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Canoe Racing - The Competitor's Guide to Marathon and Downriver Canoe Racing- Paperback /2005 - Šeter Heed and Dick Mansfield

Themes: Confessions Of A Canoe Racer, Getting Started In Canoe Racing,
Techniques & Training, Equipment and Tools Of The Canoe Racing Trade, Reading the River: Life In The Fast Lane , The Fine Art of Wake Riding and Shallow Water


Canoe Camping Vermont and New Hampshire Rivers - A Guide to 600 Miles of Rivers for a Day, Weekend, or Week of Canoe Camping (Backcountry Guides)/99 - Roioli Schweiker

Themes:information and useful source about rivers in New Hampshire and Vermont


Canoe Country Wildlife - A Field Guide to the North Woods and Boundary Waters /1992 - Mark Stensaas and Rick Kollath

Themes: Mammals,Birds and Fish


Canoe Trip - North to Athabasca /2010 - David K. Curran

Kindle Edition

Themes: Canoe Trip


The Allagash Guide - What You Need to Know to Canoe this Famous Maine Waterway/2011 - Gil Gilpatrick

Themes: Endorsed by the Maine Department
of Conservation as the official
"Insiders Guide' to the Allagash
Wilderness Waterway


Two Coots in a Canoe - : An Unusual Story of Friendship /11 - David E. Morine

Themes:the mystery of two friends story


Canoe Handbook, The- Techniques for Mastering the Sport of Canoeing /92 - Slim Ray

Themes: Water,Preparation for Paddling, Basic ans more Strokes, Moving-Water and more


Building Outrigger Sailing Canoes - Modern Construction Methods for Three Fast, Beautiful Boats /07 - Gary Dierking




and Kayaking Florida /07 - by Johnny Molloy, Elizabeth F. Carter, John Pearce and Lou Glaros

Themes:This book is for all the kayak paddlers of Florida


A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to Kentucky "Canoe and Kayak Series" /04 - Bob Sehlinger and Johnny Molloy

Themes:streams of the eastern coal fields, the licking river and its tributaries the Kentucky rivers


Canoe Days /01 - Gary Paulsen and Ruth Wright Šaulsen

Themes:Illustrated Book allow children to dream and think


Canoeing Guides

Illustrated Guide to Wood Strip Canoe Building /98 - Susan Van Leuven

Themes: A Schiffer practical manual Book for Woodworkers, Step-by-step instructions and photographs for homework canoes


Building the Maine Guide Canoe /2003 - Jerry Stelmok

Themes:The Wood-Canvas Tradition, Canoe Materials & Forms, Special Equipment, Preparing the Stock, Bending On and Fairing the Ribs, Completing the Hull, Clinching, and Sanding, Seat. Gunwale, and Canoe Keel Installation and Finishing


Quiet Water Maine, 2nd- Canoe and Kayak Guide AMC Quiet Water/2005 - Alex Wilson and John Hayes

Themes: Maine Canoe & Kayak Guide, 2nd Edition


Quiet Water

Canoe Guide - New Yorkthe Essential Guide /96 - Alex Wilson and John Hayes

Themes:Best Paddling Lakes and Ponds in Southern/western/Nortern New York for Canoe and Kayak


Quiet Water Canoe Guide - Maine Second Edition /95 - Alex Wilson, John Hayes and Marrin Robinson

Themes:Enjoyment and adventure for canoe-paddlers,"where to" & "how to" info for over 70 quiet water destinations plus detailed descriptions of each pond and lake


Canoecraft - An Illustrated Guide to Fine Woodstrip Construction /2000 - Ted Moores

Themes:The pooh man's yacht,the well-bred canoe,anatomy of a canoe,pipe dreams to paper,the planspreparat ions,material matters,functional form,the stripper s art,character development,final details and care- guide to maintenance & repair


