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GRABNER Inflatable Canoes - to 4 Person

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Team Inflatable Canoes

GRABNER manufacturer of inflatable boats, Our ine of boats include: Sailing inflatable, power boats, rafting and canoe inflatable boats for hunting, fishing , rafting and fun boat.

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Inflatable canoes

XR 400/95 cm

Inflatable canoe

Canoe Model length 400 cm and wiegth 21 kg for 2 Person suitable for lakes and rivers, 4 level of dissiculity with operate pressure 0,3 bar. Single or Double blade paddle and Carrying belts. Seats can be moved to suit the purpose seat position over the entire lenght of the boat.

Outside 410/100 cm

Inflatable canoe

Inflatable Paddle team Canoe for 3/330kg persons with length of 4,1m and operating pressure 0,3 bar. Boat Suitable for rivers lakes and protected inshore waters or class grade 6 for experienced paddlers. This Canoe Series boat is suited for electric outboard motors to max 3HP with outrigger and 6m2 sail area to max beaufort 4 Wind force.

Adventure 450/95 cm

Inflatable canoe

One Hull Inflatable Paddle Canoe for 2,3 or 4 persons and max 510kg Carryng capacity designed for lakes, rivers and sheltered coastal close waters with difficulity grade - 4 for experienced paddlers only.This Canoe Series boat is suited for outboard motors to max 3 HP with outrigger only.6m2 sail area to max beaufort 4 Wind force.In Additional Carrey and luggage belt and Repair kit include valve key.

Adventure Team 650/140 cm

Inflatable canoe

One Hull Paddle Canoe(wieght: 59kg) with length of 650sm, loading capacity 1070kg. This Inflatable boat suitable for rivers, lakes and coastline waters, whitewater canoe up to category 3. Canoe boat is suited for outboard motors to max 4 HP/ 2,9 Kw and
the maimal motor wieght is 22kg.The Stern motor mounting is mounted on the stern reinforcement with 2 steel angles.The Hacoe can better steering the boat and have overall view due to the higher seat position.

In Additional Carrey and luggage belt and Repair kit include valve key, glue tube, repair patches, sanding paper, and repair instructions.

Speed 455/100 cm

Inflatable canoe

Foldable inflatable canoe with air deck avaliable 3 speed versions, 3 level of dissiculity. Heavy duty "Canadian" style canoe which can be used with outboard engine for speed. Canoe model also adapted to sailing and have more place for stowage.

Canoe Lenght 455 cm and 30,5 kg with losding 380 kg and sail area of 7m2.Suitable Speed Canoes for lakes and rivers designed for outboard motor with max 4,4KW.

All GRABNER inflatable from GRABNER boats are quality products and come with 5 YEARS GUARANTEE

Canoes and Inflatable canoes

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Inflatable Kayaks by 'Sevylor'

Sevylor TM offer series of perfect inflatable boats and kayaks suitable for fishing or hunting the day’s catch, looking for a rush, or simply family fun.

INCEPT Inflatable Canoes - to 4 Šerson

Whitewater 5,3m

Inflatable canoe

inflatable canoes for 2 to 4 Person , can be used for boyh stle, normally and hard "Canadian" include or marine waters. Excellent maneuverabillity and stable on tha water assures top safety, comfort , utility and fun. Light weight Canoe 32 Kg and save 3 air Compartments, available Outboard bracket, 2 Colours - red or yellow.

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The variety of different watercraft is almost end-less, as well. From the familiar rowboats to canoes and kayaks , to sailboats and even paddleboards suitable for fun, there are plenty of ways to...

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