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Built in Homestead, Florida. Center consoles and walkaround cuddies. Without a doubt, these are some of the best riding fishing boats out there. From the 21-foot center console to the 33-foot cuddy, these boats feature deepV hulls, superior construction quality, an exceptional ride, and a great fishing layout, even if they're somewhat spartan in amenities.

These are not the fastest hulls out there, but I'd rather be in one of these when that squall line catches you 20 miles out. Our personal preference are the 21-, 23-, 25-, and 27-foot center consoles. No bargains here, but you'll get your money back in resale.

Boston Whaler

Built iu Edgewater, Florida. Center consoles, walk-around cuddies, dual consoles, and jet boats. The unsinkable reputation of this boatbuilder is eons old and well deserved. Even their smallest center consoles are stable and safe and are i great first boats for kids. These boats are well built, but they tend to ride a bit rough and lack some of the more popular fishing. As of this writing they are changing their ways to better accommodate the serious anglers. If You like their smaller center consoles best (under 20 feet).The 15-foot Dauntless, 17-foot Montauk, and 19- foot/22-foot Outrage all have great resale value. About the only walk-around I've had any luck with is the 22-foot Revenge.Their little center console jet boat (Whaler Rage) is quite possibly the only jet boat I'd consider buying. Whalers command excellent resale value.

Boston Whalers

Whalers are favorite boats for many people. No matter you've a 15 and a 23 and they will brought more pleasure as a family than anything. You can raised kids on a 13 and our grandchildren are obsessed with boating as well. So Boston Whaler have boat Owner's for 40 years now. Nothing like it! People love the 15 super sport its all I need for great lakes! So good on gas is the big foot 60 mercury as well.

There are plenty of families (including mine), that like to fish, go tubing, rafting off and still be able to beach the boat on an island for fun in the sun with food and drink. The boat has a lot of nice features.

Dont get me wrong, i'm a dedicated whaler fan, but there's nothing "revolutionary" about the dual console design. Seriously, who wants to spend six figures on a glorified lake boat that doesn't even have adjustable ballast for wakeboarding? James Holler

I've had seven Whalers over the years... simple, economic and low maintainence.. and the kids grow up on them. Steve Hamerlin

Best all around boat given it's size. Fishing, tubing, skiing on two skis, and classy when on a slow cocktail cruise...and ridiculously fun for "wave-hopping. I wanted one as a kid and now I have one! I call mine "Boy's Dream". My apologies to Dave Matthews.Joe Pearson

My 2012 150SS has rails, bimini, ski tow, and 20 gal tank. Most important is the bimini for the hot sunny days. Next is the rails for safety for my 4 year old son, as well as guests. Then it's the larger tank for range...i'd hate to be stuck in the open water. Ski tow is nice to have for watersports.Gunther Lee

You don't have a 14 foot Whaler, it's a 13. I run old Evinrudes from the 60s and 70s on my Whaler 13 and it's reliable power for not much money. I paid $260 for the engine I've used for two seasons now. We water ski, tube, fish, and cruise with that old motor.Solomon Shaffer

All of our Whalers never make it from one generation to the next because we are always buying, restoring, using them and then selling them for the next project. My grandfather got my dad into boating and he in turn got me involved as I grew up. It was my dad that got me into Whalers and I have stayed there since.

Whalers are great boats that last and hold their value. Even after all the work I have put into my Whalers, I have never lost money on them after the sale. What other boat can you own, use, enjoy and sell 5 - 10 years later for what you have into it or more?

That is the Whaler tradition that has been handed down in our family. Thankfully these hulls are built for the long haul and will provide lots of fun for my kids to look forward to.Jeff Rohlfing

I can't afford ta buy it; I can't even afford the payments. but I would love ta own it and give it a good home. We would have many enjoyable hour, days out ont tha water catchin' fish. And tha price of gas is dropped quite a bit too! Thank ya for considerin' me! God Bless ya!Samuel Morrison

I read an article online not long ago about people getting free stuff from manufacturer's simply by asking. Hey Mr. Boston Whaler CEO,my 1994 15 ft. dauntless is in great shape and I love it,but I know live and fish in the pacific ocean here in Oregon, and I need a bigger boat so can I have a 230 Vantage please.Thank You.Shoot I'll even pick it up wherever you desire..Curtis Gokey

