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Poorboy's Performance Airboats (FL)

Custom Built Airboats - Quality is not expensive it's priceless

Airboat for sale $12,500

This boat comes with almost everything except motor, gearbox and prop.

In case they are others who doesn't know what stuff cost here is a break down: Hull -$4000 Trailer-$2750 SS Rigging-$3600 30 gal gas tank-$ 325 Radiator-$250 Rudders and rods-$375 Perko Switch-$40 SS steering cable-$175 Seat Shells-$150.

That's why boat named it Poorboy's because we build a top notch boat but at a lower price. They arer the best and backed by the best customer service in the business. They are trustworthy, honest, reliable, and they stand behind and service any and all problems that may occur.

for contacts:

JT FAB Airboats (FL)

photo: Airboats by JT FAB

This is a 14 by 8 but it has a longer nose the footprint of this boat is like the footprint of a 12 footer. The all fiberglass version is called a bullet the carbon/kevlar is called a sniper

Custom builds airboats - LA


photo: Mark's Airboats Inc.

Effortless steering through careful precise steering component alignment and rudder balance. Aggressive turning through the Mark's precision hull design.
The trailer isn't the most convenient, the airboat is 20' long and 9' wide. If the boat sat between the fenders, you would need a wide-load escort every time you got on the road. The client preferred the extra height over the inconvenience of being over width.

1364 Par Road 18, Franklin
LA 70538, United States
Tel:+1 337-828-0404

Hamant Airboats since 1988

Design green and black Airboat - Hamant Airboats, Inc

photo: Hamant Airboats

Hamant Airboats, Inc - lets just say its affordable. If your interested In a quote visit

Diamondback Airboats

Airboat manufactured with a high quality that performs anytime of the year


has set the standard over all other airboat manufactures by using quality materials, only the best qualified welders and mechanics and by offering the most competitive pricing in the airboat industry.

Whitetail Airboats

Whitetail Airboats - Snyder, NE - Custom built airboats

Airboats Inc. - Custom Airboats by Mark Robicheaux

Airboats Inc., owned and operated by brothers Wade and Doug Hamant. In business for over twenty years, Airboats Inc. builds custom-built airboats to your specifications. Known for their premier quality and craftsmanship, Airboats Inc. backs up every boat

Grasshopper Airboats, Inc.( web page are not available)

Grasshopper Airboats, Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of the finest airboats in the world. We have an honest 35 years experience.

Alumitech Airboats

Alumitech, Inc. - Your First Choice In Custom Airboat Manufacturing.

(web page - is not available) GTO Performance Airboats

Whether you need an Airboat for fishing, hunting, playing or for work needs, chances are we have a boat in stock for you. We carry a complete selection of hull sizes, engines and seating arrangements already built sitting on trailers ready to go.

Classic Airboats

Classic Airboats is the leader in airboat manufacturing, GM marinized engines, and reduction unit technology. Classic Airboats has everything from the smallest bolt to complete airboats.


We build custom airboats at affordable prices. We build great boats, one at a time.

Airboats We carry a large selection of airboat parts and equipment at reasonable prices for boat owners and boat builders. Many parts are in stock and ready for shipping. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist with all your airboat needs.


We specialize in building smaller airboats at an affordable price are airboats constructed of all aluminum alloy and are as durable as steel

Ronnie's Airboat & Fabrication, LLC

Building and servicing aluminum welded airboats of every size and description for over 25 years, Ronnies Airboats can satisfy all your airboat needs.

Ronnie's airboats manufacture and custom build many styles of airboats from 12' to 80' with many types of engines and reductions.

Ronnie's Crane Airboat used for Oil Field Working

30' x 14' Engine 2000 hp Crane Airboat

Buy using Ronnie's new innovative airboat technology your company will benefit by:

AirBoat Safety:: The amount of time needed to complete each project by utilizing equipment with fewer exposed moving parts, that reduces the hazards greatly.

Financial: Little or no environmental damages: Enhance productivity by lowering the amount of time to complete a project.

P.O. Box 750, Centerville, La. 70522
Phone: 337-836-9631, Fax: 775-383-5144

Airboats Unlimited

Airboats Unlimited by Paul Dixon

Panther Airboat Corporation

For nearly four decades the Panther Airboat Corporation has built commercial applications for private industry, county, state and federal governmental agencies.

Scorpion Airboats

Custom built to satisfy the future owners taste. Give our staff a few minutes of your time and they can customize your airboat just for you.

Triple W Airboats

We design and build airboats to your specifications.

At Triple W Airboats build quality airboats with light-weight aluminum hulls (6061 T6 .125 and 6061 T6 .090) and airboat products and parts made on site. Seating arrangements are custom build to meet your needs.

Floral City Airboat Company. Inc.

Floral City Airboat Company makes custom designed airboats. Fiberglass or aluminum hulls, any seating configuration. Full or pancake cage, different types of props available. Full line of parts, any type of engine.

Floral City Airboat Company, Inc.offer new pre-owned and parts include fuel systems, propeller, boat hull, engine etc. FCA is a manufacturer of high-quality aluminum air boats, which are used as search & rescue, tour, pleasure and commercial airboats. Floral City Airboat boats ranging in size from 12 to 30 feet.

Floral City folks built it beautiful!

American Airboat Corporation

Worlds Finest Airboats.Orange, Texas.

Every American Airboat Corp. boat is inspected and test driven to insure highest-grade materials and highest level of performance. If you want the Highest Quality in this AirBoat Industry, with the longest warranties, they will fit your needs. AirBoats comes with Lifetime Hull warranty.

1st one had 502 carbed this is 496 fuel injected. miss the 502 power but this one is much more reliable

To eliminate hull areas that would have ended up as cracks or breaks Mr. Floyd’s team uses design and research new methods in the industry.

 It's a light grey non-Newtonian liquid. Wet, but probably bulletproof. A killer to any kind of airboat machine.
We're here to map the entire dam, determine density and develop a 3D map of layers of whatever is in there.

Big O Boats

Big O Boats - Custom built airboats and combination bass/flats boats for the discriminating angler.

Big "O" Boats LLC. also build airboat hulls. They are custom built in tho 2 different 12 ft / 13 ft styles. Stringers, seats (single, double, triple and fat boy), seat covers, Color combinations can be custom made. Going onto boat-plane is quick and painless as always.

Hov Pod Hovercraft

Leisure and Commercial Hovercraft,reliable,durable and safe build in UK

web: - Eco-Craft Mahogany Powerboats (Belize/Central Africa)

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