Island Boat Pontoons - 18 to 22

In-depth look at the pontoon by IslandBoats

It's just the world's first and only expandable and retractable pontoon boat that is.

Pontoon is available in 18-to 22-foot layouts. An expandable and retractable pontoon is now on the market and is being built by Island Boats Company.

One of the first things on their agenda is to work on a specific fishing pontoon model, as the first two models are designed as more of a base setup for families. Their goal is to continue to find ways to make their boats even better. Another item on their list is building expansion, expansion, that is. Ground has already been broken as the company is adding on to its existing building so more employees can be hired to help with the production.

The expanding and manufacturing

From the first prototype built, Tim has been anything but gentle and has gone to great lengths to assure the expanding pontoon boat is very durable. If you live in saltwater country, we all know saltwater and our cross member design came through with flying colors. Island Boat hull rides as solid as any other pontoon on the market.

Of the hundreds of hours spent testing, over 90 % of it was done in the harsh saltwater environment. Already manufacturing a marine product for over 45 years that has to stand up to saltwater, the Poppells understand that anything that works well in salt-waterworks even better in fresh water.

The new design

When you normally think of having more room on a pontoon boat, you resort to a longer boat.. It's is big for Family, they took extra measures to assure their new design brings everyone together with plenty of room and each model is equipped with an ADA Door.

From a cosmetic standpoint there are a lot of good companies out there and they have had years to perfect the top side. They took our first year and a half to perfect and patent the bottom side, to do something no one else has ever done.

The same magic happens with its 22/26 model, which expands from 7 feet 6 inches to 10 feetwide, equal to the square footage of a standard 26-foot pontoon that is 8 feet 6 inches wide.

This incredible new design is cutting-edge engineering. You take an 18-foot pontoon boat, settle it in the water and then press a button. Note:Before you know it, you have the square footage of a 22-footer boat.

By square footage, that makes these Island Boat pontoons the most expansive in their size class pontoon boats and category. All that, at the mere press of a button.

Some of the design is standard equipment, but according to Tim some special changes had to be made to work with the function of the boat.

Underneath the deck now lies the freshly patented R8c E Slide system that enables the deck to miraculously expand and retract.

Handling pontoon

Ralph and Tim, the father and son owners of Float-On Corp, already had decades of designing and manufacturing boat trailers when the idea for their first pontoon boat hit ground zero.

Over the years, when designing this style of boat Ralph and Tim looked at what could be done to make pontoon boats roomier, more enjoyable and more fuel efficient.

The performance bottom allows the boat to skim across the surface of the water. The joint vision behind this boat includes a great performing and handling pontoon boat that can also fit between the fenders of a narrow trailer.

At a little over 7 feet wide, the Island Boats 18/22 pontoon easily stores inside most standard garages when retracted. Plus the increased visibility when towing helps make it a safer option. And the aerodynamic design can save on your fuel bill.

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Anderson Pontoon - fast(Speedster) & easily transport boat

Pontoons Sales - Newport Pontoons Inc.

Pontoon Boats for Sale at Newport Pontoons Sales in Southern California

The real neat thing about Newport Pontoons is were located right here in Newport Beach, were on the water. Nobody else in Newport Beach or even southern U.S. California has the ability to offer you a brand new Pontoon boat to test drive, take it out for the day come back on their lot and order the boat that you want.

Avalon Luxury Pontoon

One of the things that's really neat about the Avalon Luxury Pontoon is that they don't just look good, they're built well.

In fact when it comes to performance a lot of it has to do with the understructure of the boat, this give you really rigid platform and that allows for larger and larger motors, better performance, the boat's gonna hold up.

They have perfected what they do and they are the best there is at doing it. Most of the other manufacturers building boats are very similar so from a distance you can't distinguish one from the other. It goes through the chop amazingly. Avalon Pontoon's been making boats since 1972. They're not just the new kid on the block.

Newport Pontoons have a unique appearance want to have clean lines on our product and just have them be classy, and that's what we're all about is class and class. A pontoon boat its six boats in one.

You wanna wakeboard, ski or other watersports, you want to load 15 friends on it and cruise around like a deck boat. The performance of these boats, the innovation between the triple tube and your performance lifting fins.

The styling for Avalon & Tahoe Manufacturing Inc. means that we're gonna build really good-looking boats with good high-quality materials that flow -- simple yet elegant. No other company has the ability to let you take out a brand new boat, take it out two times, take it out three times.

They outperform most runabouts. Newport Pontoons've made a lot of strides towards beefing up the under structure of our boats without adding a lot of weight, and this give you a really rigid platform, and that allows for larger motors and also better performance.

That is one beautiful piece(photo above) of craftsmanship with a truckload of excitement and relaxation all in one fast package.
Avalon are definitely the most beautiful and well built pontoons and all of us at Midsouth Marine Group are so proud and excited to be Avalon's newest dealer.

