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Black River Canoes are the best built canoes in the United States. The following explains in detail just why! By knowing these facts, you will realize why you should own the best! A Black River Canoe! Each Black River Canoe was designed, not by accident, not by a canoest who learned how to draw up a set of plans, but by two of the most competent naval architects in the United States. Each model has been made available only after a great deal of testing to determine not only performance, but the quality of all materials and manufacturing procedures. All this to make sure that Black River Canoes will remain the very best for a lifetime. Who besides Black River Canoes will put their money where their mouth is by offering a limited lifetime warranty? Our models and molds are all kept in top condition to insure that only a top quality finish is available.

This is for the best appearence and easiest paddling. We use only the best isophthalic or modified NPG gel-coats available. They give the greatest strength, scratch resistance, and flexibility and more weatherability than the orthothalics that many manufacturers use. The fiberglass used in a Black River Canoe is custom made to our specifications. Each fiberglass material is custom woven to meet the strength requirements of each model. Because of this, we get the most strength possible for the weight in each Black River Fiberglass Canoe.

The resin in every Black River Fiberglass Canoe is a custom blended special high strength, high impact resistant isophthalic resin. The resin is the strongest polyester resin available. This special isophthalic resin is not only stronger than any other isophthalic resin, but 30-40% stronger than most orthophthlic resins that many other manufacturers use for their canoes. This special resin because of its physical properties allows every Black River Canoe to be unusually light for the extremely high strength. You can't buy better. All thwarts and gunwales are extruded to Black River Canoe specifications. Most of our gunwales are extruded from ourown dies. The aluminum used for our gunwales and thwarts, is of the best type available. 6061, and is hardened to the greatest possible extent. T6 temper. Because of this you get the strongest product possible. Add to this that everything is etched and anodized and you have the very best in a Black River Canoe.


All the hardware of a Black River Canoe is either aluminum or stainless steel to give the greatest corrosion resistance. Whenever carbon steel is used, it is plated to resist rust.

We use only solid rivets to secure our gunwales to the hull, no pop rivets to work loose, because of the flexing of the fiberglass hull. A real quality feature in a Black River Canoe. Even the ribs we use to eliminate over flexing of the hull are special. The ribs are a foam material that allows them to be flexable and very light. This is very important because if wood or aluminum were used, shear points would develop where the flexible hull and the very ridged ribs meet. This means breakage when more than normal abuse occurs. But. the ribs on Black River Canoes flex uniformly with the rest of the hull when under great impact to almost entirely eliminte breakage. Also, by having these special ribs that flex uniformly with the hull under impact, wear points that occur with stiff ribs are greatly reduced.


The interior gel-coat which we use is very important! This keeps the water away from the fiberglass. If just the raw fiberglass and its resin is exposed, as it is in almost every other fiberglass canoe, this exposure to moisture could cause deterioration. The deterioration does not happen overnight, but does cause great strength loss as the years go by. This will never happen in a Black River Canoe. Also, we don't hide anything by using multicolor; you can see the quality in a Black River Canoe. As you may have surmised by now, a Black River Canoe is of one piece construction and is handmade from beginning to end. We use no chopper gun! This is a quality canoe. We use comfortable webbed seats as standard or offer the option of either cained seats, or a fiberglass pan style seat. There is even sliding pass seats for those who want even another option. Our seats come mounted low to give added stability . The seats are attached to the special seat support brackets with stainless steel machine screws and nuts. Using this method enables the seats to easily be removed, raised or lowered. The brackets that support the seat are part of the hull, no pop rivets to make a mess of the outside appearance, to leak or come loose from the hull. Safety is another thing which is important. We use an extra large flotation chamber at each end. A Black River Canoe also has an anti-skid bottom to make sure no one gets hurt from slipping. Black River Canoes are available not only in our standard fiberglass construction along with Kevlar? But. all types of special constructions to meet special needs. You get superior selection when you chose any of the superb quality Black River Canoes.

A SPECIAL NOTE: As far as we know Black River Canoes are one of the few manufacturers in the country, or world for that matter, that offers a life- time warranty on workmanship. We want your Black River Canoe to be the best! And it is! "We're proud of our canoes, you will be too"!

from Black River Asymetrical Kevlar/Glass Canoe-brochure

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