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Revamped lifejacket

The latest incarnation of Company Crewsaver's popular Crewfit lifejacket has a number of useful improvements. The new Crewfit 165N lifejacket retains the comfortable fit and ergonomic design of the original, but these deys has another 150N lifejacket of buoyancy to decrease the time it takes to turn the wearer over in the water, should they land face-down.

support to the chin and provides a wave guard to keep water and spray from the wearer's mouth. It also features the latest splashproof Pro-sensor "Hammar" fitted with two 38g CO2 cylinders operating head and has an inspection window to check inflator status at a glance.

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The New generation of lifejacket design (NSW Maritime)

NSWMaritime with the promotion of new styles lifejackets

Transport for New South Wales has been pioneering a new era of maritime safety with an innovative campaign highlighting the importance of wearing lifejackets which includes the Old-for-New program and promotion of a new generation of lifejacket design.

promotion of new styles lifejackets

a bit about this Old-for-New program

It's a bit like throwing a lure out because NSWMaritime've got this vehicle, a promotional vehicle, it's all about promoting awareness of new styles of lifejackets but what they're doing is we're taking the product to people across the state.

NSW Maritime also have a large bin there, a wire cage that they're encouraged to throw "retire" their old block of cheese lifejacket, the old block of foam ones.

If you retire one of those into that bin, you can get a heavy discount on on the best, on the premium product, the hero lifejacket.

"Because driving up awareness of this new style of lifejacket means we'll increase the lifejacket wear. And by increasing lifejacket wear, we're increasing the saving of lives." said from "NSW Maritime".

a little bit about what's on offer

This is a foam jacket, NSWMaritime call it a positive buoyancy. It means it'll work almost every single time. Also dedicated to fishing this one, clearly - there are lots of pockets for model phones, bits of tackle ... even a PLB if you wanted to.

...and easy-to-wea

It doesn't get much easier to wear than a bum bag 'cos that's what this jacket is. You simply one click and it's around your waist and it's on.

Inside this is the lifejacket and you'd probably recognize it whenever you hop on an aeroplane the hostie puts one of these on.

So once it's on you're ready to go if trouble strikes or if there's a threatening weather condition ... the seas are getting difficult you can pull it out, put it over your head and be ready to go at any time.

This is certainly an important one for us because ... this is the hero product of our campaign It's an auto-firing yoke-style lifejacket. This jacket, if you fall in the water, it goes off in a blink of an eye, or you can pull the cord for a manual fire, if you choose.

This particular one is really simple and that's why we chose it as an example of what's available now partly because of this mechanism. These two little green indicators here , that the gas bottle that's inside here is good to go.

There's a big range - so there's styles and fits pretty much for everybody.

No matter what your body shape is, your body size and also your activity, today you can go into a store, any good chandlery boat store and find a range that suits the activity.

"We certainly have come a long way but unfortunately we do lose lives every year and the sad reality is that nine out of 10 people who drown when they're boating aren't wearing a lifejacket. and really it boils down to: "A lifejacket never ruined a day on the water."

There's a very good statistic that's going to encourage people to wear these things.

NSW Maritime web:

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