If you decide you wanna purchase a Pontoon boat for own personal use - you spent with us on the retntal side of things from the purchase price of a brand new boat. Avalon will stand behind their boats 100 percent to make sure that you're happy and that your experience with an Avalon Luxury Pontoon is the best experience.

Starcraft Marine - Stardeck 206 Cruise pontoon boat

Entry level pontoon boats are not known for their many features or attention to detail but Starcraft Marine is hoping to change that with their new Stardeck 206 Cruise. This new, price point boat is packed with value and plenty of features that will have you impressed, especially when you see the price.

Inside Stardeck 206 Cruise pontoon boat features a casual yet very functional cruise layout that's popular with many pontoon boat owners.

The seats of Stardeck 206 pontoon feature exceptional vinyl work, and behind the lounge is a mini wet bar complete with an optional pump sink.

To starboard the boat features a chaise lounge with cup holders and speakers along with spacious drained storage below in the Rotocast bases. To port there is a cozy little love seat along with drink holders and speakers and the same spacious storage below.

The helm stand is fibreglass and well appointed, featuring tilt steering along with a full gauge package and lighted rocker switches.

There's an L-group seating to port from the helm, it comes with an optional snack table and plenty of drink holders. Forward of this group is a change station that folds out into the port side gate. Lots of seating also means lots of storage and the Stardeck 206 has it in spades. There's even a sunpad behind the L-group that would be great to lounge on when you're just chilling out.

The Starcraft model pontoon chose to keep a little deck space at the stern for swimming, watersports and engine maintenance. In fact, out on the water it's no speed demon, but it's a price point boat, adding to the more horsepower would add to the price. The over 50 horsepower Mercury was a great choice and it topped out at 20 miles per hour. This is enough to take the kids tubing, but you'll mostly be focused on cruising and taking in the sights.

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Pontoons for sale in the CM-US
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Sylan Pontoon boats

For more than 55 years, built a reputation for innovation and quality pontoons, making Brand "Sylvan" the name people trust for boating fun Sylvan Marine Company has been helping people of all ages have the time of their lives and create
lasting memories.

Unlike other Pontoon builders, the Sylan air-filled tubes make the pontoon lighter, giving better fuel economy and more power.

Bennington Pontoons

Bennington Pontoons in various styles
Offering 52 floor plans in various styles trim levels, and lengths with literally hundreds of available options, so that you can customize a Bennington to fit your specific lifestyle. Industry leader in customer satisfaction, innovation, warranty, luxury, quality, pontoon construction and etc.

We have a 2013 bennington pontoon 2275 gcw. it has carpet and sea grass.
Our carpet dried pretty quickly , and the seagrass is nice underfoot , for us and our dogs. i love our carpet and it cleans up easily. we always pull in to the lake bank to give the dogs a whizz break , and our pittie girl always has to wade in the muck before reloading. of course the front is carpet, but i clean it , let dry ,then vacuum well, no problems...the seagrass seems to stay wet a little longer, but we really like it. it looks and feels durable , so we will see , but one secret to keeping carpet in good shape , is to vacuum all sandy grit out of it so it wont grind fibers down. said Jody Bowling

Cypress Cay - finest pontoons in the boating industry

Custom crafted in our state-of-the-art building facility in US. Ft. Wayne, Indiana for more 50 years.The Cypress Cay pontoons include fishing pontoon boats offer legendary fishability with user-friendly angler features to help fishermen locate, catch more fish and fun.

Unique aft fish-cleaning station on board provide versatility and convenience, available on many ponton models fish boxes accommodate even the biggest catches to your fishing adventure.

Biltmore Pontoons - something "different"

finest pontoons by Biltmore Marine Industries

Interesting pontoon design - but the styling needs help. Trihull Deck boat is likely more rough-water-worthy at speed than most triple-'toons (if more costly) - and she's clearly intended for speed; crew & pax seem safe within a substantial bulwark bonded to the hull structure. Just lacks visual grace - difficult to conceal the mass of that high bulwark although the designer clearly did try, given the midship rise in the hullside. The windscreen is also high and wide enough to be actually protective, and it apppears well built. Biltmore are doing something "different" - which in addition to thrilling boaters with great boats is what our industry needs to do to thrive and grow.

JC TriToon Marine pontoon boats

JC TriToon work on many differant pontoon brands, covering a pontoon is one of the jobs nobody wants to do. Have to say, that the covers on JC pontoons are the easiest to install while in the water at the dock. Plus a JC Tri toon is extremely dry running in rough water. Great quality workmanship. The new colors look great.

Manitou Pontoons

Mooving forward by moving in

Pontoons for sale by owner

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