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with Knitting Necklace

French Knitting Necklace

by By Tina Snerling

published:Style magazine 2011

-white 12 ply yarn

-a cardboard tube, 4cm in diameter. 15cm long

-wooden kebab sticks

-masking tape


Tape the wooden sticks firmly and evenly around the outside of the tube, ensuring they rise above the edge of the tube by 2cm. Secure them really well with the masking tope.


Using two strands of yarn at a time (for a chunky knit), French knit until you have a length approximately 15cm. Cast off the first knitted length and repeat until you have five equal lengths.


Form a ring with the first length and hand stitch closed. Place another length through this ring to form a chain and hand stitch closed. Continue until you hove a chain of five rings.


Knit a length approximately 25cm long and hand stitch to the outer two links to form the necklace. The length can be adjusted depending on head circumference and length desired. Be certain the necklace will fit over the head before closing.

For instructions
on French knitting, consult the world wide web,
and for more gorgeous projects and inspiration,
purchase Handmade Living!