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Titanic - the leading roles and facts


The Titanic is the most beautiful ship. The tragedy that had to become this ship is really sad. If only it had a longer ship life. The ships of that time were created for luxury, while giving most people the ability to travel faster then before. Now we stll want speed and most are not willing to pay the price of luxury to travel at 24 knots.

It was a catastrophic chain of events that caused the incident. After things are all said and done its easy to say what you could have done different. it happened, it's horrible. The important thing is to learn from it and make sure it never happens again. Titanic was steaming too far north and too fast for conditions.

Responsible for the iceberg

The captain

- Responsible for the iceberg

Whose fault it was whether it was the key or not we don't know the circumstances really but all people can say is whose responsibility was it about the inadequacy of the lifeboats that was criminal in itself but then again that was due to the snobs of the times so steerage were doomed anyway and we can say too many people were to blame.

Too many other factors involved to put the blame squarely at Fleet's door. The ship shouldn't have been speeding as much in those conditions, the ignored ice warnings ect ect. The poor man ended up killing himself, for who knows what reason but his own feelings of guilt are a likely factors.

-They running to fast through the ice-field.

- Had the Bridge been more knowledgeable about Titanic, they would have know that the bow was the strongest part of the ship and to have hit the the berg head-on.
-and had they been slower and using lights to watch for ice could have worned stearing and engen crow with more time to change course.

-The fact that this particular night was without wind also contributed to the guys in the crow's nest being unable to notice waves crashing on the ice floes.
- Again, held the bridge had more knowledge, they could had ordered full reverse on the left (port engine I think, always get them 2 mixed up and full speed on the right and turned hard left , scientist say they would have missed the berg.

-He was the Captain of that ship so it was his duty to see that everything was done properly. Whether it was the binoculars or anything else.
- Finally, maybe God sank the ship that everyone was bragging about and saying "Even God can't sink her" to remind people who really is in control.

Just a act of God look how some of the people on the bout treated some of the less fortunate yes lives was lost and my heart hose out to them but sometimes it takes a tragedy to happened and deaths to accrue for people to find their heart. its only in this time we can find the missing peices of puzzle , although many factors came 2 light it was a unfortunate chain of events and not just one thing that that led 2 the titanic sinking ., but after which many safty rules weee changed for the better and the media deemin it the unsinkable ship.

The Captain and the fates....iceberg, rivets, binoculars, etc. are all there but Smith made some horrific blunders and forever changed the way (good) Captains approach ship safety.

The iceberg

The iceberg and it's currents were responsible otherwise rank and file of the chain of blame game would boil down to anyone buying tickets or even the rats on board were to blame just for being there. If he did lose the key, he was not responsible for the iceberg, nor the ignorance of firing up all of the boilers to get to full speed when they were advised not to due to the weather warnings.

Icebergs cause the damage, but as it says if they had the equipment to see them they would have missed it. The sinking was brought about by a combination of bad luck, misguided loyalties, poor judgement and negligence.

The ship's design

-the best ships of that era

Plenty of ships of that era were designed in a similar way - Titanic's sister ship Olympic, which enjoyed a 'normal' life being just one of them. Undoubtedly there were a combination of bad factors that contributed but without doubt the most important was the negligent manner in which the ship was being commanded & navigated through an iceberg field. British and in the case of Titanic Irish shipyards were building the best ships of that era bar none. If people want to command vessels in a high handed manner then so be it.

Binoculars to investigate anything

This was countered that it was normal practice to look with your eyes first and then to use binoculars to investigate anything you had seen rather than scanning the horizon continually with glasses. In effect the use of binoculars could have slowed down the cry of 'iceberg' as Fleet would have spotted it and then used his glasses to confirm before warning the bridge. What would have been better is not spotting the iceberg at all. That way the Titanic would have ploughed straight into it damaging the bow and not puncturing the many compartments by scraping along the side as they turned to avoid it.

The lifeboats

- enough for everybody

A TV documentary said more lifeboats were thought to spoil the lines of the ship. It could have carried enough for everybody but presentation triumphed over substance, as it usually does.

