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Mad River Canoe™ - Sports & Outdoors. Advancing tradition in canoe building. User friendly Boats for wilderness expeditions, fun, photography and hunting & fishing. We offer an amazing range of Canoe Models, all type: Recreation ,Touring, Sporting and Whitewater. Over 40 years of experience in canoe industry, we have never lost mission to build a better innovation canoe.

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Fishing canoes

Angler - 14(424cm) MR Hunting &

Fishing Canoe

This fishing Model provides stability, and a superb platform and reassuring initial, lighter version - Royalex® by "Spartech" hull, easier to handle and able to access the most remote waters, lakes and ponds. available version in Olive colored, kind of muddy green color with Aluminum Gunwale 25kg or Vinyl 27kg, 56 & 59Lbs, Polyethylene decks with carry handles. It's quick and short boat beamy- 39” wide, light-weight for high initial stability.

The Duck Hunter - 16 (486cm)

MRSport-Fishing woodenCanoe

Olive colored Classic Canoe L486cm; 34kg weight Crafted with an Explorer-hull
this "timeless" boat is fashioned with classic cane seats along with stained slotted.Boat Version in low impact olive exterior an and interior, contoured bow sets. This classic styling and functionality with perfect Good balance between speed and maneuverability and boat is excellent for fishing and hunting.

The Duck Hunter - 15

MRSport-Fishing woodenCanoe

Smaller version than the duck Hunter - 15, less in length with 36cm. stable boat and paddle quite efficiently. Olive colored Capable and Classic Canoe L450cm; 29kg with eough capacity and decked out in woodwork with slotted gunwales, contured yoke and seats. Classic look "Mad River" Boats suitable for use as a solo or compact tandem paddling and fishing.

Limited Model

Synergy 12 (366cm) Fishing equipped Canoe

Great staff for fishing from MadRiver, crafted 'sit-on-top' version for the angler that seeks a maneuverable & steady platform, Specifically designed for anglers high-density polyethylene Canoe and feature include rod holders, padded comfortable seats with adjustable backrests and cargo netscanoe "Synergy 12" Light - 27kg hybrid version of a sit-on-top type, this model ar limited! and come in 4 colors,Red, Sand, Spruce and Camo.

Limited Model

Synergy 14 (427cm) Fishing equipped Canoe

Great staff for fishing model with added speed and glide.

Recreation Adventure

16 (488cm) Sport/Fish Canoe

Great staff for sport or fishing, superior durability, constructed with polyethylene.
Fully loaded with amenities, and designed for minimal maintenance, stable canoe.
easier to handle 38kg and able to access the most remote waters, lakes and rivers.
Model designed as a paddle canoe, and as a trolling engine powered transportable boat,and come with center molded seats with adjustable confort backrests, cupholders, two mesh pockets and carry nabdles.