What about Vantage dual consoles - to be a serious off-roader

Hate to say it because i love whaler, but I'm not really loving this. They already tried this design with the Ventura and it didn't last, so now they come up with a glorified lake boat that's too big for a lake and too "wants to be everything" to be a serious fishing vessel? Makes me think of the Plymouth Aztec, a minivan trying to be a serious off-roader.
Whaler made its name on no-compromise practical multi-purpose boats, but this just looks like a big expensive bayliner. I think you'll find better utility in the 23 dauntless. And for the record I'm not biased for the dauntless, I have an outrage.James Holler

I just can't believe the base price of $95000 for a 23' boat. I am still scratching my head when I think about what was once the market and target audience of the Boston Whaler boat.Glenn Robertson

Grady White


Built in Greenville, North Carolina. Center consoles, walkaround cuddies, dual consoles, and catamarans. Grady White makes the "mack daddy" (to quote my niece) of walk- arounds. Nice cabins, nicer seating, and well-thought-out layouts.They are also serious contenders in the center console (the smaller the better) and dual console categories (with two models, three counting the old 17-foot version). The ride generally leaves a bit to be desired, but they are working on it.The 1999 26-foot cat hull and the 1999 31-foot center console are both awesome. Even older models hold up in quality and resale value. CM prefer their cuddies in the mid-20-foot size range.They are quite popular, at least around Florida, as are the 20-foot Overnighter (small), 23-foot Gulfstream, 25-foot Sailfish, and the 28-foot Marlin.


Built in Fort Pierce, Florida. Center consoles and walk-around cuddies. Pursuit makes a very nice series of center consoles and walk-around cuddies.These heavily built, deep V hulls ride well and provide superior seating and nice cabins. They could stand to pay a little more attention to fishing amenities (the smaller models could use more fish boxes). These are fairly pricey, but they hold their value well. I like the ride in the 23.5 and 24.70 center console models; my favorite cabin model is the 25.5.

Fountain PowerBoats

Built in Washington, North Carolina. Performance cuddies/ cruisers, center consoles, and walk-around cuddies. In the world of offshore racing hulls, Reggie rules. A top quality builder, Fountain practically wrote the book on high performance monohulls with inboard/outboard power. If you want to go fast, get a lot of money and put it right here. The 28-footer is a great size as long as you don't need a big cabin. Layouts are predictable both inside and out. But that's not why you want one of these, is it.


Built in Fort Pierce, Florida. Flats boats. The boats are well thought out for their purpose: they float and run shallow, pole easily (with the possible exception of the Light Tackles), and ride very well for a small boat. Even the entry-level boats, such as the 16- foot and 18-foot Bayfisher, excel in quality. We especially like the 19-foot Redfisher. If you can find one, buy it.


Built iu Miami, Florida. Center consoles, walk-around cuddies, dual consoles, and flats boats. Mako is the benchmark for affordable (barely) great riding center consoles and walk- arounds. Even their early 1970s hulls still command good money (inspect them carefully, as with any older hull). The later the model, the better equipped it will be for the serious angler. Earlier walk-arounds tend to be narrow, but they are very fast. I like anything they make with a cabin (except maybe the 21.1) and all their center consoles (particularly the 17.1, 21.1, 23.1, and the 24.1 foot versions, which are the newer versions). Even the 17-foot and 18-foot Hats have great resale. Hey, if you can find a 26.3 walk-around, grab it.

Sea Ray


Built in Knoxville, Tennessee. Bowriders, small cuddies, deck boats, center consoles, larger cruisers, and jet boats. Sea Ray is one of the most respected names in the pleasure boat industry. I like their little bowriders and made a lot of money on their Sevilles, from 17- to 20-foot versions. Then skip up to their mid-sized cruisers.The 23- to 27-foot Sundancers are great. Make sure you get at least a big block V-8 in the 27-footer. Sea Rays offer a great ride, excellent layouts, and solid backing by the manufacturer and dealers.This one is a winner. Some awesome deals can be had on older hulls.

Kirk Caliendo Off the shore until you can't see anyone, in water that is so clear and blue you can see the bottom. Basking in the sun, umbrellas are for drinks only! Friends, family and grilled lobster...lots of SEA RAY horse power.