A River Guide for Raft, Kayak, and Canoe - Western Whitewater from the Rockies to the Pacific /94 - Jim Cassady, Bill Cross and Fryar Calhoun

Themes:guidebook for whitewater river kayakers, raft and canoe, accurate and useful info on white-water rivers, kayaking & rafting in 11 US Western states


A Paddler's Guide to Oregon Rivers - "Soggy Sneakers" /2004 - Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club and Pete Giordano

Guide to running Oregon whitewater rivers,


A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to West Virginia, 5th /2003 - Paul Davidson, Ward Eister, Dirk Davidson and Charlie Walbridge

Themes: Practical and valuable information for Wildwater West Virginia


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Canoeing and Kayaking /04 - Canoe and Kayak Magazine and Dennis Stuhaug

Themes:Expert advice on buying a boat,
, Easy paddling instructions plus tips and techniques, Travel Tips for finding the best ports for canoe and kayak paddling


Quiet Water New Hampshire & Vermont - Canoe & Kayak Guide /01 - John Hayes and Alex Wilson

Themes: flatwater lakes and ponds of Vermont and NH Book for paddlers
with detailed descriptions and destinations


Patrick's Original Guide to Canoe-Tipping "Short Humor" /10 - Patrick L. Halliwell and Kayoko Halliwell

Themes: humor Book by Patrick L. Halliwell

"How to Paddle"

Canoe Paddles and Paddling, Basics & Tips

A Paddler's Guide to Ontario's Lost Canoe Routes /2004 - Kevin Callan

Themes: cknowledgments,Preface,Wabakimi Šrovincial Park, Steel River Loop, Chapleau and Nemegosenda Rivers, Wakami/Ranger/Dunlop Lake Loop, Lac aux Sables: Bark Lake Loop, Nabakwasi River Loop, I'our M circle Loop, Tatachikapika and Chiniguchi River, Marten River Provincial Park, South River,York River


Up the Lake With a Paddle Vol. 1 - Canoe and Kayak Guide - The Sacramento Region, Sierra Foothills, & Lakes of the High Sierra /07 - William Van der Ven

Themes: V 1 Canoe and Kayak Guide.Paddle series book for paddlers,include GPS waypoints for locations


Northern Saskatchewan Canoe Trips A Guide to 15 Wilderness Rivers/2003 - Laurel Archer

Themes: Fifteen Wilderness Rivers -The Trips - Sturgeon-weir River, Montreal River, Churchill River, Paull River
Foster River,Haultain River, Wathaman River, Geikie River, cree River, Waterfound River
MacFarlane, Fond du Lac, Porcupine and Carswell and William Rivers


North American Canoe Country - The Classic Guide to Canoe Technique /2000 - Calvin Rutstrum

Themes: selecting and planning a canoe route, the canoeist's art, finding the way and portage trails,some significant canoe voyages, portage trails, going alone,recollections and indians,organized youth camp canoeing, the canoe outfitter, commercial and professional canoe travel,canoe voyage equipment and its use


Paddling Illinois - 64 Great Trips by Canoe and Kayak "Trails Books Guide" /2000 - Mike Svob



Open Canoe Technique - : A Complete Guide to Paddling the Open Canoe "Falcon Guides Canoeing"/03 - Nigel Foster

Themes:Canoe Paddling,Forward paddling, stopping and reversing, Canoe balancing exercises and trim, Moving sideways and Turning, Draws on the move, the paddle as a stabilizer, Open water rescues and much more


Whitewater Rescue

Manual - New Techniques for Canoeists, Kayakers, and Rafters /95 - Charles Walbridge and Wayne Sundmacher

Themes:Kayak Techniques, Equipment Safety Check,Swimming and Wading, Throw Ropes: Selection and Use, Swimming and Line-Based Rescues, Recovering Pinned Boats, Retrieving Runaway Boats, First Aid etc.


