Fishing kayaks for sale

New "Slayer" 13 Propel Kayak from Native Watercraft

formidable fishing boat -  It's New for 2015

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Comfortable Sun Dolphin Journey SS Fishing Kayak from "Sun Dolphin"

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"Vapor" ten Angler polyethylene hull Fishing Kayak from Old Town Canoes & Kayaks

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Tahiti - model Hunt and Fish Inf-Kayak with Adjustable seat from Sevylor

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New Outback Kayak Model:2015 from Hobie Mirage

Brand new model  with Glide Technology, equipe with 4 Molded-In Fishing Rod Holders

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Fishing kayak rods & reels

Before you start buying on advice on brands/models/line etc. it would help to know where you are fishing, how you are fishing and primary species you are targeting. Even better, see if your friends can loan you gear to see what works best for you. As far as kayaks, Hobie has good fishing yaks in the revo, outback and PA's, again depending on where and how you fish and your preference. Again, if you can borrow or demo yaks, you can get a feel what works best for you.

Reels Ernesto mentioned. Great reels. Also have the Penn Battle II series and a couple of Shimano Sedona spinning reels. The key if you will fish any saltwater at all is to get a reel with stainless steel bearings and that the manufacturer states is for "inshore" or saltwater. Those same reels can be used for freshwater fishing. The same cannot be said for a freshwater only reel.

Shimano makes a Sienna series that you can find for around $25-$30 and is a saltwater reel. There are a lot of good brands for rods and reels. You don't have to buy the high dollar setups to catch fish.

Penn Spinfisher reels are nice for kayak fishing because they've got redundant seals to protect the reel in case they get dunked in the saltwater. Many paddlers use Penn Battle IIs and SpinfisherVs for nearshore/deep(ish) water, but, for inshore needs, they love how Shimano CI4+ fishing reel have performed, and they're light enough that you can cast and retrieve all day.

Stick with Penn products if you want quality equipment in the mid-range price field. Shimano if you want top quality and $ is not a issue. G-Loomis, St. Croix are top rods but there is plenty of competition in that arena. If you like big names, one day you may catch a world record and get rich from endorsements.


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The main fundamental difference between kayaks and canoes :

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- Canoes or kayaks Safety and Instruction Tips For safe canoeing or kayaking, you must always: -primarily to show prudence, responsibility and common sense necessarily know how to swim.
-always wear a life vest, but nothing that know how to swim. If children are aboard, make sure that a kid’s life vest is secured...

Canoe & Kayak storage options and systems. "how to" and "Do it yourself" videos Sailing Inflatable Kayak - Sevylor SVX500DS SVX200DS u230;

Ranger Inflatable Kayak / Canoe Sea Trial

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- River Kayaks, still & whitewater kayaking The beauty of whitewater kayaking is found in the basics of paddling (movement & proper paddle position), and a proper execution and understanding of the basics and basic safety tips and rules.

- Sea & Ocean kayaks - Characteristics and Advantages, Selection, Equipment and Use Your seakayak is your life! - this is not a lie, for any paddler out in open waters - If you lose the kayak, you could lose your life. See important safety features of a sea "ocean" kayak below.

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Kayaking Books & Guides - Kayaking Guides, Paddling technique, Gear & Accessories

Want to paddle or fishing Outrigger - Kayak Installation

Tampa Bay Casting - for an Inshore Slam , Canoeing and Kayaking fishing

Kayak fishing article "Gone yak-fishin'"

Jax Fishing Kayak

XXL kayaks - high weight capacity and stability boats

Kayak fishing - Gear , Types of fishing kayaks and Equipment

kayak fishing

fishing Gear & Equipment



Gear & Equipment

tackleand tactics

Fishing Kayaks

In fact, there are No kayaks specifically manufactured and designed for fishing.
"versions for Fishing" often means stable kayaks, but not means slowly cruising than the addition of anchor and rod holders. Most often sit-on- top styles touring kayaks or large cockpit recreational kayaks.

The Trick is good learning enough about kayak, they are great and almost inexpensive way to fish anywhare. The Trick is good learning enough about kayak, they are great and almost inexpensive way to fish anywhare.

it's good idea that a fishing kayak has to fit also your physique as well, not your fishing style or fishing accessories needs. Try to test, cockpit, paddles and maneuver one before you buy.

Prowler- 11T Angler Kayak offered from Ocean Kayak
stability and maneuverability fishing bost with a considerable weight capacity

Probably the best choice for fishing kayaks are easy to cary ot top of truck or car, durable, which are lighter and more riged kayaks with a ready manufactured sense of adventure.

