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Thule Designs

This graphic designer on photo purchased his first roof carrier to safely cany his children's bikes and kayaks when his family goes on bike trips. He pays lots of attention to the design and aesthetic aspects of products and notes that all Thule's products are filled with design sophistication.

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Thule Canoe and Kayak Carriers, Current models


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Canoe and Kayaks Carriers

Thule Carriers

Thule - Bring the whole crew with Thule ultimate kayak and canoe carriers. This Swedish Company take testing very seriously and they put kayak carries to the limit and beyond.

Thule’s major mission remains always the same: to help you transport anything you care, include kayaks and canoes for safely, safe, easily and in style.

Bringing your boat has never been easier, different Thule folding carriers allowing you to safely bring up to two kayaks.

Thule Kayak Carriers in Germany

Thule offers are also sport specific attachments for water sports from surfboards to kayaks tand canoes, oversized tandem bikes to canoes.

According to Thule Company based in Swedish, in Fact: the fastest growing accessory product category right now is for red hot stand-up paddleboards, kayaking and canoeing which are require their own special Carriers and mounts. But, they are big enough and very awkward to carry, and every paddler definitely need a good roof Carrier&rack like Thule.

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The NEW Thule Hullavator Model

2015 Pro 898 Carrier

Thule Hullavator brand new kayak carrier

The New Thule comes Longer Carrier life designed from the aluminum, double-coated steel-construction that will resists corrosion and most scratches. With Load capacity for one Water Craft or kayak Pro 898 handles up to 18 kg of the boat for you. Thanks to the gas-assist struts unload and load your water craft on your own. Thanks to double extending arms you can Load/unload and 1x275 strap your kayak up to 1 meter lower.

You can fit up to two Thule carriers per car and model fits only the Thule "ProBar" racks.

New Model Pro 898 Carrier comes equiped with 8 touch points for Maximum protection of padded support. The Thule Pro 898 Carrier is a great accessory to use.

Thule Hullavator: When it's down, it does hit the side of vehicle during the loading process.

The solutions: In fact, It should never touch your paint. Depending on your roof rack setup, you can either offset the bars towards the Hullavator side, move the Hullavator further out, or both. That should give you more clearance. Thule specifically says bars need to be 4"-8" past the foot to install a Hullivator and in certain cases you need to oversize the bar to avoid contact with the car. Get the next size up bars and you'll be fine.

Keep in mind: The Hullavator is a special case install and doesn't work for every application. In same case with a Hullavator you need additional clearance to keep it off the car .

You can see below how far away from the van the arms hang.

Thule Hullavator

It says in the book to go longer for Hullavator. Also, anyone who has installed AND taught the customer to load a kayak on for themselves would know that for kayaks it's usually a good idea to go a little longer than the minimum length listed in the fit guide. You just need to stay within your side view mirrors to stay legal. Better to have a little overhang rather then be too short.

You have two options, 1st the Hullavators have to be moved further out (away from your car) on your cross bars or another fix, since they stuck out too far - split a black rubber hose length wise and pushed it on the Hullavator frame that was hitting your car.

Things out there that can assist in getting a kayak on top of your car. If you have a tall truck with a topper and hate just leaning one end on the truck because it scratches the roof. Also use Thule Hullavator if your wife's expedition and it's hard loading a kayak solo and not scratching the back.

Thule canoe carrier Model "Portage"

The New Canoe carrier "Portage" Carry your canoe securely and safely without waste your time on loading or unloading.

Thule canoe carrier

Portage is and an innovative and comes packed with Universal FlipFit bracket and ramped sides gunwales, Maximum Distributed Load is 45 kg.

The new solution portage set up a fit Rams square wing and factory Crossfire style and comes complete with everything you need to securely fasten your boat, including straps, balanced and tie downs and all the mounting hardware for the load-bearing bracts.

That bracket makes installation and removal very easy slide but obviously is mounting bracket up through the clothes hole in the canoe bracket and the mounting bracket can be rotated and flipped bit different with load bars. The tips on the bracket should face down.

