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An Honest Assessment of Online Boat Auctions

Boat auctions online can draw bargain boat buyers and dealers from all over. The possibility of finding a repo boat, power or sail for as much as 60% off is often just around the corner it seems. Here's an honest assessment as to what I've found as of recent.

If you're looking to buy a fishing boat (list of Boat Builders) or pontoon for a lot less than what your neighbor paid, then what you're about to read may be some help.

Why Do Boat Auctions Offer You A Legitimate Way To Save?

Government Boat Auctions (free)First point is that buying a bank repo boat online or via. auction is a legitimate way to find discounted boat sales. And perhaps even more important: is the fact that boat auctions put you in front of motivated sellers.

A motivated seller could be a distressed owner or even a dealer trying to move old inventory off his lot. When it comes to repo boats for sale at a local or regional auction it is often a motivated lender who's simply trying to mitigate their loss on an repossessed boat, yacht, ATV, or RV the owner put up as collateral.

Every day, week, or month that goes by you have a depreciating asset that a seller is very eager and willing to negotiate down to a price that relieves him of that problem.

With respect to motivated sellers, dealers are often highly motivated to get rid of boat inventory via. a lender approved short sale. Just like with the housing market lenders will often agree to allow boat dealers and brokers to liquidate some of their "must sell" inventory for less than the balance of the loan (which in many cases is less than market value). Some of the boat auctions links below will point you to online tools that will actually put you on alert to these opportunities.

Boat Trader logo

The problem from a buyers stand point is that often boat auction houses, marine dealers, and online boat classified sites (i.e. Boat Trader) will quietly facilitate a short sale or bank repo boat sale with hardly anyone knowing about it.

The fact is that boat auction events online quickly come and go. Auction organizers simply have a fixed budget to announce the event for a month or few weeks via. the local paper or online classified website(i.e. Craigslist) and it's hard to keep up with all of them...especially during boating season.

For example, last year this boat liquidation sale at the fairgrounds in Vero Beach, Florida quickly came and went. The prices that some of these repo boats were sold for:

In all there were nearly 100 boat repossessions, short sales, dealer trades, and private owner liquidations. The boat auction preview lasted all day (for 24 hours) on Saturday July 23, 11:00 am through Sunday July 24, 2014. But it wasn't just boats up for auction people discovered all sorts of boat accessories, boat equipment, antique collectibles and marine artifacts, maps, fishing rods and reels, lures and lines, boating apparel, taxidermy, diving equipment. Access fee for the day was $7. But a lot of potential boat buyers missed out.

How to Find Hot Boat Auctions Online...

Boat Auctions Direct logo

Above giant boat auction event through Boat Auctions Direct and Google Alerts. But most miss these come and go auction events because who has the time to keep up.

By the way the 3rd annual Palm Beach Marine Flea Market will be held in a few weeks. You can check it and later boat auctions in South Florida here:

Government Boat Auctions

Boat repo auctions occur mostly via. banks and credit unions but sometimes the U.S. Coast Guard will seize boats. You can frequently see online Police or Government auction sites claiming to liquidate their seized boats for sale along with all kinds of other assets. However, Police auction type sites may only show 3 to 5 boats or equipment for auction. In my experience it is not a deep source for finding discounted boats.

You do not need to buy into any Police or Government Auction membership site since all the assets they auction are just pulled from sites such
as this:

Gov't auction sites

You can get a free list of sites to find Government Boat Auctions as well at: But understand that you will find a lot more assets than boats as well. Again, Gov't auction sites are not the best resource if you're specifically looking for online boat auctions or repo boats.

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Adesa auctions

ADESA Company is North America's premier boat auction operator.

ADESA offers boats and marine productsat several specialty auctions throughout the U.S and Canada. In fact, ADESA operates over 70 whole vehicle auctions across US include IAA, PAR, AutoVIN and Dent Demon.

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Live boat auctions via LiveBlock

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ADESA Marine Auctions

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ADESA offers boats and marine products auctions for all types of boats, from wakeboards, water skis, towables to documented vessels at several specialty boat auctions throughout the North America and Mexico.

Marine Auctions (Australia)

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National Liquidators

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