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Skeeter... the legacy of a legend.

The Original Skeeter Bass Boat was designed and produced over thirty years ago in Shreveport, Louisiana by Holmes Thurmond. Little did he know that his innovative design would have a major influence on the boating industry as well as become the foundation of the new Skeeter Company.

A little over thirteen feet long, and made entirely of marine plywood, the original Skeeter had a flat bottom, slanted sides and a pointed bow. Fiberglass, when introduced to the marine industry, was easily adapted to the Skeeter design and greatly influenced the popularity and recognition of Skeeter boats.

In the 1950's the creation of many man-made lakes, or reservoirs, placed new demands on boating manufacturers in the form of speed, stability, and convenience and comfort of design. The Super Skeeter skimmed the water surface at unparalleled-speeds of over 30 m.p.h. but with the introduction of competition or tournament fishing, even faster speeds were expected. The Skeeter Hawk was the answer to competition requirements .. its design altered the pointed nose of the original Skeeter, had sponsons at the bow, and a raised front platform for more comfortable fishing.

The demand for the Hawk by tournament guides and fishermen gave Skeeter a dominant position in the boating market.

With, bass fishing reaching epidemic proportions, many Bass Clubs were organized, lieading to more competition and new requirements by fishermen. Faster, larger boats, capable of handling the worst possible lake conditions were of the highest priority. We took the biggest gamble in our history with the introduction of Our "ultimate" boat, the Wrangler, created to dominate the new market. The showdown took, pice at Toedo Bend Reservoir at the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society -BASS Tournament in I975.

The Wrangler was radically different... wider than its forerunners, with a sponsonless "vee" hull design and the first horsepower rating of 150. Only Skeeters reputation for producing superior boats kept the pros from laughing the Wrangler off the lake. The fisherman biggest foe - the weather - was in full force for the Wrangler's debut on the first day of the tournament. A howling "norther" stormed across the lake throwing four foot waves.At blast-off, the Wrangler rose high on its pad, the occupants riding smooth and dry while the conventional boats fought for stability and control. Our gamble paid off... during the next five years, over twentydne boat manufacturers tried to copy or imitate the Wrangler. In the late 1970's the fishing public again turned to Skeeter for new and dynamically different designs. In response we introduced the futuristic Starfire with a unique patented hull design that allowed maximum stability at any speed pius superior. cornering ability "Bassmaster" Magazine has called Skeeter boats "radically different new boats - machines that might well change the way bass rigs look and run." Our latest innovations, developed for the serious bass fishermen, are the 200 Series and the System Series. The Skeeter reputation for quality fishing boats will be perpetuated and Skeeter products will continue to improve through tournament competition and angler's suggestions. So come join the Skeeter team ... our future is bright and we invite you to be a part of our success.

When bass fishermen talk, Skeeter listens, introducing the all new 200 Series... world class boats with scorching speed ... and style! Declared "fastest boat in the fleet" in Popular Mechanics' "Bass Blasters" Comparison Test.

It's fast... it's exciting ... it's fun! It's the all new 200 Series and best of all... It's Skeeter!

We set out to build the world's premier bass boat, assuming nothing and questioning everything. We were meticulous, exacting, not easily pleased. Only the best of the best would be good enough. The result is the 200 Series - an unparalleled engineering achievement.

The 200SX and 200DX are more than bass boats. They are sport bass boats endowed with so many features that they can be called luxury bass boats. Each model incorporates all the features required of a Skeeter high performance bass boat, plus innovations in size, styling and storage capacity tailored to the highly specialized sport of bass fishing.

At 19 feet, 7 inches, the sleek, modern 200s are custom made for today's bass tournaments. We have reduced the drag coefficient of this all new hull, making it America's most aerodynamic and allowing it to handle weight without sacrificing speed. The new 200 hull slips through the water as easy as a torpedo, and attacks the chop like a cutter. Of course, our design not only offers this beautiful, fast ride, it is also extremely fuel efficient.

The 200s are configured to easily accommodate two tournament fishermen, with plenty of room for more. The boats provide exceptional fishab/lity, with spacious front and rear decks, and ample floor space.

