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Seamax Bimini Top

Seamax Bimini Boat Top is with a Portable Design. It will have few extra steps to
set up. At first Identify all the parts as the check list, know its bow side frame
parts & center bow frame parts. Connect the V-Stand Pole with side bows.

Easy to use the Spring Lock Button to connect the poles and V-Stand together. Once the Bimini assembled, you can start to mount the Bimini Top onto your small size boat.

on 12.5 Inflatable Pontoon

Seamax Bimini Top used on Inflatable Pontoon boat

First designed Seamax Bimini Top is for using on inflatable boats, the standard fittings for mouting is for using on standard oar locks, if your inflatable boat doesn't have oar locks or have a special kind oar lock, you can purchase the Pontoon Patch Kit for Inflatable Boats.

If your boat is not an inflatable boat, such like the fiberglass boat or aluminum boat, you may need to purchase the Deck Mount Kit for Rigid Hull Boats. For support your Bimini Top better, you can use our Rear Support Poles of Bimini. Note: the Rear Support Poles will require the Pontoon Patch or Deck Mount
to be first installed on your Boat.

3 Bow & 4 Bow Bimini with Gray & Heavy Duty Black Canopy

Models | Canopy | Size | Width Rage | Bimini Height | Canopy Material
Six A L48"x W50" 48"-52" H 46" Gray or Black Heavy Duty
Size B L60"x W56" 54"-58"-H 46" Gray or Black Heavy Duty
Size C L72"x W64" 62"-68" H 55" Gray or Black Heavy Duty
Size D L86"x W70" 68"-74" H 55" Gray or Black Heavy Duty
Size E L96"x W77" 76'-82" H 55" Gray or Black Heavy Duty

Bimini Top Solutions - built-in the aluminum eye-end fitting perfect for Inflatable Boat, Aluminum or Fiberglass Boats on oar lock pin 10mm

Manufactured & Distributed By:
Seamax Marine & Outdoor (Canada)
120-11791 Machrina Way, Richmond, BC V7A4V3
Tel: 1877-907-7766
[email protected]

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