The Nonfunctional fourth funnel

The fourth one was called a "dummy" funnel, the term "dummy", is a british term, meant for storage, you had a lot of ships from that era that had four funnels, some ships used all four, then there were some that only used three, the ships, like the RMS Titanic, that used three funnels were connected to the boiler rooms. She was 882.5 feet long with 16 water tight compartments. She could have withstood 3 major compartments flooded or the first 4, but the first five were breached and the weight of the water pulled the nose down.

The size of a a Titanic was judged by how many smoke stacks she had,not needing a fourth it was added to remind people she was the largest moving man made object in the world,although superfluous harland and wolff made use but of it as a spare generator as far as use as an Actual funnel she had no purpose.

The fourth funnel was the dummy. It was used for ventilation and was also connected to the kitchens to vent off smoke. It was also connected to the fireplace in the 2nd class smoking room. That's why in some pics the funnel has smoke coming out.

The fourth funnel was the nonfunctional. In addition the 3rd and fourth funnels had nonfunctioning steam whistles mounted, only the ones on the first and second were functional. both a functional and nonfunctional whistle have been recovered, and one was recently hooked up to an air line.

The boat deck must have been an absolute joy to stroll along as they were so high to keep the noxious smoke clear of all the passengers, it's that key element.

The Titanic Exhibitions

the exhibition in Las Vegas

Seeing all those pieces of history brought back from the bottom of the sea is really sad. it was very touching. I highly recommend it. So touching. It will made you cry.

Titanic Exhibition in Harrisburg

I saw the Titanic Exhibition in Harrisburg, PA. It was really cool to see all the artifacts that they got from the ocean floor. It made you feel a little closer to the people that boarded that fateful ocean liner all those years ago. I wish I could travel to Belfast to see the non-traveling one. I am from Irish decent, so it would be so awesome to see it all said Jessica S.

the Ryerson Family

- how a poor immigrant, could succeed in the New world

3rd class passenger's. Which was very frowned upon in those day's. Yet, 1 or 2 of them survived the sinking. And hence: they went on to build a new life in Canada, as most 3rd class passenger's had planned. In fact, they are a true testament to how a poor immigrant, could succeed in the new world. As the school's they started has become one highly respected University in Toronto, especially in the arts, still bearing their name.

The biggest shipping disaster

the largest loss of life in a single ship-sinking in history.

The sinking started with the designer and then the owner cutting costs on things like lifeboats. It ends with a iceberg. It was a series of errors and bad luck culminating in the sinkings. If anyone of many facts was changed, things may have been different. But the sinking the Titanic. If it had not happened..she would have just been another ship in the long line of the history of luxury liners...and no one would be thinking or talking about her so much. But the amount of folks who died aboard the Titanic is no where near the biggest shipping disaster....That was the german ship "Wilhelm Gustloff".

"Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition" in Amsterdam

Authentic artifacts from the Titanic tell from November 14, 2013, more than hundred years after the fatal collision, the tragic story of the 'unsinkable ship "and its passengers.

On April 15, 1912 came the rms Titanic collided with an iceberg, and sank the largest steamship in the world. Authentic artifacts, which at various expeditions from the wreck in the deep waters of the Arctic Ocean were salvaged, take the audience back in time.

They tell the story of the iconic ship and give her passengers and crew a face.

Perfume Bottles from a trader who had wanted to sell in New York, gold jewelry with diamonds of women from the upper layer of the population King, clothing emigrants on their way to a new life, intact porcelain dinnerware with the logo of shipping company White Star Line.

Shipping components, parts and accessories such as a porthole and reconstructions of the leave, the exhibition gives visitors an insight into the lives of the passengers on board and the shipping company from the beginning of the twentieth century.

In chronological order come in Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition construction the ship, life onboard, the fatal disaster, where more than 1,500 people were killed, and the expeditions to the bottom of the ocean covered. It took until 1985 before the wreck of the Titanic was located on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

During eight different expeditions - the last was in 2010 - were salvaged thousands of artifacts, including a important part in Amsterdam to see.

"It is remarkable how well some objects have been preserved, even letters and garments Know of passengers. And while the ship already decades in almost four kilometers depth the soil is of the frigid ocean.

"With this exhibition we bring a piece of world history directly to the Dutch audience, "said Peter Tabernal, CEO of Amsterdam EXPO. More than 25 million people visited this impres- inspiring exhibition in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Paris.