Equipping a kayak for fishing

A tackle bag, rod holders, knife and clippers. First rule:A kayak doesn't offer a whole lot of nice storage space. An ever increasing variety of models,"sit in" or "sit on " means there's one just right for your needs and style.

A double bladed paddle can be made of fiberglass, aluminum, or a lightweight carbon composite. Easier to tote and store are 2piece fiberglass models.

Kayaks designed for "fishing" have typically either bolted-on or molded-in rod holders because you need a secure place when paddling to keep your best rods.
Perhaps the biggest problem is If your Kayak not equipped with rod holders, fishing rod holders can be mounted on the rear deck of a boat for keeping a rod out of the way when paddling or for holding it when trolling.Make sure won't interfere with your normal paddling stroke. Some fish rod holders behind their kayak seat others in front. A front-mounted rod holders is quickly easier to grab than "turn around" behind mounted invites a loss of balance. when drill the hull asneeded for mounting use better large fender washers and silicone scaler between the the hull and bases to prevent any water from dribbling in the holes.

Be safe - Have fun and Catch big fish.

High speed reels

Kayak Fishing - gear ratios and all high speed reels

Types of fishing kayaks

There are 2 main types of kayaks suited for best time fishing and for different water reasons. Sit-inside and sit- on-top designs.

Conventional Sit-inside kayak design in which the man or woman sits on a molded seat on the bottom of the boat hull provide a good view.

Sit-on-top are slim and longer and most popular in warm areas, than Sit-inside kayaks,paddler in a molded open compartment on top of a flattenedhull shape.

Best suited for fishing or hunting are usually marketed as "touring kayaks". Touring type kayaks have a different set of main advantages, more faster, lonher and slim ,more difficult Entry and exit, equippet with enclosed cockpit(especially with spray skirt) provides a dry and much comfortable ride, perfect boat suited for long distances. Recreational type kayaks are initial stability, slower with wider hulls, but better suited for short trips and distances. Best choice for casual users, this Kayaks allows easy entry when launching open large size cockpit, and equipment boxes in the larger space also feature watertight roomy storage compartments that let you good carry a surprisingly large amount of equipment.

Fishing and Touring Kayaks and Touring Kayaks

Experience the thrill and ease of "Cobra" -Fishing & Touring Kayaks. Fish in spots you can't get to hy boat, enjoy built-in exercise and get close to the best action on the water. All this with an easy to transport Cobra Kayak for a fraction of the cost and hassle of a boat!

Cobra - Fishing and Touring Kayaks range of accessories allow you to configure your kayak to your own specialist needs for sports fishing, diving and distance touring. All Cobra Fishing and Touring Kayaks can be fitted with a motor bracket for an electric trolling motor. Plus, with the largest hatches on the market, there is still plenty of room for rod holders, scuba gear, battery, tackle box, bait tank, and much more. Cobra Kayaks all feature polyethylene hulls for super tough performance with a LIFE-TIME guarantee to prove it. The self draining reinforced scuppers throughout give unparalleled hull rigidity and a drier ride.

Fishing Kayaks especially designed for fishing models

"Jackson Kayak" offers amazing kayaks , one model "Day Tripper" designed to do what canoe should do, especially for fisherman needs. Narrow flats with non slick platform, specialization and durability "Corsa" - 23"(at pic), Coosa’s ‘creek-style’ hull, stable design and better secondary stability kayak for river(up to Class III) and lakes anglers . Inshore and offshore river fishing boat,with weight Capacity - Estimated to come in between(Standard or Elite) 350lbs and 400lbs, not just a "fat plastic kayak".

Interesting videos on the Coosa:

short promo of 'Jackson Kayak'

Jackson Kayak - Coosa Stability - testing its stability

in Canadian Rapids

For more information visit

Fishing kayaks model by "Riot" Canada, Edge 11/13 Angler - mongst the shortest but quick fishing kayaks and easiest to handle, made in plastic-rotomolded construction or Carbon.

kayak - what makes a good fishing kayak?

The 13-foot long Native pedal-drive Watercraft

The Slayer Propel fits a different niche than Hobie's Pro Angler. The Propel is kayak-shaped, not a boat. It should be faster and weigh less. Let's get it on the water and find out. Super stable, and easy to pedal with speed! My first time standing in a kayak! Of course, there's reverse as well, holding in current that was 2-3 knots. Make sure there's a scupper plug to make the propel unit optional.

