"Aqua Design" Inflatable Canoes & Fishing Canoe/Kayak - to 3 Person (260kg)

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Aqua Design

Team Inflatable Canoes

AQUADESIGN company leader of the market of the raft, canoes, kayaks gonflables equipements and accessories in European country.

RN 96, Quartier Vaumeilh 04220 CORBIERES

web/source: www.aquadesign.eu

Inflatable canoes

Explorer II 345/90 cm

Inflatable canoe

Explorer single or double paddle Canoe series with sitting at the bottom (wiegth : 24kg) for 2 Persons made in rainforced tubes and floor in Hyplan TDEX
and 3+2 air compartments. Canoe with hyplan construction perfect for active use, ensures an effective wave managment for all Classes of river difficulty.
Available in Red and Blue Colors.

Dumper 400/106 cm

Inflatable Fishing canoe

Lightweight Fishing Canoe with loading capacity max 260 kg
33cm diam Tube, Single,Double or Tribal fishing Canoe/Kayak (wiegth : 18kg) series from "Aqua Design" with comfortable removable 2 benches at the bottom
designed for 3 Persons and fishing activity. Made in PVC tubes and floor and 3 air compartments.
Available in Grey and Green (colors of water) Fishing Colors.

Motion 370/97 cm

Inflatable canoe

Lightweight-18kg Canoe with 2 comfortable Seats and loading capacity max 260 kg for 2 or 3 Persons and and 3 air compartments for rivers, lakes and coastline waters.

Available in Grey and Blue Colors.

Sprint Team 380/87 cm

Inflatable canoe

Lightweight-21kg and Compact Canoe for flat water with 2 comfortable pre-formed Seats for 2 persons and save 3 air compartments.

Available in Grey and Red Colors.

Trek Pro 400/104 cm

Inflatable canoe

Stable Lightweight 28kg River Canoe for 2 persons in Hyplan Dtex and 3 +2 air compartments suitable for river or sea.
Available Versions with 2 wooden or inflatable benches(thwart) and Grey,Black and Red Colors.

Vista 358/104 cm

Inflatable canoe

Stable Lightweight 18kg low cost Canoe for Aqua Design. Inflatable boat designed for 2 person made in high qiality PVC with large diam. 28 cm tubes and sittes at the bottom and have overall view due to the higher seat position.Canoe with 3 +2 air compartments loading capacity 220 kg

Available in Blue Color.

NuCanoe, Inc. produce and develop stable and versatile ability to hunt and fish canoes. They are easy to use, and give you greater versatility and more stability on the water for better fishing or paddling days, Catch more fish, and have more fun withour canoes.

Fishing canoes

NuCanoe 10 ft

450lbs Canoe

Rotationally molded Canoe, Sealed Canoe Hull provide strength and rigidity, design provides high internal floatation and allows the NuCanoe to float .
upright and dry comfort seating - single, tandem, Dual Channels enhance the tracking and handling with special compartments for storing fishing gear.

Stability Model with Heigh 13-16",Draft 4-6" with weight capacity of 450lbs and 2HP max Auxiliary motor ...more>>

Wenonah Canoe


& Fishing canoes

"Fisherman" 14ft.

Sport-fishing Canoe

Stable fishing short Canoe 14" catch more trout fly fishing on rivers with "fisherman"
Model available in "Royalex" or lightweight ...more>>

"Kingfisher" 16ft.

Sport-fishing Canoe

The "Kingfisher" - Tandem is available in 16" more capacity canoe but still easy to maneuver.Extremely stable hull and comfortable canoe for large...more>>

River Ridge Custom Canoes

Mad River Canoe™