Canoe Paddles - A Complete Guide to Making Your Own /2001 - Graham Warren and David Gidmark

Themes: Make your own paddles Guide
Diversity and Design: Evolution of the canoe paddle, The inner workings of a canoe paddle
Woods and Adhesive A guide lo choosing your materials, Select your level of Technology and Paddlemaking Basics


Introduction to Paddling- Canoeing Basics for Lakes and Rivers with Illustrations /96 - American Canoe Association

Themes: How to Be Safe on the Water,
Transporting. Carrying, Launching and Bqarqing.
The Stroke? - Canoeing on Moving Water, State Waterways, Safety and Rescue


Alabama Canoe Rides and Float Trips /1986 - John H. Foshee

Themes: Some General Comments on Alabama Streams,Safety, Equipment,
Camping - Remissions, and Litter. Transporting Your Boat, Winter and River Canoeing, fishing and much more


Paddling Northern Wisconsin - 85 Great Trips by Canoe and Kayak "Trails Book Guide"/06 - Mike Svob



Basic Essentials Canoe Paddling, - 2nd Edition (Basic Essentials)/2000 Harry Roberts

Themes: Starting Right, Basic Forward and Correction Stroke , Hirning Your Canoe and boat Maneuvering,Keeping the Water Out, Canoeing in Moving Water, Wind and Waves and "Take Out"


Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing DVD

By Becky Mason $31 or $41 for Blu-Ray

Becky Mason's latest canoeing DVD is clearly her best. And I do mean clearly as there is also a Blu-Ray version. Now, Becky is perfect as always but the production values really shine in this DVD • as nicely as the deck of her beautiful red cedar strip canoe that she masterfully paddles throughout the 93 minute DVD-disc.

All the elements are there; a lovely original score by Ian Tamblyn, excellent sound, fine photography and nice camera shots that mesh perfectly with Becky's fine script. No surprise as the photography was directed by Ken Buck who worked with Bill Mason on most of his films. Becky has been giving paddling courses for 25 years so she knows her stuff. I couldn't help but chuckle at the start of the film. With her first tew words she really sounded like her late, great dad Bill Mason, whose easygoing banter in all his films made them stand out. The main part is a 43 minute review of advanced paddling strokes such as the Canadian, Indian and Northwoods and the even dangerous Running Bow Pry! Plus there are three extra shorter videos. Cameras angles on the water are smooth and attractive and there is also an underwater shot and remote camera (likely the ubiquitous Go-Pro) mounted above the canoe for a really great angle.

And while this is an instructional DVD, there are some lovely stories interspersed along the way. One particularly touching one is Becky teaching a James Bay Cree to paddle as his ancestors had and took that skill back north again. Also included in the extras is a blooper real with some nice laughs and behind the scenes moments. Bill would be very proud! And how he would have loved the digital media we now have.

Boundary Waters

Canoe Camping

By Cliff Jacobson

Globe Pequot press 2012 Price:$20.95

Cliff Jacobson keeps churning them out. The prodigious Midwestern US author has updated an earlier book on the Boundary Waters and it's completely revised. Cliff is retired now, so he's likely busier than ever. A resident of Wisconsin and was in Minnesota for many years so we have always dubbed him as a fellow Canadian paddler. He spent many years canoeing in Canada and leading trips up north but has stayed home recently following a spat with border authorities. Of course the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) is what we Canucks called the soft underbelly of Quetico Park on the Ontario-US border. It is more developed than Quetico but together they form an impressive chunk of great paddling in the centre of the continent. There is a tremendous history of paddling the BWCA best exemplified by Sigurd Olson. There are few better than Canoeing Expert Cliff Jacobson when it comes to campcraft. He knows all the gear and how best to use it. This book is meant as a guide to the area and for users of all levels so everyone can get something from this book. Boundary Waters is both well-illustrated and written with lots of colour photos and diagrams, the book covers all the basics from clothing, food and camp rigging.

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Themes: Bhuten traveling & kayak expedition