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 Wooden houses - Advantages and disadvantages

Wooden houses

Advantages of wooden houses

Technology for the production of wooden prefabricated houses, suggests their manufacture from natural materials, which many scientists a way to live closer to nature, which in turn led to prolonged life expectancy. Materials for construction of prefabricated houses, wood, glass and rock Gibbs derived from nature. Moreover, these prefabricated houses have other advantages:

Prefabricated houses have less weight, which he in turn reduces the cost of pouring the foundation and allows placement of prefabricated houses in areas with groundwater and svlachishta.kashtite with flexible joints, which implies a greater rigidity and stability of prefabricated houses in zemetreseniya.vremeto construction of prefabricated houses is 5 to 10 times faster than the time required to build a solid house.

Construction of prefabricated houses is dry, that is not necessary to wait from 3 to 12 months for drying of the plaster inside the premises, as in monolithic houses. Heating costs are lower because of the insulation in the walls of these prefabricated houses. It is estimated that if a wall of prefabricated houses with a thickness of 15 cm, this corresponds to 30 cm brick wall. The walls of this type of prefabricated houses is the same strength of monolithic

friendly in production

In the design of wooden houses using modern construction solutions are environmentally friendly in production and habitation.

Prefabricated buildings are, which means that they do on site and fitted for extremely short periods without excess material. Rapid development does not affect in any way on quality. We have the ability to carry a variety of architectural solutions.

Wood-framed buildings are much lighter, leading to a Low cost substrates and makes them more resistant to zemetresenya svalchishta and earth. They have very good insulation, which means significant energy savings for heating in winter and summer klimatizatsia. With this type of construction to avoid wet processes, which are a major cause of moisture in solid construction.
Last but not least to point out the lower price at the same level of perfection and luxury, space saving and easy and rapid adjustment to emerging needs.


Various advantages of the wooden houses give vesomi reasons they are preferred in many countries where wood is not deficient, and abundant. History, fairy tales and other sources show that wooden houses are still used centuries before Christ, of course, before concrete was invented by experienced whole epochs. Of course, the technology works in our time have nothing to do with that time.

Long Life Materials

Materials for modern wooden houses are made of quality wood are made of durable materials, for which such a house can serve as shelter for many generations. By their nature and properties of the wood creates a cozy feeling, good mood in the room. With its feature extractor for the tree in the house plays the role of regulator of humidity, all of this air is a pleasant smell and is healing.

Technology of wooden houses

Modern technology for construction of wooden houses are provided so that all houses are compiled from prefabricated parts. In the manufacturing base is processed timber, and land set-aside area house is assembled quickly without prerazhodva wood and other materials.

much lighter

Naturally, comparing the structures of the houses that we discuss in our blog, ordinary and habitual for us brick 2, 3 storey houses, one of the parameters, the values of which vary dramatically, is the weight. Wooden houses as is clear from the very name has made of wood, and this immediately means that are lighter. This in turn leads to lower costs for the foundation. Such houses the same time are very resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes and landslides. To recall one more property of wood: thermal insulation, and it's saving of heating and air conditioning.

Price of wooden house

And of course, of course - the price. At the same levels of completion of projects at a luxury, even in crude cosmetic, appearance, mobility, economy of resources and ease of maintenance, wooden houses with their beat prices.
The preparation of the bid is based on the performance presented by the client architectural design and principal dimensions of construction elements. Items such as sizes and quantities are specified according to the above information and coordinate with the client according to technical parameters.

Disadvantages of wooden houses

As a disadvantage of prefabricated wooden buildings reinforced to indicate the shorter term for technical use. Life of monolithic buildings, barbaric exploitation and without routine repairs is less than that of normal supported and operated wood houses.

Everywhere can be seen badly used and poorly managed prefabricated concrete blocks and brick buildings. Prefabricated houses of wood and its derivatives may have a long technical life, ie period up to overthrow them fully comparable to that of other buildings. Proof of this are the houses of wooden scaffolding poles-beam or plank construction, in which that amount is often technical lifetime of more than 300 years. Hundreds of examples in seaside and mountain villages and towns, where old wooden buildings still live or are converted into small hotels, restaurants and creative bases.

Another "flaw" is the attack of wood from biological organisms - fungi and insects. Solving the problem is using dry wood treated with antiseptics and insecticides during manufacture and assembly. During the lifetime should not be allowed leaks, infilling of exterior walls with a finger or create other conditions for the development of pests of wood. These requirements also apply to other types of buildings.

Some psevdospetsialisti give an example of instability prefabricated buildings, overwhelming as matchbox by the devastating tornadoes in the U.S. In fact, a tornado destroys everything in its path. However, in the so-called. hall of tornadoes continue to build those buildings. Most often the fires in residential buildings are caused by smoking and heaters, starting from furniture and textiles to furniture and not of the building. In fire conditions, even unprotected wooden structures have a higher fire resistance than similar steel, and in some cases are comparable with steel-concrete. Despite the burning behavior of wood buildings constructed by it and its derivatives in relation to fire no more dangerous than the others, if we take necessary precautions.

Wooden House and sandwich panels

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of sandwich panels:
become faster and easier
a month and a half you can have ready house
allow for a lower price
danger of hogging the covers
questionable strength of their attachment to the base and between

The elements and construction of the timber house will be transported at the place of the erection. Our company has a dispose of specialists, which can build the house construction.
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