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Emotion Kayaks

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Emotion Kayaks

Kayaks are an awesome way to explore the waterways.

Rivers, Oceans, Bays, Lakes, Creeks, and all types of waterways can be yours to explore when you have a kayak. Emotion Kayaks are affordable, reliable, and widely accepted as fantastic. Emotion has been in business since 2002 with a Vision of creating quality, affordable, and versatile kayaks that can be used and enjoyed by Kayaking New Comers and Savvy Veterans alike.

But why Emotion Kayaks - Here's a couple of reasons. Emotion Kayaks are made in the USA. Emotions are affordable with some introductory Kayaks starting a less than $300.00. You can Buy One Online and get free shipping to my home. In 2010 the Emotion Comet was awarded the Gear of the Year Award by OutdoorsOnline.com.

Quick Facts

Their Headquarters are in Wyomossing, PA.
Emotion Kayaks are made in the USA.

UV Inhibitors are incorporated in the High Grade Plastics to Help Maintain the Awesome Look of Emotion Kayaks.
Jim Snyder helps Design Emotion Kayaks for versatility, quality, and performance.

Emotion Kayaks

Online - Which Is Better

A Hard Shell Or An Inflatable?

Did you know that Emotion makes an intermediate hard shell kayak for the same price as other brands' entry level inflatables?

About Emotion Kayaks, -there are a few advantages to having an inflatable kayak. Generally, they are less expensive, making it easier for the novice to get started in this sport. Because you can deflate them to transport them, they are easier to get to and from a launch site - just throw yours in the trunk of your car and you're good to go, no special equipment needed.

But there are some BIG disadvantages to inflatable kayaks.

Anyone who has used one for any length of time will have had this happen to them - inflatables puncture. It's no fun to end up in the water with the day's fun unexpectedly ended when you intended to paddle for hours!

And you do have to take the time to inflate and deflate your boat every time you want to use it, unless, of course, you live right on the water or are transporting it some other way than inside your car.

Compare inflatables to Emotion hard shell kayaks at a comparable price, and you'll find there are BIG ADVANTAGES to the Emotion boats. Emotion Sit-Upon Kayaks have sealed hulls which are virtually unsinkable, and Emotion Sit-In Kayaks are self bailing.

You can purchase an Emotion intermediate level kayak like the Emotion Glide Kayak for about the same price as an inflatable. Also, beginners find that their Emotion Kayaks tend to grow with them, extending the life of their purchase and providing years of safe fun on the water.

Buying Emotion Kayaks

All The Info You Need To Find The Right Kayak and Get The Best Deal On It.

Buying Emotion Kayaks - when you make a major online purchase like a kayak, you want to be sure that you are buying the right boat for you and getting the best deal possible. But how to do that when there are so many stores featuring kayaks for sale? How do you know you've found the right one?

There are many brands and styles of kayaks available from which to choose.

A great deal is not only about a low price but also about the conditions and terms that apply to your purchase.

Other information that may help you make a better purchase decision when you are ready to buy can be found in another or my articles about Emotion Kayak - Glide has changed for the 2014 season. The hull is now formed through a different process called blow-molding and the cockpit opening seems a little bit smaller when compared side by side with the 2011 model. This is something to consider if you are interested in the Glide.

Emotion Kayaks - Finding a Great Deal

There are things to think about when you are shopping for a kayak.

If an Emotion Kayak - and Glide in particular - appeals to you, then it is time for you to take into consideration where you can pick one up for an exceptional price.

If you want to purchase a kayak online, you can easily locate lots of sources that will ship you a Glide. With so many deals and savings offers out there, it would seem a simple matter to pick one, but when you start to figure in variables like shipping and return policies, it can all get really confusing. You really have to add up all of the charges to see if you are getting the deal you think you are getting - the price on the sale sticker is not the only charge that will be associated with your order.

Or, to save yourself time and trouble, you can simply visit a site that people trust to always have some really great deals below.

How to sort it all out?

Tthis brand is committed to designing and manufacturing a variety of high quality kayaks meeting the needs of 90% of paddlers. Along with information about the specific kayaks Emotion makes, when you read through this lens and click on the links, you will also find out where the best deals are on Emotion Kayaks for sale.

You'll be out on the water in no time! Enjoy.

Want to save time? Click Emotion Kayaks On Sale NOW for great deals with a free shipping option.

How yo Choosing Emotion Kayaks

Which Type Is Right For You?

Emotion makes three categories of kayaks. We'll take a look at those here./

Emotion Mojo KayakSit-On-Top Kayaks , example pictured below - the Emotion Mojo Kayak have an open cockpit.

The paddler sits on the top deck. You can move around and even stand on these boats - there's plenty of space on deck and these kayaks are quite stable.

They are also self-bailing and the hull is sealed, making it virtually unsinkable. If this boat capsizes, it's easy to get back in and continue on your way.

There's a combination of tank wells, hatches, and bungee deck rigging for stowing your gear.

Emotion Sit-Inside Kayaks feature an over-sized cockpit that the paddler sits inside, legs under the deck, and because it is over-sized, is easy to get into and out of.