Our attractive and elegantly contoured interior received the same high degree of attention as the sleek, innovative exterior. The steering console and instrument panel are thermoformed of ABS coated with thermoformed vinyl. A convenient center ice chest is easily accessible from console seating. Ergonomically designed vinyl upholstered seats and fishing chairs are stylishly coordinated with the gelcoat accent color, and upgraded carpet completes the feeling of comfort and luxury.

Front deck storage includes two carpeted rod boxes that easily hold dozens of rigged rods and feature lids that open to the outside. Roomy front tackle storage holds five magnum boxes upright for easy removal. Two more compartments in the rear deck hold three magnum boxes each or loads of other gear. Bench seat storage includes a special box designed to hold a spare propeller, as well as an additional storage compartment. Many compartments are carpeted and all are fully insulated. Compartment lids are also insulated with Thermal Lock, keeping contents warmer in winter and cooler in summer, eliminating condensation and reducing harmonic noise. Pneumatic spring lifts on the lids assure easy, quiet operation.

The 200 series also features two 15.5 gallon, independently plumbed, specially aerated livewells. A venturi pulls air into the system, mixing it with water as air is pumped into the livewell. This system is especially crucial to assure live fish at the weigh-in. Underwater lighting in the livewells allows for night fishing, facilitates fish culling during the day, and also lights the rear storage area.

Sleek styling, design innovation, attention to aesthetics and subtle touches make the 200 Series from Skeeter the overwhelming choice of professional bass fishermen everywhere.

published:Skeeter Brochure | 1991

visit: www.skeeterboats.com
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old designs: Classic Century Wood Runabout

The Centuty SEA MAID 52

The Fastest Boat On the Lake

THIS is truly an age of speed. The waterways of the country give one the place to give way to the crav- ing for speed . . . with safety and comfort.

The Sea Maid 52 is powered with a 225 cubic inch racing motor. Never before has such speed been available in a runabout of this size and price.

Our engineers have done a great job in the design- ing of this hull and the workmen have carried out their plans and specifications in the manner that upholds the traditions of Century. Here is a hull

that will stand hard going ... finished and appointed beautifully ... a boat that will give the utmost pleasure.

With a speed of 50 to 52 miles an hour, this boat will fill the bill for those who want beauty, safety and plenty of speed.

The Sea Maid 53 has the same hull as the Sea Maid 52, but it is powered with a Gray Phantom Six-103 motor for those who want a fast boat, but who do not care for the extreme speed of the racing motor.


LENGTH: 17 ft. 2 in. BEAM: 69 in. MOULDED DEPTH- 39 in. FREEBOARD Bow. 28 in.; amidship, 24 in.; stern, 20 in. WEIGHT 1.850 lbs.; shipping weight, 2,050 lbs., skidded. SEATING—Three forward, three aft. MOTOR—Gray Racing Fireball, or Lycoming Racing Six. SPEED—50-52 M.P.H. Boat CONSTRUCTION — Philippine mahogany throughout, except frames which are white oak. Sides and bottom single planked, batten seam construction, each plank Century processed to impregnate against moisture absorption. Bottom planking—1/2 in.; side planking. 3/8 in.; keel. 1 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in.; frames. 5/8 in. x 21/2 in. (white oak) ; chines, 7/8 in. x 1 3/4 in.; battens. 1/2 in. x 1 1/2 in. FASTENINGS- Brass screws throughout, decks and sides plugged. FINISH Natural finish with marine spar varnish. Deck trim walnutized. Bottom, highest grade anti-touling green. DECK HARDWARE — Highly polished stainless steel fender moulding. Chrome plated cutwater, transom binding, bow plate, combination cleat and lifting ring, smart Veetype windshield of shatterproof glass, two ventilators, two hatch handles, two stern cleats, combination bow light, stern flagpole and light, four rubber step pads with chrome plated frames. EQUIPMENT —Special Ross 17-in. cam and lever steerer; manganese bronze rudder; 1 in. diameter Tobin bronze propeller shaft; rubber-necked shaft log; Federal bronze strut bearing, 5 1/4 in. long; Century instrument panel including tachometer, ammeter, oil pressure gauge, choke, light and ignition switches; heavily upholstered seat cushions and backs, cushions Kapok filled; two lifting rings; electric horn; Century pennant; Ensign; 6-volt battery; automatic bailer; twenty-gallon gasoline tank.