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On Board With... Brian Lockwood

if you fish regularly in the mid-Atlantic,chances are you'll eventually run into Brian Lockwood. Lockwood spends 80 to 100 days on the water fishing aboard PWCs. He's done this for nearly a decade, and while he lives on the hanks of the Chesapeake Bay and owns a 25-foot cuddy, he fishes almost exclusively these days aboard his custom-rigged PWCs. — Mike Mazur


How did you get into this?

I used to take my old Polaris out to catch bait for cobia fishing. I'd catch croakers and spots. Eventually, I started traveling farther to areas I'd normally take the boat and I'd actually fish. But I got sick of stepping on my rods and beating up my gear. I figured I needed a better rig.

So you spec'd one out?

I found a used Yamaha SUV. I liked it because it was really big and stable. I found a great fabricator, and he installed the aluminum pip- ing and rod holders. Then I took it home and added an extra battery, a GPS/fish finder, navigation lights and aVHFradio.

But you've got two now?

Yes. They're both SUVs. I do a lot of striper fishing in the wintertime, and I wanted to rig one with a windshield to make it more comfortable. It's been great. We finished it a year ago.

How much have you invested in these?

On the new one, the PWC cost $3,500, used. I put $2,500 into fabrication work and another $1,000 in electronics.

Are others doing this?

I know about a dozen people in Florida who are getting into it. And I get two or three e-mails per week from people who are curious.

Published: Boating Magazine | April 2011