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Inflatable Canoes 2-4 person

Inflatable Rafts, Inflatable Kayaks, Inflatable Canoes from INCEPT. We manufacture the most durable, top-safe, and performing inflatable boats and components & accessories . Most Stable boats designed for all classes of whitewater.

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Inflatable canoes

C44 Trapper Incept inflatable canoe

The C44 Trapper is different type of Native American Indian canoe.
With a strong but light rigid hull, weightonly 26 kg combines large carrying and cargo capacity of 350 kg. Thanks to Its high ends and wide beam of 1.05 m gives lots of room and a dry ride for two adults (in fact 2 + 2) and all the gear you might want include Thigh braces and Dry-bag (sirca 80L) on day and multi-day river floats.

The New Incept C44 Trapper pack Includes:External grab line on both ends, Padded marine plywood seats and Heavy duty grab handles. Available in Red, Yellow, and Blue color.

Whitewater 4,3m

Inflatable canoe

Tandem Model(C42T) of light weight inflatable Canoes for 2 or 3 Person with low-drag hull design (heavy duty canadian style) from Incpept designed for sheltered rivers and lakes. Robust constructions give maximum speed and handling. Light weight Canoe 25 Kg with 3 air Compartments. Available Three marine-ply padded, Outboard bracket, 2 Colours - red or yellow

Whitewater 5,3m

Inflatable canoe

inflatable canoes for 2 to 4 Person , can be used for boyh style, normally and hard "Canadian" include or marine waters. Excellent maneuverabillity and stable on tha water assures top safety, comfort , utility and fun. Light weight Canoe 32 Kg and save 3 air Compartments, available Outboard bracket, 2 Colours - red or yellow.

Both Models made in dtex polyster and Polyurethane Armour for Under tube, 100% heat welded and sealed.

All canoes comes with included accessories: Bellows foot Pump, Repair Kits and carry Bag. Canoes are optional for 2HP outboard motor.

warranty: Guaranted for 5 years