Some make it look so easy and I have to say it takes some practice. You need to practice standing in shallow water and get use to it's limits. People make it look like walking on the ground and it isn't. A lot of the wider kayak are very stable but get use to it first you need to develop some sea legs.

Viking Profish

This is straight from Grant Montague of Viking Kayaks "Austin canoe and Kayak in Texas will have limited numbers in stock this summer. They have a sample Profish Reload and a Profish 400, I'm sure they won't mind test pilots trying them out. Those that are seriously interested should pre-order to get their hands on one from the first shipment" Hope that helps!

A trunk for storage and pole holders

It sits behind the seat and is essentially a trunk for storage and pole holders. You can keep extra fisjing rods/net/gopro mount in the pvc on the sides and tackle/gear/tools inside. This gives somewhere to stow things without it being in the hull.

In a kayak you don't have the storage space of say a boat so you have to have a place to put your rods and fishing tackle. The pipes on the side hold your rods and the box has a lid that you open and can put your box's of lures and soft plastics to keep it organized and secure and keeps it from being in the way of your feet and helps you from loosing equipment some guys will also put leashes on there rod holders to connect the rods incase of a accidental flip over.

Aan issue with the bottom of the bag in the front hatch getting wet

Use dry bags for anything that needs to stay dry. The hatch bag is good for keeping things in place but wallet, keys, dry clothes(in cold weather), and other valuables are in a dry bag with enough air sealed in so it would float if it ever hit the water.

The inside of mine stays damp, condensation because of the high humidity this time of year. Remember, the kayak is not unlike a closed greenhouse. It is full of warm, humid air. When it is placed in cool water, the humid air will condense all over the inside, including inside the bag and anything inside the bag. The condensation will run down the sides of the bag, accumulating at the bottom. This is why the bottom seems to be damp. Water seal on the bag will only result in the condensation puddling in the bottom. If it needs to stay dry, you will need to use a dry bag. The hanging bag is just to keep stuff from sliding back into the hull.

Need a battery - The best option.

a Lowrance Elite 4 HDI...

Experience with the "Blue Brick?"

This is a Chinese made, rechargeable, 12V Lithium battery that weights just over 1 lb. These batteries are ideal for powering kayak accessories and actually last longer than SLA Batteries. Here's a pic of the 12v lithium rechargeable battery... the "Blue Brick." A lot of paddlers are running these.

Find the amp draw of your FF (prob 400-600 ma) and divide that into the amp hour rating of the battery. So, if the battery is 7AH and your FF draws 500ma, you theoretically get 14 hours of use between charges. Of course, the FF will shut down at a predetermined voltage (10.4 V or so) before the battery runs totally down so you would get slightly less than 14 hours.

Lithium batteries. Consider math above.

Do you want to recharge before every trip. Larger rated (amp hours) lithium batteries are more expensive. I have a Lowrance Elite 4X DSI. The manual says the draw is 200mA.

7.2Ah UPG Security Alarm System Battery and Schumacher XM1-5 1.5 Amp Fully Automatic Power Charger and Maintainer. Both under $20 on Amazon.

Lithium battery


- Lithium-ion/lithium-polymer batteries have different charging characteristics vs. lead-acid. They do not like to be overcharged. You might be OK with the 12v "car" charger, but you would monitor it closely the first couple of times for overheating.

- The video mentions possibility adding a USB plug to allow charging of phones or other devices. I would not try that. USB is 5v. You would certainly damage the 5v battery in that device and possibly start a fire. Bottom line: Li-ion does not like overcharge or total discharge. They are very tolerant of topping-off and hold a charge longer while in storage. Watch out for overheating the first few times on that charger.

Other new kayaks, available to the fishermen:

features and characteristics

Exclusive K12 Kayak Review

KC Kayaks out of US, Louisiana has introduced another standup fishing and hunting 2014 machine K21.

the new fishing friend "Amigo" from Diablo Paddlesports

equipment evolution:

The kayak fishing products

- research and development

In this era of high technology and fishing product innovations based research and development we can easily take for granted that the kayak fishing products that we see on the market are all pretty good.

Many anglers before have favorites of course and for good reasons, largely based upon what a friend or fishing buddy has had success with or a recommendation that was read.

Not too long ago there just wasn't that many good fishing products and accessories available and we as anglers had to rely on the opinion of others particularly if you didn't have very deep pockets.