Thule "Portage" Kayak carrier

weight carrying capacity for one boat

Now, the world’s leading Sweden Brand Thule for car carriers and accessories provide easiest loading Portage model Canoe / Kayak carrier.

Tie-downs Quick Draw plus carabineer attach secure and easily the boat. Portage carrier comes equiped with Universal FlipFit mounting bracket - it's universal and fits most roof racks currently available in the market , and all Thule Racks of course. Gunwales with ramped sides allows secure loading you kayak or more weight canoe.

To protect your car during transit Portage - Horizontal carrying type carrier comes equipped cushioned padding protects and strong load straps with buckle bumper.

Thule Portagenew  model kayak & canoe carrier

Tight the screws strong

Note: Difficulty by getting them tight - Make sure your straps are tight strong and, most important, tie the back and front of the boat to the car as well. Never rely on the racks alone to keep the kayak or canoe on your car.

Thule crosshairs

Model Portage wouldn't fit with all vehicle roof racks.
The some cars rails may be too narrow(for example: lexus RX350) for the width of your boat. If the boat( kayak or canoe) is too wide for the installed rails with these attached.


Safety not just for you but to others on the road comes at a cost and I do have to draw a line between budget, concept and quality. When transporting heavier canoes, Thule noticed an increased safety risk, which Sweden Company not willing to take: safety of yourself or the other persons on the roads should always be top Thule priority.

Don't miss to see other Thule car accessories and racks include roof boxes, bike carriers, racks, ski carriers, snow chains and much more, all designed in mind with focus on safety.

Kayak carrier Thule - "Support 520 - 1"

Kayak carrier Thule Model:520-1

This Thule Lockable carrieris specially designed for kayaks, in some case for two boats. The carrier will saving space a lot for paddling equipment and accessories. When not in use, the boat stackers can be flat-folded. To keep your boat firmly secured Support 520 - 1 carrier comes packed with Sturdy straps in Length 2x275 and a rubber pad that protects car from scratches and kayak.

Thule - "Support 520 1" develop Total Maximum loads Weight of 50kg. This model is also suitable for transporting small crafts like surfboards or others. Fits WingBar,SlideBar, AeroBar and SquareBar.

Thule roof rack K "Guard 840"

Thule boat roof rack

This rack is characterized with efficiency: easy and very fast unloading and loading time in your boat. Thise model roof rack comes equiped with tiltable in a wide angl and rubber supports lifts and stabilises any kayak quickly and easily.

This model Guard 840 is also suitable for transporting only one kayak or 45 kg craft. Fits WingBar,SlideBar, AeroBar and SquareBar.

J-styled Kayak Carriers

Thule Kayak J-styled Carrier in Germany

Reason for J-style-Carriers and choosing it.

- Steel design with adjustable padding for carrying strength and boat, canoe or kayak protection

- Quick off/on hardware ensures really fast removal or installation.

- Wide mouth J-bar offers easier leading and unloading

- Optimally sized J style carrier leaves roof spate for other items or equipment.

- Accommodates kayaks up to 36" wide and 75lbs. This Will fit
most aftermarket or factory round, oval, square, and flat crossbars.

J-Carrier Hull a Port Thule Model Pro 837

Kayak carrier Thule Model Pro 837

The Thule J-styled is characterized with most easy to load boat carrier. this is tiltable model ot the Thule most stable version. For improved aerodynamics, when not in use Pro 837 Carrier can Folds down into small size. Thule - "Pro 837" develop Total Maximum loads Weight of 45kg.

Customer review: "A hull-a-port pro mounted on RAV4. it's pretty sweet, had it for 2 years and still looks great except for some fading on the fabric covers from the sun, but the rubber underneath looks brand new. honestly, thule thought of everything with this thing, can't say enough about it, EXCEPT what kind of yaks do you have? for me, loading my Tarpon 120 rigged out (75 lbs or so) isn't that easy. If I had 2 kayaks that were close to that weight, i'd probably scratch the car top idea and go with a trailer. If it was a 50 lb kayak, it would be much easier, so if you want to go J-cradle, I highly recommend the Thule hullaport PRO, but if you have something heavy, I would, IMHO, look at a trailer."