Emotion Sit-Inside Kayak Darter

This type of kayak is a favorite of those wanting some protection from wind & water and those paddling in colder climates. You can use a spray skirt to keep rain and splashing water out of the kayak and enjoy a warmer and drier ride. Gear is stowed below deck or secured with bungee deck rigging.

Fishing Emotion Kayaks

Fishing Kayaks are the third category of kayak made by Emotion, and these come in both sit-on-top and sit-inside designs. Both are excellent for fishing. They are equipped with rod holders and plenty of storage for tackle and other gear.

These models come in subdued colors that blend in well with nature. They are stable and easily maneuvered into the best fishing spots, which are often inaccessible to bigger boats or from shore.

Emotion Glide Sport Fishing kayak

Pictured is the Emotion Glide Sport Angler, 29 in.

Emotion Glide Kayak

Critical Functions

Emotion Glide Kayak

Emotion Glide kayak

Emotion Glide Kayak(on photo) is really a easily portable plus pleasant kayak. It weighs about merely thirty seven lbs . and measures in at 9 ft 7 in . long and 28 in . wide. This specific kayak is ready to support to 275 pounds of passenger and gear. It's ideal for paddlers of all age range due to its stableness as well as its functioning on water.
Let's check it out it more detailed, what are specs of Emotion Glide Kayak:
1. V-shaped hull. This aids secondary security and traffic monitoring
2. An included, inflatable floatation bag. This delivers additional floatation for extra security.
3. Bow and stern transporting handles
4. Materials. It's manufactured from compounded polyethylene plastic
5. Easy to work with, control plus fix
6. Easy to move as well as control
7. Wide hull: The item delivers the most security

8. Paddle ledge and keeper. With this particular characteristic you are able to change quite simply from paddling to hands-free without having danger of losing your paddle.

9. UV resistant. This performs an essential part regarding long-term use.
10. Oversize cockpit for simple entry as well as exit
11. Customizable foot braces, so that you could modify this to get your legs into a comfortable position no matter your size.
12. Customizable padded seat
13. 7 Offered colors: green, navy blue, grey, pink, tangerine, yellow, as well as violet. Even so, on many internet vendors you will find merely 3 readily available colors presently for example lime green, blue and tangerine. You're able to quite simply discover which color is the most ideal for you.
14. Best Applies: in rivers, lakes, ponds, tidal creeks, and also harbors
15. Accessories (additional): Emotion Standard Paddle (220 cm), Can Panion Drink Holders, Stearns Gats by Canoe and Kayak Vest.

Some people really do not care for the new blow-molded design, claiming that the finish is rougher and that along with having a few sharp edges (around the cockpit opening), it looks to be of a cheaper quality than Emotion Kayaks constructed in 2010 and earlier.

Before you respond to this specific question, let me tell you the benefits of Emotion Glide Kayak.

This specific kayak is without a doubt well-balanced, light to handle, simple handle and to use, it offers various variable capabilities, oversize cockpit, and it's also designed for long-term use. Likewise, Emotion Glide has not merely security, simplicity for use, convenience, and fantastic functioning, but also awesome looking. It is because of its graceful style and design and also stunning color. The main point here: Emotion Glide Kayak Series are really a awesome boats, all around kayaks at a really good price

Emotion Kayak Glide - Why Is It So Popular

When getting a new boat, quite a few paddlers list Emotion Glide Kayaks as their top pick.

Emotion Kayak Glide - if you have ever seen one of these gorgeous kayaks slicing through still water, then needless to say you will want to know more about it. There happen to be a lot of good reasons why this particular kayak is on major retailers' best seller lists. It is no secret that the Emotion Glide is a favorite of beginning and intermediate level paddlers.

There's a real feeling of freedom while you are out in this kayak - the gentle heat of the morning sun as it meets fresh coolness of the water beneath invites you out into the tranquil middle of it all, yet the mood can turn from relaxation to sport in an instant as you put your yak through your fanciest maneuvers. It's such a powerful sensation, deftly paddling through water that landlubbers don't have access to - you genuinely feel as if you are master of it all.

There's nothing to keep you trudging through your 9 to 5 stint like the exciting thought of being able to get out on the water swiftly at quitting time.

When it's time to get out on the water, paddlers of all experience levels treasure owning a kayak that's really easy to move and launch.

If you read any reviews on blogs or in forums on-line, 3 things are frequently mentioned in relation to appreciate most about their Emotion Glide Kayak:

- The balance is great, and the majority of newbies quickly get a handle on basic maneuvers. Beginners like that this kayak features a wide hull, which leads to a feeling of stability on the water, while more advanced paddlers cite the way the kayak tracks as a real plus.

- Some kayaks meant for starters will only satisfy the paddler for the limited time it takes for him to perfect a few skills, after which he will to move up into a new boat, but the Glide Kayak is designed in a manner that will satisfy most for at least a few seasons.

- They would expect to spend a bit more for a hard shell kayak that is so versatile. When people checked out the prices for the Emotion Glide and compared it to other plastic shelled kayaks in the marketplace, there really was nothing equivalent available without a jump in price range.

for more details visit: http://www.emotionkayaks.com/

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