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Wooden kayaks

Wooden kayaks

- finely crafted which is hard to describe, one of Company boats has be seen in The Museum of Modern Art in NY. Objects in the art collection are examples of modern design chosen for their beauty and creators' mastery of skill. The 20 ft Kayak took 300 to 400 hours to build.

Nick Schade
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Art design & Build Kayaks



Custom built art crafts

, inspired by the kayaks that the Inuit and Aleut
cultures invented to hunt whale and seal,are swift , versatile, more maneuverable and lighter thean fiberglass boats, kayaks or canoes.

This Kayaks are so minimalist, and can use same one for poking around in marshes or paddling in open ocean.

Guilemont Crafts

Nick Schade has been building and designing and the Guillemot Kayaks name to share the designs he created for his own use. The wide selection of different styles are all carefully refined for high performance on the water. Guilemont Crafts are characterized by elegant and clean,lines and smooth responsive motion through the ocean. The process consists on laying thin strips of wood over a form that will give the boat its shape, and coated it in epoxy and fibreglass. The form of the kayak is then removed and the hull's interior receives the same treatment,this method finalizes, after several coats of fibreglass and epoxy, with a coating-waterproof that showcases the polished wood and craftsmanship. Three levels of boat construction are available: standard, custom, and custom graphic. A hand-built example starts at about 4,600 euro while custom versions can go well beyond the 15,000 euro mark.

A Piece of "Wooden kayak" History

The company, founded by entrepreneurs Gwen Carlton and Pippa
, is launching a "sporting and lifestyle" line wooden kayaks - things that stand out.

As a strapped-for-cash college grad, Nick Schade drew up plans on his parents' living-room floor for a high-performing, cost-efficient kayak made of affordable materials such as wood and fiberglass, which he built with his brother. Two decades later, the owners of Schade's Guillemot canoes and kayaks (named after one of Schade's favorite birds) often field questions from other boaters curious about the avant-garde wooden frames a phenomenon Schade jokingly refers to as "parking-lot syndrome."

As a strapped-for-cash college grad, Nick Schade drew up plans on his parents' living-room floor for a high-performing, cost-efficient kayak made of affordable materials such as wood and fiberglass, which he built with his brother. Two decades later, the owners of Schade's Guillemot canoes and kayaks (named after one of Schade's favorite birds) often field questions from other boaters curious about the avant-garde wooden frames a phenomenon Schade jokingly refers to as "parking-lot syndrome."

20 pounds less than others

"I've been driving or walking to my car in a parking lot and had people come after me just because they wanted to talk about the boat," says Schade, whose creations weigh about 20 pounds less than their mass-market plastic equivalents. In addition
to selling complete boats, Schade offers DIY kits for all BO of his minimalist designs, none of which require special skills or fancy equipment to assemble.

Kayak and prices

When you are considering buying a kayak, the price of a boat is usually the number one factor, but not here Custom-built ART-boats cost $5,000 to $20,000 and Worth Every Dollar.
There is a high quality about a finely crafted boat, designed to achieve the highest performance standards to art level.

Wild Cherry Woodworks and kayaks

So if you can make it out of wood, - usually do.

A SOT kayak and many boats for various reasons are better in those materials you employ. So us wood nuts add it where we can. The trick with a kayak is to balance strength, weight, and function. And rot resistance too. Or weather resistance.

Most likely if You had a fishing Predator you can would make a bin for the stern for storage out of cherry or mahogany, and ash.

Boat Lumber

Custom milled boat lumber is the cornerstone of many boat and kayak builder services.

By using boat lumber, timberframes and custom milled wood veneer, customers get want they want, and are rewarded with both performance and eye catching results. Whether it be Western Red Cedar for hull planking, Douglas Fir for structural timbers, Sitka Spruce for sail boat masts or Yellow Cedar accent work for some ‘fair lined’ day cruiser, it all starts with premium quality boat lumber.

Of course there are many other uses our boat lumber, timbers frames, and custom milled wood veneer, whether it’s a strip hull kayak, deep-sea sailboat, classic runabout, traditional tallship or the refit of a large working commercial vessel.

Boat Hull Veneer

For cold-molded wooden boats, and other specialty thin wood uses.

The use of veneer, particularly in boat building, is common place these days and for several simple reasons: flexibility in design, weigh to strength ration, wood conservation awareness, construction time-savings, etc.

Of particular interest to customers is the ready access to Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Yellow Cedar and Sitka Spruce. The veneer services produce a green rough stock, which typically requires some curing time prior to use.

Canoe Strips, Kayak Strips, Bead and Cove Strips

Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar has long been known as an exceptional wood for boat hull construction ... and one, which other boat hull woods are often measured against ... particularly as it concerns longavity, workablity, and hull stability!

The cove strips are made from this same strip hull lumber and fine rip-sawn to produce ‘vertical grain’ cut strips. This maximizes hull strength yet provides flexibility in bending placement. A multi head router procedure assures very precision milling of the actual bead and cove strips. Standard strips dimensions are: 1/4” (d) x 3/4” (w) and 2-22 feet long. All of which goes produces an interlocking hull construction system from cove strips .