Fishing lures have just gone absolutely crazy. There are many of the wooden plugs that were in anglers. These are hand carved, hand painted lures from the 1930's to the 1950's and they still catch fish.

latest Models: Angler Kayaks For Sale

Fishing hooks

Technology did not overlook our fishing hooks. It seems that there is no escape from the desire of mankind to keep improving everything that we come in contact with. Life has gone from bare survival to improving tools to make life more enjoyable right down to line guides on your favorite fly rod.

Fishing Lines

The line lasted much longer, was a consistent diameter throughout and was getting thinner and stronger and still evolving today.

Then the manufacturers went back to braided line with the advent of new braid materials that were super strong and small in diameter and the line manufactures have not looked back since.

In example: SpiderWire, one of the early super braid fishing line companies has really stepped up its game and jumped way out in front of the completion with their new Ultacast Invisi-Braid line.

The best of SpiderWire - New INVISI BRAID Ultracast® fishing line for ultimate performance. Fine Line Features translucency for near invisibility, Ultra smooth, amazingly sensitive and thin.

But, there is a lot of completion between companies-there is and that's great for everyone as it drives manufactures to keep improving and innovating and these guys are in an effort to earn your respect.

Reels & Rods

Reels were mostly level wind style that we now call bait casters. These old reels were not very good and also required much care. The rich had a few early versions of spinning reels that were very expensive and would cast early mono line much better. Shortly after WWII there wasn't much gear available for the average guy and even fewer fishing reels manufactures.

In the 60's we began to see innovation as folks had a bit of free time and a bit of extra money in their pocket. The fishing gear manufactures went all out and developed some nice gear for the day and some products that were not so useful.

The good thing about this trend in making it better and better has really paid off for today's anglers. Sure you can still buy some fishing gear, rods and reels that is not as good as others but I can tell you that all of it today is way better than how it was before.

If you test new products, you will continuously amazed in what we are offered on the market today.

Often feel guilty when I turn down a product as not being good enough for the Kayak Fishing Classics to award to our contestants.

for example: Take a look at fishing rods , one of the first is with was bamboo and my first fly rod was metal.

Then we had the solid fiberglass rods and they were really something but were quickly replaced with a hollow core fiberglass rod formed over a mandrel.

specifically for kayak fishing

From BlackDog Rods - The most powerful and sensitive "Blackout" fishing rod pecifically designed for kayak anglers

They were much, much lighter and cast a great deal better but they can't hold a candle to a new rod. Just take a look at a specifically designed Blackout Kayak Rod by BlackDog Rods and you will see a highly specialized device designed specifically for kayak fishing.

History of the kayak

Take a look at the history of the kayak. What we find today are no longer made from

whale bone ribs and seal skin. Today's sit on top fishing kayak is incredible and highly effective include for fishing advent. Depending on the manufacture and model you can even stand up and fish on them such as the Diablo Paddlesports new kayak - Adios or Old Town fishing Models.

The kayaks of today are strong, lightweight, realy comfortable and at low prices. If you look at what goes into making a plastic kayak - you will not want to get into the business.

The point here is that many of anglers have grown so accustomed to out standing products that we have forgotten what all has gone into it and how much these companies must love anglers.

Hook 1 Kayak Fishing Gear offer Evolve Bait's Mad Mouse

They look freaking awesome- anatomically correct 5-inch buzzing mouse. -

Baits comes in a 4-pack, and they're pretty tough. The legs are the first to go, of course, but not before the lure's produced several good fish. The tapered body comes through reeds, tules, and willow grass easily. Just twitch and shake to maneuver it through the thick stuff. Across open water the legs and tail flutter like the critter's swimming.... nice action.

All of us need to think about that a bit and send some love to these companies, where would your fishing be today if your favorite fishing tackle and products companies decided that mediocre was good enough.


kayak models - Public Review and comments. Check out what Public comment and Reviewers have to say

Kayaks Equipment and gear, Safety and Tips, Kayak Fishing Gear

Reels for kayaks

Penn Spinfisher 5500ssv loaded with Suffix 832 40# braid on an ugly stick tiger lite jigging rod. Its cheap, sealed (great for kayaks), has a STRONG drag and fast retrieve. Its busted red snapper to 31", sharks including a 7ft bull, grouper and AJs. Other good choice is Shimano Sustain 3000 on a Castaway 7'6" Line Tamer rod. Spooled with 30# Fins Windtamer braid. 3' Seaguar 20# fluorocarbon leader and Penn Battle 2000 w/15lb Power Pro, Penn Slammer 360 w/30lb Power Pro, and Penn Slammer 760 w/50lb Power Pro.

Kayak Fishing - gear ratios and all high speed reels

XXL kayaks - high weight capacity and stability boats