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- The advantages and disadvantages of kayak and canoes, Benefits, Main types & Categories, Rules

The main fundamental difference between kayaks and canoes :

the center of weight paddler. In a classic kayak (SIT-IN) You will sit just below the water level and your feet are straight ahead and œnter the weight is just ...

- Is Canoeing & kayaking dangerous? As with any kind of "extreme" outdoor-activities, kayaking is fraught with potential risk.

However, if certain security measures, most of which are obvious and common sense, chances to be in the hospital or the cemetery is min...

- Which Canoes and Kayaks to Choose How do you know which type is right for you? -It depends for what purpose and in what conditions you want to use the boat. In recent years, with the massive expansion of the entertainment sector of the store...

- Stability & speed stability: The important qualities of a canoe and kayak, stability and speed and stability rank at the top for the angler. The more stabile the kayak the slower paddles...

- Canoes or kayaks Safety and Instruction Tips For safe canoeing or kayaking, you must always: -primarily to show prudence, responsibility and common sense necessarily know how to swim.
-always wear a life vest, but nothing that know how to swim. If children are aboard, make sure that a kidís life vest is secured...

Canoe & Kayak storage options and systems. "how to" and "Do it yourself" videos Sailing Inflatable Kayak - Sevylor SVX500DS SVX200DS u230;

Ranger Inflatable Kayak / Canoe Sea Trial

- Canoe and Kayak Storage options storing the kayak or canoe in the garage, but the most simple, but effective and inexpensive solution "do it yourself", we show here. All you need are 2 belt at about 1.5 to up 2 meters...

- Kayak & fishing Forums Salt-water kayak fishing reports, Kayak fishing reports from lakes and rivers, Alaska Kayaking&Canoeing...

- Kayak and Canoe Anchors, Anchor Types Folding kayak anchor, ideal for kayak fishing is a durable, light weight anchor, thatcan fold this anchor and can carry easily wherever you go and offers enhanced stability.Foldup Grappling Anchor for canoe/kayak. holding power1,5lb...

- Touring kayak: techniques and Safety Gear At First, think of your kayak safety equipment and gear procedures in terms of to help yourself and then that fails to attract outside help...

- Types of kayaks choose the right type kayak for you needs, sport, fun, or "most pleasant time".

- Kayak fishing Kayaks designed for "fishing" have typically either bolted-on or molded-in rod holders because you need a secure place when paddling to keep your best rods. Perhaps the biggest problem is If your Kayak not equipped with rod ...

- Kayaks for Kids and beginners Great fun to be had kayaking lakes,calm rivers, and ocean waters with kids.
It's true that rapids put much of the "extreme" in backcountry trips involving water travel is not for kids and teens. Together with your kids ...

- Types of PFDs Life Jackets, Models and Manufacturers Types of PFDs Life Jackets ...Reducing Risk Few pieces of boating gear (Personal flotation devices) PFDs have progressed more in safety and safety than the some of models simple life jacket.

- Whitewater Kayaking The beauty of whitewater kayaking is found in the basics of paddling (movement & proper paddle position), and a proper execution and understanding of the basics and basic safety tips and rules- have more fun on your next kayak adventure.

- River Kayaks, still & whitewater kayaking The beauty of whitewater kayaking is found in the basics of paddling (movement & proper paddle position), and a proper execution and understanding of the basics and basic safety tips and rules.

- Sea & Ocean kayaks - Characteristics and Advantages, Selection, Equipment and Use Your seakayak is your life! - this is not a lie, for any paddler out in open waters - If you lose the kayak, you could lose your life. See important safety features of a sea "ocean" kayak below.

- whitewater River Classification US and Canada whitewater River Classification - Whitewater kayaking

- Inflatable Kayaks, Gear and Manufacturers The variety of different watercraft is almost end-less, as well. From the familiar rowboats to canoes and strong inflatable kayaks...

EU River Classification - Europe River Classification - Whitewater kayaking, TOP 10 Whitewater EU Rivers. Especially in the Alps region, Europe offers a large number of best and beautiful rafting rivers

Canoe & Canoeing , Guides / Instruction Books - Paddling technique, Basics & Tips, Gear & Accessories

Kayak Adventure and Experience - A Story of Adventure and Experience on the Connecticut River

Tampa Bay Casting - for an Inshore Slam , Canoeing and Kayaking fishing

Rafting on the New River - "Rush of the rapids"

River Safety-Rules - Be prepared!

Kayaks and Kayaking , Paddling Instructions and Guides, Gear & Accessories Books

Kayaking Books: Kayaking Guides, Paddling technique, Gear & Accessories

Popular Kayaking Books

Kayaks and Kayaking

Red Kayak : Paperback /2006 - Priscilla Cummings


The Strip-Built Sea Kayak Three Rugged , Beautiful Boats You Can Build: Paperback /98 - Nick Schade

Themes:Part I The Background,How Design Affects,Boat Tools and Materials, Getting Started,Building the Hull & Deck,Fiberglassing and Finishing, Artistic Creation, Fitting Out, And a Paddle to Match


Building the Greenland Kayak - A Manual for It's Contruction and Use /2002 - Christopher Cunningham

Themes: The Design, Tools, Materials, Deck Fittings, Milling, The Framework,The Hull, Stem Plates, Skinning the Kayak, Clothing etc.