J-style Model "835-1"

This standard Stable J-style provides protection and superior performance with its 4 touchpoint steel design and adjustable padding. Thule - "835-1" develop Total Maximum loads Weight of 45kg.

Kayak/canoe carrier Thule Model 835-1

These J-Style systems are ideally for cars or vans with limited rooftop space, 835-1 has J-style hooks that create more room while keeping your kayak secure allows your kayak or small canoe to slide out from the roof of the van/car, making unloading and loading a cinch.

These premium Jay style kayak carrier provide great features.

It takes up less room on your cross bars you got room on the other side to carry another boat or bicycle or whatever accessories you choose now the great feature.

The whole poor pro is that it's got this easy to use lever that allows you to raise the back support. Are you lower - the support arm when you don't have a boat on.

Kayak Saddle Carriers

Thule Carrier Model 874

Kayak/canoe carrier pack

In order to enjoy your boat, you have to have an easy way to transport your kayak from and to the water. This Kayak Carrier wil adapts perfectly to the hull of your boat. Comes equiped with 4 adjustable rubber pads, and safe 2x400 straps.

874 Kayak by Thule - Cradles and holds all shapes of kayaks and paddle boards securely

Slides out over edge of the car making lifting and loading very easy

Tips: Don't get roof rack bars which are a lot wider than your vehicle. You and your passengers will stand up and bang yourself on them, which is unpleasant the first time, and progressively more irritating each time there after. Instead, get kayak holders which allow you to carry two kayaks on a bar which is short enough to avoid this problem.

Don't try to strap down a whole pile of kayaks with just two straps, because kayaks are likely to squeeze out of the pile like wet watermelon seeds and end up littering the road behind your vehicle. First, strap down one kayak one one side of your roof rack, using two straps. Then lean the other kayaks on the first kayak and strap them down with a separate pair of straps. For safety, tie the noses and/or tails of the kayaks together.

Two tips about stacking kayaks on a vehicle:

1. After you run straps over the stack of kayaks, tighten the straps a bit, and then push and shove on the kayaks to make them nest as compactly as possible, and then tighten up the straps the rest of the way. You don't want the kayaks to decide to start nesting more compactly while you're driving along at highway speeds.

2. If there are places where your straps run between kayaks, and aren't tight against the hull of a kayak, twist the straps a couple of times in those places so they won't buzz and drive you crazy.


Thule Carrier Model 873

Kayak Carrier Model 873

This model is designed with built-in load assist and felt-lined rear support for smart loading and unloading. Note: Kayak Carrier Model 873 develop Total Maximum loads Weight of only 25kg. this mean it's support only one small boat or one kayak.

Thule removable racks - racks that aren't permanent and won't damage your car

Yakima and Thule both have systems that remove easily. Thule racks are removable and simple to put on and off.
It is very manageable for paddlers to put on and take off car by yourself. Rack does have extended arm to make it easier.

Another solution is to use a trailer. A trailer works fine as long as your put-in places are sized for parking /unloading etc if it's a fee parking place they charge more for trailers. and storage at home for some, can be an issue.

Multipurpose Carrier Model 855

Kayak Carrier Model 855

Be ready for the perfect water, when it's time to paddle sport , a Multipurpose Carrier lets you load your gear and long items.

As a kayaker Thule Multipurpose Carrier is a must. Thule Kayak Lockable Carrier is specially designed by Thule for oars, paddles, masts or other long parts with total load capacity: 1 to 3 masts. You can use Thule products for years, they have always be second to none.

related products

Thule Gateway racks for bikers
(Models for 2 & 3)

Thule Gateway racks

Thule's trunk racks are a modest evolution of the company's previous racks and lack the sophistication of the Saris and Yakima products. The Gateway will work just fine for a budget buyer, but adjustments aren't as fluid as with the other carriers. It can be difficult to fully tighten the rack, too, because the lower straps depend on plastic slides rather than the metal cinching clasps used for the upper straps.

