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Models / Review

Australian Kevlacat power boats and catamarans, Overview of comments and discussions

Aeroyacht - Dynamic and Informative cruising Catamarans - power & Sailing

Australia's premiere builder and designer of cruising sailing catamarans - SeawindCatamarans

Gunboat - the safest world cruising sail catamarans

Dragonfly Trimarans in a new dynamic and modern design. Check out comments and discussions , what Boat Owners have to say.

New Catamarans presence in boat shows

where to see New catamarans all the catamaran & news

Boat Shows

New Catamarans - News & Events

With around 50 new boats expected at the coming boat shows, there is enough to keep you occupied. The nautical, yacht world now has developed, and once again this year we will be able to see around forty boats at the 'general public' Boat shows, such as Cannes, La Rochelle, Annapolis or Miami.

Grand Pavois

de La Rochelle in France

- every year in September

The Grand Pavois also generally has a full quota of catamarans , and once again this year, there will be a few nice new boats, as well as lots of other beautiful boats to discover. At the 25th to 30th September you will therefore be able to visit the Astus, including the 20.2 XL, the Lagoon range 39,450 and 52, and in addition a 39 available for boat tests.

The all-new Lagoon will be doing the rounds of the boat shows to be presented to all multihull boaters. It can be seen, along with the rest of the Company range, at Cannes, La Rochelle, Southampton (39 and 450),Genoa (450 and 52) and Barcelona (39, 450 and 560).

The Fountaine Pajots, sail and motor, the power catamaran Etoile Finale which is the new motor catamaran designed by Patrick Balta for Bob Escoffier. A 19.5-metre cruising boat capable of sailing at 10 knots whilst consuming less than 2.7l per mile, which gives a range of 5000 miles.

The New Catana 42, a Dragonfly

Today the Dragonfly 32 catamaran is now in full production, which explains why
the builder will be able to present it at many boat shows this year. The Company will thus be present in Amsterdam, Oslo, Friedrichshafen, Genoa, Southampton, Hamburg, Southampton, La Rochelle Boat Show, London and Dusseldorf Shows.

The trimaran Bandit 870, the folding Futura 49 Catamaran, whose beam increases from 4.8m to 7.95m when sailing, making it And for 2014.

- The only folding catamaran available on the market will beat France - La Rochelle this year. The development has taken a bit more time than planned, but
the Futura will leave the Baltic Sea in the middle of August, to be present at the Grand Pavois.

You will therefore be able to visit the two Nautitech 442s, one with three cabins, the other boat with 4, the Challenge 33 and the two little trimarans, Kiss 1 and Kiss 2 built in Sweden which we will be able to discover at the Grand Pavois
in La Rochelle.Two 8.9-metre trimarans, 6.4m wide and weighing just 1400kg designed to have a lot of fun.

Here again, many other builders are hoping to finish their latest productions in time to be present at La Rochelle, France to present their most beautiful catamarans and trimarans.

Southampton Boat Show

Southampton (PSP) is traditionally a boat show where the English boat builders(over 450 exhibitors) like to present their new yachts boats. This year, you will be able to discover the new Broadblue Rapier 550. At Broadblue, the new range is called Rapier Catamaran. This year's new boat is the muchawaited Rapier 550. A boat which should be both fast and comfortable for ocean cruising. The 550 will be officially unveiled to the public for the first time at the Southampton Boat show.

The Rapier 400, and the Broadblue 345. But that's not all, as Corsair will be there, with the Dash Mark II as will Dragonfly , Catana, with its 42, as well as the Lagoon 39 and 450, the Nautitech 542, the Gemini Legacy 35, and part of the Fountaine Pajot range boats.

Privilege Furio 4 to 6 Serie /discovered in 2014

There are many new catamarans to come from Privilege Marine with the Furio 6, the builder's new motor catamaran, and the Series 4 and 5 in the sailing range.

To be discovered in 2014, but in the meantime, you can see the Privilege 515 and 615 at interior design and above all a revised and much more liveable volume.

The Series 4 (4.5 and 4.9) does not replace the 445 and 495, as this more traditional designremains in the catalogue. But the 4.5 and 4.9 have a new
design, both exterior/interior a, which is much more lux & modern. The Series 5 replaces the 515, by offering a new interior design and above all a revised and much more liveable volume.

To be discovered in 2014, but in the meantime, you can see the Privilege 515 and 615 at Cannes.

International Festival de la Plaisance de Cannes in France

Each year, the France-Cannes Boat show becomes a bitmore of a multihull event, though this year, work in the port has deprived us of one of our reserved pontoons. But the cruising catamarans and multihulls will be welland truly present.

To date, 50 boats are expected, including the world premieres of many new boats, such as the luxurious new Victoria 67 from Fountaine Pajot, a well-known boat builder Garcia for the quality of its aluminium hulls, is launching into catamarans, and has just launched a Banana 43,the Nautitech 482, the Outremer 51, the Sunreef 80 and new 60 Loft, the presented to the public for the first time Swiss

, the Mattia 52 Carbon and the Flash Catamaran 47 and 52 Series,

At the Cannes the Spanish builder, Flash Catamarans, will be presenting its two major new catamarans.

