lettering, bug screens, and more.

The Shipcarver's Handbook

by Jay Hanna Brooklin, Maine: WoodenBoat Publications, 1988.

A complete guide to marine carving, from a simple star to an elegant eagle, from a single letter to a bannered nameboard, from a simple billethead to a complete figurehead. Available at Amazon >>

Spurn's Boatbook: Upgrading the Cruising Sailboat

by Daniel Spurr Camden. Maine: International Marine, 1983, 1991. A stem-to-stern, project-by-project approach to beefing up any sailboat for offshore cruising, including strengthening major structural components, understanding seagoing interior design and construction, replacing an engine, and making a deck layout and rig more efficient.

Thirty Classic Boat Designs: The Best of the Good Boats

by Roger C. Taylor Camden. Maine: International Marine. 1991. Here are Roger Taylor's easygoing but insightful commentaries on what he and many readers of his Good Boats series consider the world's best boat designs. Accompanied by plans and photographs, descriptions include reports from owners and builders. Available at Amazon >>

Voyaging Under Power, Third Edition

by Robert P. Beebe, Revised by James F. Leishman Camden, Maine: International Marine, 1995 Thoroughly updated to cover the advances of the past 30 years, this is the classic information source for those who wish to cross oceans with speed and comfort under power.

Yacht Design Details

by Marshall New York:

Hearst Marine 1989 Books. More than 40 projects to improve your boat, ranging from hatch covers and drop-leaf tables to drop boards and dinghies.

2014 Women of Maritime Calendar

by Jack Tar Magazine's

2014 Women of Maritime Calendar, featuring ladies, working mariners who would love to see more women working on boats, and in the yards.
Kim Carver is creating the Jack Tar Magazine and the Women of Maritime calendar is a fundraiser for the launching of the magazine. Its women working in the maritime industry. Yep, some are in bikinis. Its a great juxtaposition of strong, hardworking women, and delicate femininity. Its also tastefully done. None of the women are wearing makeup, or had their hair styled by a professional. None of the photos are edited. If they were, I wouldn't have a farmer's tan! Its natural. And the women are all different sizes and shapes.