Thule Vs Yakima - a Sport Rack model for a naked roof.

Sport Rack is Made by Thule. Both are very good. Yakima for years has suggested that round bars are stronger but at 200 pounds - jump up and down on Thule's square bars without them bending. The problem with round bars is that whatever you attach to them eventually spins around as things loosen up over time.

a Crosstrek with Thule bars and cradles

Thule bars and cradles

You van use different cradles depending what you are putting on your car. Didn't buy the crossbars from Subaru.

Rather buy my roof rack from a company that does nothing but roof racks than from a car company designing roof racks. The rack manufacturer will recommend a length for the bars, but that doesn't mean you can't go with longer ones. After that, have a LOT of confidence in Thule's systems.

Have a look at how the crossbars are fastened to the car

That's a big part of the price difference. Easy removalble or not, with or without locks, adjustable to different spans, for existing rails or no rails yet, type of padding. A Thule set and there were easily $200 difference in the fastening of the crossbars. Then you have different crossbar systems, slide-in the kayak hold, screw and and and and. And then materials, lightweight or steel. Thule mounts (yak holders) on a lightweight crossbar system that can be locked AND easy removed. Cost for 2 yaks were in between what you quoted.

In Fact, EMS and REI both routinely put Thule and Yakima racks on sale for 20% off during the early paddling season, Aprilish. Don't buy them for full price or at least ask if they will refund the discount if they go on sale later. The Thule j hook was 150 full price, so 219 seems high unless it includes the crossbars.

the Thule Slipstream vs Hullaport

Brooke Longval Both systems work well, but are very different in how you load the boat. Slipstream is a slide-on system loading from the rear of the car, and keeps the boat flat on its bottom.

Hull-a-port is a J-cradle that requires loading from the side, usually a dead lift all the way to the cradles. Both need to be mounted to a set of crossbars, they are not standalone systems.

The type of car is not super relevant, what matters more is what kind of kayak you're loading (length, width, weight, SOT or not), if you plan on loading alone, and if you plan on putting more than one kayak on the car at a time.

Thule Carrier Baskets

Thule Trail basket

From concept, (born in 2014) to a new level now, Thule offers two size (Large & Medium) carrier baskets that comes with integrated T-tracks and also looks great on your car. These Thule stylish and reliable baskets give you more flexibility and space, and generous load capacity for you needs. Now you can add a Thule kayak carrier, bike carrier, and much more.

Thule Gateway racks

Large Thule Trail basket
Height :7 in
Length:63 in
Width 39.5 in

Medium Thule Trail basket
Height:7 in
Length:53 in
Width:35.5 in

The Thule Trail is open to each side, so more or less everything can be fitted into this basket carrier, including a CX2. Be aware that the CX2 will be exposed to wind, water & dust. Make also sure to secure the carrier with enough straps onto the basket.

A roofbox might do as well, limiting the exposure to rain and dust. The dimensions of our roofboxes give you a suitable idea of what could work and what not, but always needs to be verified in reality by testing in a dealerstore. Don't forget to fasten the load into the box with straps as well.

Thule roof boxes

Thule Motion & Thule Touring roof box overview

A quick overview of the Thule roof boxes available in 2015/16.

There are two main ranges available, first one is the Thule Touring series, there are five boxes in that range... and the Thule Motion series, four roof boxes in that Thule-Range. The Touring boxes are the entry level of box.

They all have a carrying capacity of 50 kilograms. Its' a huge capacity for your kayak or canoe accessories.

With the exception of the 600, they all open from both sides, the 600 only opens from the offside.

They come in two finishes, Titan Aeroskin, which is a matt silver, dimpled effect or black glossy.

The Motion series...they are a more reinforced box and have a carrying capacity of 75 kilograms and are slightly more robust. They come in two finishes, glossy silver or glossy black. Other boxes from Thule include the Dynamic series. This is a particularly smart and stylish set of boxes. They come in two sizes and two colours. This is the Titan glossy and there is also black glossy.