First of all, the FlashCat 47, a motor catamaran descended from the 43; omfortable and more powerful, to enjoy the Mediterranean in the nicest way possible. And then the builder will also be presenting the brand new sailing Cat 52-footer at Cannes. Two nice new boats, whilst waiting for the future passenger-carrying 70-footer for 150 people and the 70-footer for diving, capable of accommodating 20 passengers, to enjoy some nice cruises.

Not to mention of course the incrediblegiant 33m Curvelle "Quaranta".

At Cannes Outremer Boat Company will be presenting the new Outremer 51, extrapolated from the very successful 49.

This year at Cannes, as the builder will be presenting no less than...6 catamarans! The newboats presented for their world premiere at Cannes, the Sunreef 80 Sailing catamaran and the Brand New Sunreef 60 Loft. But you will also be able to see the 70, sail and motor, the 60 motor as well as Houbara, the Sunreef 82 Double Deck already presented last year and just back from an Atlantic circuit.

But at the Boat show will also be the full Lagoon range Catamarans: 39, 450,52, 560 and 620, the Fountaine fleet Lipari, Sanya,Helia, Queensland and Summeiland and Queensland, the Leopard boats 39,44 and 48.

At Cannes, the South African builder will thus be showing the 39 and the 48,
and the 39, 44, 48 and 58 at Annapolis.

The South African Cat builder is continuing the complete renewal of its range and this year will be presenting no less than two new boats.

Here will therefore be able to see the new Leopard 48, as well as the flagship of the fleet, the brand new 58. But that's not all, as the builder has just announced a new motor catamaran, the Leopard 51 PC, which could be shown to the public for the first time at Miami Boat Show.

At least three Catanas (42,47,59), the always much-remarked Neel 45, the only cruising trimaran on the pontoons, the Privilege 515 and 615 and the Sunreef 70 sail and motor, 60 motor and 82 DD.

Cumberland 47 LC

This year's new catboat is the muchawaited Rapier 550. A boat which should be both fast and comfortable for ocean cruising.
The 550 will be officially unveiled to the public for the first time at this Show.

At the Cannes - not to be missed! An impressive armada which alone is worth a visit to Cannes!

Annapolis Boat Show

It is a bit early to have details of all the boats and catamarans who will be presented at the Annapolis sail and motor shows, but it's already know that Company Lagoon will be presenting the brand new 39 and 52, with the new Alpha 42- a catamaran designed by GregorTarjan from Aeroyacht,

one of the multihull specialists in the USA. This ocean cruising catamaran is built in the USA; the #1 should be in the water in a few week' time, and will be presented for its world premiere at this show.

Aquila 48, whichcan be found for charterfrom the MarineMax bases. At each of these shows, the builder will be presenting both a four-cabin charter version and a three-cabin private owner's version.

Balance 601 - the biggest catamaran in this range, which also includes a 42'
and a 45' Boats exclusively designed by Phil Bermanfrom Multihull Company.

The Gunboat 55 and 60 , Havana 42 Powercat Cruiser Cats will be presenting
its Havana 40 Powercat at Annapolis and Fort Lauderdale, but the much-awaited new boat for 2014 is of course the brand new Havana 42 Powercat.

A motor catamaran built in South Africa, with original looks coming from its
flybridge aft and its suggestive curves.

The Leopard 39, 44, 48, 58, Maverick 440 as neighbours on the pontoon... Once again, there should easily be forty to fifty multihulls present at Annapolis, including some nice new boats.

You will have to go to and Annapolis boat show to discover the latest boat from Fountaine Pajot, the Victoria 67. The new flagship of the fleet will actually be presented to the public for the first time at these two Boat shows. Again designed by the Berret-Racoupeau office, the new catamaran is equipped with a flybridge, here called the flydeck, and accessible from both sides via a very reassuring stairway.

Catathai 40

The new catamaran from Catathai' is the 40-footer "Catathai 40 ",

whose hull has been revised to be able to take a greater useful load. The bottom of the hulls is reinforced by Kevlar and a crash box is fitted to the bow. Enough to leave with no worries for a very long time, just like the owners of the n1 currently under construction, who are leaving for 10 years around the Pacific Ocean.

The first China MC2 60 Catamaran

Built in China at Mc Conaghy, the very first MC2 60 has just been launched and is delightingits owner... No shows are plan ned for the boat, so if you are
interested, you will have to go to Asia to see and test it. With a 9-tonne unladen weight and 283 m2 of sail downwind, there is no doubt that this machine
will appeal to lovers of beautiful boats. The MC2 60 is much-awaited
by lovers of fast, beautiful boats...

The New Jaguar Catamarans 48"

The brand new Jaguar power catamaran is going to be laun ched at the end of January 2014, in Hong Kong Show, where it was built. Whilst waiting to discover this 48-footer in 2014, the builder will be exhibiting at Cannes, Barcelona, Genoa and Paris, to present a whole range which will in the future also include a 42 and a 76 footers.