The edge-to-edge interlocking of strips across the hull also acts a holding trough for the glue.

For a very classy, eye catching hull finish some kayak builders also offer full-length accent strips made from Yellow Cedar. With Yellow Cedar's rich butter like color, it wonderfully contrasts the darker red-brown tones of Western Red Cedar.

Burgenland LG Wooden Canoes

The canoe building-Burgenland has set itself the task, in times of Plastic boats, to revive the traditional use of wood boat building again.
The race and dignity of crafted wooden canoes conquer the hearts the canoe lovers back. Because in no other craft merge aesthetics, crafts and material in such a perfect manner.

All services of canoe building Burgenland are in the categories of "sale" and read "Rent".

Burgenland are a purely artisanal operation, all wooden canoes which are available for purchase from us, individually prepared. This means that we focus entirely to your liking.
Only then is it possible to create a unique product, which absolutely corresponds to the expectations and needs of customers.


It is on a shape of the hull with wooden slats.
After sanding and other necessary
technological steps comes the final stability
the hull through a glass fiber reinforcement (indoor and outside) achieved.

Wood types:

Our company uses mainly knot-free larch.
Furthermore possible are:

Teak, Mahogany, Red cedar (Tuja plicata) Merbau and etc.

The wood can be chosen by the customer. The following decorative elementsin Hull or Deck trim are also possible by order

Wood types:

The following woods you can choose for the decorative elements.
For example: Cherry, Pear, Mahogany, Stained pine, Beech, Oak, Ash, Nuss and Birch.


Wood-strip Canoes

Building A Strip Canoe

"If there is magic on this planet it is contained in water." you can find at: goodreads.com

From 6 pages of full-size template drawings and the instructions in this book you can make:

two beautiful strip canoes and a kayak await launching quietly at the shoreline

- 20' x 25" Tsunami kayak, 54 lbs, has rounded bottom, no rocker, can be built as a 16' solo.
-18' x 28" Nanaimo kayak is wider, shorter version of a tandem, can also be built as a 14' solo.
(center left)18' x 27" (at 3" waterline) Abenaki canoe, 54 lbs, has round bottom, no rocker, can be built in 16' and -14' lengths.
(near left)18' x 36" Micmac canoe, 60 lbs, a higher-volume canoe, has shallow arched bottom, tumblehome, and slight rocker.
-20' x 48" Micmac canoe, 125 lbs, is the cargo-carrying, sea-going model with a wine-glass transom.

The wooden boats displayed on this web page were built by Stu Sanders.

18' x 34" Micmac canoe, 58 lbs, the most popular model, is the narrower version of the Micmac, can be built in 16' and 17' lengths also.

The book has instructions on how to stretch or shrink these designs to other lengths. While the book is copyrighted, the boat designs are not, and anyone is welcome to reproduce as many boats as their family and funds will allow them to do.

Building one's first strip canoe will probably take 150 man-hours of work. Even mediocre craftsmanship can produce a boat superior to most factory-made boats.

But How easy is it? "the canoe building very easy even though without just about no carpentry skills. Your instructions really specified just about everything down to the 'T'.

Contents of The Stripper's Guide:

The introduction deals with the rationale for building your own boat. Then, step-by-step, the text covers:

-choosing a design or making modifications to suit yourself
-calculating quantity, choosing and locating materials
-collecting tools and a place to build
-making a simple and re-usable jig
-assembling the hull ("stripping")
-sanding, fiberglassing
-finishing the hull with seats, thwarts, and gunnels
-cartop carriers, canoe covers, making a paddle, making a sail, safety, maintenance and repairs.

First published in 1972 when polyester resins were in vogue, the book also has been revised several times, and now only discusses the use of epoxy. The latest edition of book, the 6th, is now available direct from the publisher. Beware of online booksellers, some of them are marketing out-of-date editions.

The Stripper's Guide to Canoe-building by David Hazen, Tamal Vista Publications, Larkspur, CA, USA, ISBN number: 0-917436-00-8, is available from:
your local bookstore (sometimes by special order) or amazon.
suppliers listed on Links to boatbuilding resources online from Tamal Vista Publications.

Orca Boats (Canada)

- to the world of Wooden Canoes and kayaks

OrcaBoats.com Company make Custom designs, sells plans, kits and builds woodstrip kayaks and canoes. Custom equipment, builds paddles and boat seats.

As owner of Orca Canoes & Kayaks in Coquitlam. British Columbia.

Rod rail has built many sirip-planked canoes and kayaks. He strayed from the usual models in building this 10' lawton tender. Following boat plans from Newfound Woodworks.
Rod stripped this hull with beautiful red cedar and trimmed her with cherry.

Super streamlined craft by Orca Boats

Wooden boat services

Company can also offers wooden boat services include: Replace or repairing gunwales, Replacing gunwales and decks , Re-canvassing and repainting
Complete rebuilds , Installing and Replacing broken ribs or repairing gunwales.

They repair your wooden kayak, wooden canoe, or small boat that may include adding features.

1392 El Camino Drive
Coquitlam, B.C. Canada