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Trinity 180

It often seems that the stature of a yacht builder is judged by its will- ingness to build both full- and semi-displacement yachts, and also by its willingness to build in more than one material. But success is not in the trying. There is a quotation that applies: "It doesn't matter how strong the storm or how high the waves, only one thing matters ... did you bring in the ship?" In the case of Trinity Yachts, their ship - 180-foot Mia Elise - has come in. The New Orleans shipyard where Mia Elise was launched had its beginnings in the 1940s as Higgins Industries, a well-known producer ot military and commercial craft. As the home of Trinity Yachts, its production in the last decade has. with four departures lor expedition boats, been all- aluminum semi-displacement yachts 72 to 177 feet. "To get the attention of European brokers and their customers, we needed to build a traditional, white, displacement yacht in steel." said John Dane. Trinity's president. Oddly enough. Trinity (and its previous incarnations Higgins, Equitable and Halter Marine) has been building steel ships since 1943. But in yachting parlance, ships and yachts are leagues apart. "We've had several customers who have asked us to design a steel yacht for them, and as we went through the engineering process...


published:SHOWBOATS.COM | OCTOBER 2005