New designs and feedback

Sea Ray appreciate any and all feedback from their owners. Sea Ray's design team works around the clock to ensure our owners are getting the best product possible, which includes using top-of-the-line materials and groundbreaking new designs. Because some of the models are an outboard cruiser, the amount of interior room has been multiplied, allowing for a spacious and unique cabin layout anchored soundly inside the sleek body style Sea Ray is famous for.

Scout Boats

Built in Summersville, South Carolina. Center consoles, /fate boats, and dual consoles. Small boats, small company. Scout brings you great quality and innovative hull designs and layouts. Unsinkable as a Whaler, they are designed with the avid fisherman in mind. I like the 16-foot flats, the 17- and 18-foot center consoles, and the 18-foot dual console.The 20-footer is as big as they get for now. Its hard to find. But if you do find one, get it.

The offshore - The Scout brand, the light, the correct use, the wet environment... Its missing the flag and the animal that bring votes.... Its ABOUT SCOUT BOATS though....

These guys lead by example. Scouts were both sanding the plug of one of their new hulls. Great job on leading a great company.

If I give you my parents number will y'all please call them and explain why y'all are the best. Because apparently I'm not a good boat sells person. They keep lookin at other brands!!!!!! they don't understand y'all are the best! And that the 210 xsf on sale is probably the deal if the decade! said Kameron Minyard

We own another 2000 scout boat 10th anniversary millennium edition sportfish 155. In 12 years we have not had one problem. That's the reason I keep coming back to SCOUT....It has never failed us. Not once.....Jeff Smith

You guys from SCOUT BOATS are head and shoulders above the rest! classic yet modern styling!, best possible finish. I cant say enough of how Scout raises the bar on all the rest! Hector Oliver

World Cat


Built in Greenville, North Carolina. Center console and walkaround cuddy catamarans. World Cat is a benchmark among fishing catamarans. Fast and extremely stable, these top quality boats hang on to their resale value tenaciously. They are well thought out for fishing, with huge cockpits and nice cabins. Mount a pair of 4-stroke Yamahas or Hondas and you'll run forever on a tank of gas. The 21- foot or 26-foot versions are both a great catch.


Built in Cypress, California. Personal watercraft and jet boats. I'm not a real jet fan, but these folks are the innovators. If you want speed (and what else are these things good for?), you get Yamaha. Quality, reliability, and speed. Get on a twin-jet Exiter for an exciting ride. Watch the resale, however. Jets always seem to lose you money, so buy inexpensively.


Built in Sarasota, Florida. Center consoles, walk-around cuddies, flats boats, bowriders, small and large performance cruisers. Wellcraft offers good, dependable quality for less. As a group, these boats are smooth riding, stable, durable, and dependable. CM favorites are the 18- and 20-foot center consoles, the 23- and 25-foot Sportsman walk-arounds, the newer Coastal series walk-arounds, the 17- to 21-foot bowriders and small cuddies, the 23-foot Aruba, and the larger 32-foot SanTropez cruisers. And let's not forget the Novas and the Scarabs.

Built in Homosassa, Florida. Center consoles, walk-around cuddies, fats boats, and jet boats. Pro-Line is a builder of consistent quality. I am particularly fond of their walk-around cuddies.They have the nicest cabins that You've seen on a smaller fishing boat. Give me a 21- to 26-foot walkaround and I'm good for the duration. My favorite models are the 211, the 230, and the huge 2510. Pro-Lines offer nice layouts, a decent ride (not the best, but you can't have everything), and quality fittings and hardware. This one's a keeper.


Built in Orlando, Florida. Bowriders, small cuddies, larger cruisers, deckboats, and jet boats. So many models, so little time. Regal hulls are nicely built, with great layouts and hardware. They hold up well, both physically and in value. If like the smaller boats—17- and 20-foot bowriders, the 24-foot Destiny deckboats, and the bigger cruisers. I dislike the jets; but to be honest, I dislike all jets.These hulls ride well, handle well, and are generally well appointed. Definitely upper class.

Aqua Sport

Built in Sarasota, Florida. Center consoles, walk-around cuddies, dual consoles. A good quality boatbuilder, Aqua Sport claims to have invented the center console design. Nothing exceptional here except for a good resale value. The hulls tend to ride a little rough and wet, but they are great fair weather fishing boats. I prefer their smaller center consoles, from 16 to 22 feet.The newer 21-foot walk- around is nice and the 21-foot dual console.

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