Thule Company also do the Ranger series, these boxes are half roof box and half roof bag.

They will fold up for easy storage. We also stock the Karrite range of boxes, Karrite is a Thule company and we have four different boxes in that range.

I'll go through the range of boxes for you in a moment but that people and paddlers usually have the full range of Thule roof boxes on display.

If you are thinking of buying one, call into your Thule showroom where you are able to check the suitability of the different roof boxes with the items that you need to carry.

Real Thule Dealers are a "Thule Partner" and as such they guarantee that you will not find a genuine Thule product being sold else where, either on line or on the high street at a cheaper price.

The Thule Touring boxes come with the Fast Click system for securing to the roof bars.

Unlike the Power Click system, the clamps are not permanently fitted in the box. Simply slot in and and are tightened around the roof bar.

You can see that the handle clicks to indicate that sufficient torque has been reached. The Thule Motion and Thule Dynamic roof boxes have the Power Click system for securing to the roof bars. Simply turn the screw at each corner of the box, it brings the jaws together around the roof bar, and when it's tight enough it will click so that it cannot be over tightened.

This is a Dynamic Thule roof box

Thule Dual-Side opening  version

You can see that the base of the Dynamic is covered with a non slip coating.

This is the Thule Touring 100, soon to be known as the Touring S.
It has a volume of 330 litres, a carrying capacity of 50 kilograms. The overall weight of this box is 10 kilograms. The dimensions are - 139 centimetres long, by 90 centimetres wide and 40 centimetres deep.

This is the Thule Touring 200

Thule also known as Touring M roof box Model

The Touring 200, soon to be known as the Touring M.
It has a volume of 400 litres and a carrying capacity of 50 kilograms and weighs 13 kilos.

The overall dimensions are 175 centimetres long, by 82 centimetres wide and 45 centimetres deep.

This is the Thule Touring 600(photo below), soon to be known as the Thule Touring Sport. It has a volume of 300 litres and a carrying capacity of 50 kilograms. It only opens from a single side, the offside and weighs 12 kilos. The overall dimensions are 190 centimetres long, 63 centimetres wide and 39 centimetres deep.

Thule 190cm model with safe Central locking system

This is the Thule Touring 700, soon to known as the Thule Touring Alpine.
It has a volume of 430 litres, a carrying capacity of 50 kilograms, it opens from both
sides and the weight of the box is 15 kilos. The overall dimensions are, 232 centimetres long,70 centimetres wide and 42 centimetres deep.

This is the Thule Touring 780, soon to be known as the Thule Touring L.
It has a volume of 420 litres, a carrying capacity of 50 kilograms, it's dual side opening and weighs 15 kilos. The dimensions of the box are 196 centimetres long, 78 centimetres wide and 43 centimetres deep.

Thule 196 cm roof box model with safe Central locking system

This is the Thule Motion 200, soon to be known as the Motion M. It has a volume of 410 litres and a carrying capacity of 75 kilograms. It's dual side opening and weighs 16 kilos. The dimensions are 175 centimetres long, 86 centimetres wide and 46 centimetres deep.

This is the Thule Motion 600, soon to be known as the Thule Motion Sport. It has a volume of 320 litres, a carrying capacity of 75 kilograms, it's dual side opening and weighs 14 kilos.

One of the advantages of a sport box is - because of its narrow width it can be pulled to one side of the roof bars and leave you space to get other things on the rest of the roof rack such as bikes or fishing gear. The dimensions of this box are 190 centimetres long, by 67 centimetres wide and 42 centimetres deep.

Thule 175 cm roof box narrow model with quick-mount Power-Click system whatever the conditions

This is the Thule Motion 800 Model, soon to be known as the Thule Motion XL.
It has a volume of 460 litres and a carrying capacity of 75 kilograms. It's dual side opening and weighs 19 kilos. The dimensions of the version quick-mount are 205 centimetres long, 84 centimetres wide by 45 centimetres deep. The Thule Motion 900, soon to be known as the Thule Motion XXL, - yhe largest roof box

Thule's largest roof box.

