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Blackfly canoes - Models

flagship Blackfly model

Boat (6'5.75"x 30") designed for serious free - style cannoeing, the "Blackfly" model is stable enough to be easy to paddle. Standard boat equipment includes: full length bulkhead and foam saddle, ash thwarts, adjustable footpegs, and Standard (Gaia ) floatbags. Stock is just a bulkhead. Other options are foam ankle blocks and hip pads.

The transfer tubes in the saddle.

Since the saddle runs all the way between the airbags, there needs to be a way for water to run from one side of the boat to the other. Otherwise, it's really hard to roll.

you can put your hand to pick up or dump with the twarts. Front and back both sides so you dump or load from both sides.

The second version of Blackfly boat won the 2009 World Championships, and , the other events are Lyons Outdoor Games (Lyons, CO), FIBArk (Salida, CO), Gunnison River Festival (Gunnison, CO), and Team Trials (Missoula MT).

For sale: Currently is currently only available directly from Blackfly Canoes Company.

Shipping boat to EU

So far, shipping one boat to Europe at a time is very expensive (For the UK and it ended up being over $850 ).

Freestyle 6'10" x 28" "ION"

the Ion its Fun, super stable, Predictable Rides Up over waves and Holes like its got lifters.

Freestyle 8'8" x 28" "Option"

The Freestyle Option Canoe is an all creekboat and out river-runner no matter what level of paddling you're practice. The red Option deckplates are the same, except for being 8" shorter. The thought was they weren't doing much to make the boat drier, and by shortening them. So if you want to try out an Option and want to take a vacation to go canoeing in warm water this winter, they're your people.

The used plastic is formulated for kayaks and other high-impact applications, and the colors are essentially custom compounded to order, with the normal minimum 5400lbs.

The Blackfly Canoes - Octane

Tandem or solo versions

$1450 for the solo, $1675 for the tandem

The Octane family canoes are available as either a tandem or solo (hence the 5 sets of thwart mounting points. As a tandem, the prototype tested well with two 170ish paddlers, and could probably have gone a bit more. So as a solo, it should (theoretically) be able to hold 350. The width of your knees has a lot more to do with the sidewall foam than the bulkhead, and it's easier for people to cut it out than add more in. As far as the transfer tubes, Blackfly Canoes have one in most of boats to be sufficient.

Blackfly Canoes tested the Octane prototype with two paddlers about 170 each, and also a bow paddler about 130 and stern at 170.

Freestyle 8'10.5" x 31" "Octane 91"

Especially designed for large paddlers as a tandem canoe, Tthe Octane 91 boat has proven to be an an amazingly stable and dry.

Freestyle 8'10.5" x 31" "Octane 92"

Based on the solo playboat "Ion" the Blackfly Octane 92 come with plenty of volume carry two persons. This boat is characterized by its maneuverable dry ride.