It has a volume of 630 litres with a capacity of 75 kilograms. It's a dual side opening box and weighs 24 kilos.
The dimensions are 235 centimetres long, by 94 centimetres wide and 47 centimetres deep.

This is a Thule Dynamic 900, soon to be known as the Dynamic Thule L in the below picture. The Dynamic series are one of the best looking boxes on the market. Very aerodynamic, very stylish but, more shallow top to bottom than other boxes. So if you have bulky items to go in, then this may not be the box for you. But, if appearances are important to you, this is fantastic! Perfect for you.

Dynamic 900 Version, roof box for all your needs and You got everything right except the Car.

The 900 Model has a volume of 430 litres, it's got a capacity of 75 kilos and weighs 22 kilos.
It comes in two finishes, the Titan Glossy, which is this one and Black Glossy.
It's 235 centimetres long, 94 centimetres wide and 35 centimetres deep.

In Fact, for Christmas Thule offers limited-edition Dynamic 900 roof box version in Chrome and and lots of new smart features, manufactured at Thule’s German facility.

Limitation that affect the sound level

Reducing noise and drag is naturally something we at Thule Company keep strong in mind when design and developing their roof boxes to make them as convenient as possible for the user.

There are several variable that affect the sound level, such as the position of the roof box on your car, what vehicle you drive, angle of the windscreen, type and size of roof box or rack, speed and also weather conditions include temperature, wind etc..

The back side of the Thule roof box is actually not where a lot of drag and noise is self-generated, it's rather at the front part of the box and also due to what load bars are used. A change from regular load bars to WingBar is likely to have a noticeable effect on the noise.

If you Need help choosing the right

Roof box or rack for your car and if you are looking for racks for a and a kayak carrier and you are not sure what kayak carrier best suits your needs just checked Thule Buyer's Guide - www.thule.com/buyersguide.

Thule mobile Fit Guide

There's no such thing as a default standards car roof box complicated to assemble - they all look different. By using mobile Thule Fit Guide you can easily find out which roof box or rack systems will fit best your model car. visit: http://www.thule.com/fitguide/m.

Thule always strive to make their products products, roof box, carriers or racks as easy to install/reinstall and use as possible. Sometimes this can be very challenging – considering that safety is an even higher priority and we need to be sure our products are and stay safe on your car in any weather, under heavy use and under difficult conditions.

Thule  mobile Fit Guide view

If you need assistance when installing Thule Car Box family, WingBar etc. please turn to the dealer where you bought your box or car rack. Thule customer service team will also be happy to help everyone.

Note: Since some cars are brand new models, there is no Thule recommendation available in the Fit Guide yet. However, they're currently looking.

For specific vehicle information to verify what options you have visit your local Thule dealer for personal advice. You'll find the dealers in your area by using the Thule Dealer Locator at @https://apps.facebook.com/231661780277850/

Thule facebook /apps

Thule customer service will surely be able to help you with this one. Please use our Contact Form @https://apps.facebook.com/474303619261343/ to get in touch with them. You could also send Thule a private message with your email address and we'll ask our customer service team to contact you.

For more details from Original brand manufacturer visit www.thule.com.

Diy kayak loader

Diy kayak loader fitted on Thule aero bar

from the top view

This is from the top view. You can use the screws and nuts from the thule carrier. (If you could not find anything else that fits like that.)

Running some pvc tubing of the appropriate diameter to be attached to each length of the angle so that the kayak clears from getting scratched and it would rest better on the pvc tubes themselves. See image for better description below.

description image

Additionally, consider sanding the top edge, then wrapping duct tape over it before adding the pool noodles. This should extend the life of the pool noodles, minimizing the cutting and subsequent splitting from the top edge of the L bracket into the bottom of the noodles.

Kayak Racks - Kayak Racks Information: A Guide to Vehicle Kayak Racks and product reviews.

Ladder racks - How to add ladder racks or a topper with racks with hauling