The New Kayak Shop - More Elegant Wooden Kayaks Anyone Can Build/2000 - Chris Kulczycki

Themes: Complete plans and building instructions for three new boats


The Complete Kayak Fisherman /2007 - Eric B. Burnley

Themes: Choosing a Kayak, Kayak Rigging the Right Way, Safety, Modifying the Kayak, Paddling for Fish and Regional Review


Kayak Craft- Fine Woodstrip Kayak Construction /99 - Ted Moores and Jennifer Moores

Themes:Kayak Design - by Steve Killing, Getting Organized, Machining the Planking, teh Building Jig, Stems and Sheer,The Skin: Planking, Sanding, Deck and Hull Interior,
Cockpit and Hatches, Form to Function and Varnishing


Wade and Kayak Fishing the Coastal Bend of Texas/07 - Ray Crawford

Themes: Coastal Bend of Texas fishing with kayak


The Only Kayak- : A Journey into the Heart of Alaska /06 - Kim Heacox

Themes: Alaska Kayaking


Canoeing and Kayaking Florida /07 - by Johnny Molloy, Elizabeth F. Carter, John Pearce and Lou Glaros

Themes:This book is for all the kayak paddlers of Florida : on the waters of the Everglades, Florida streams and rivers


A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to Kentucky "Canoe and Kayak Series" /04 - Bob Sehlinger and Johnny Molloy

Themes:streams of the eastern coal fields, the licking river and its tributaries
the Kentucky river and its tributaries, creek drainages of madison county the cumberland river and its tributaries, the salt river system of the western bluegrass headwaters of the green river, streams of the western coal fields streams of land between the lakes,streams of the jackson purchase, waters of special mention


Kayaking "Outdoor Adventures Series" /08 - "American Canoe Association", Pamela Dillion and Jeremy Oyen

Themes:Preparing - Going Kayaking, Getting Fit and Ready to Kayak, Kayaks, Paddles, and Gear & Safety and Survival Skills
On the Water - Maneuvers and Techniques, Sea River and Whitewater Kayaking


Kayaking Guides

Quiet Water New Hampshire and Vermont, 3rd - AMC's Canoe and Kayak Guide to the Best Ponds , Lakes, and Easy Rivers /2010 - John Hayes and Alex Wilson

Themes: Canoe and Kayak Guide- NEW HAMPSHIRE and VERMONT Quiet Water


AMC Quiet Water Series - Quiet Water New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania: AMC's Canoe and Kayak Guide to the Best Ponds, Lakes, and Easy Rivers /10 - Kathy Kenley

best NJ ponds, lakes, and easy rivers


Quiet Water Maine, 2nd- Canoe and Kayak Guide AMC Quiet Water/2005 - Alex Wilson and John Hayes

Themes: Maine Canoe & Kayak Guide, 2nd Edition


Sea Kayaking

Safety & Rescue - : From Mild to Wild Conditons, the Essential Guide for Beginners Through Experts/2008 - John Lull

Themes:building a safety foundation, weather and sea conditions, sea-kayaking domains, eouipment selection and use self-rescues & swimming. assisted rescues, the eskimo roll, backup strategies and towing


The Essential Sea Kayaker - A Complete Guide for the Open Water Paddler, Second Edition /2000 - David Seidman

Themes:OW kayaker Select Your Kayak, Paddle, and Caar - Learn Strokes, Braces, Sweeps, and Maneuvers -Understand Wind, Heather, and Currants - Become a Navigator and Venture Further


Sea Kayaking - A Woman's Guide Revised Edition /98 - Shelley Johnson

Themes:Women's Voices
Everything you need to Know to Get started , and keep Going - Gear, Clothing, Tips, and Advice


A River Guide for Raft, Kayak, and Canoe - Western Whitewater from the Rockies to the Pacific /94 - Jim Cassady, Bill Cross and Fryar Calhoun

Themes:guidebook for whitewater river kayakers, raft and canoe, accurate and useful info on white-water rivers, kayaking & rafting in 11 US Western states


A Paddler's Guide to Oregon Rivers - "Soggy Sneakers" /2004 - Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club and Pete Giordano

Guide to running Oregon whitewater rivers, over 200 runs


A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to West Virginia, 5th /2003 - Paul Davidson, Ward Eister, Dirk Davidson and Charlie Walbridge

Themes: Practical and valuable information for Wildwater West Virginia


The Paddler's Guide to Michigan for the Outdoors /11 - Jeff Counts

Themes: illustrated and information tools. 200 pages full Guide to Michigan - quiet waters including rivers, inland lakes and the Great Lakes state, including rivers, inland lakes, and the Great Lakes and "how to" best paddling trips


Kayak Fishing - The Complete Guide /08 - Cory Routh and Beau Beasley

Themes: Clear and essential full information Guide , everything you will need to know for fun fishing, safe and successful kayak fishing


Guide to Sea Kayaking Central & Northern California /99 - Roger Schumann and Jan Shriner

Themes: Central & Northern California'- The Best Day Trips and Tours from the Lost Coast to Morro Bay.Paddling the Pacific Coast, The Lost Coast & Mendocino Point Reyes National Seashore & Vicinity,Point Reyes National Seashore Outer Coast San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary & Vicinity and Big Sur Coast to Morro Bay


"How to Paddle"

Kayak Paddling

Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation 4th - Master the Traditional Skills and the Latest Technologies"How to Paddle Series" /2008 - David Burch

Themes: The Role of Navigation, Nautical Charts and Chart Reading Other Navigation Aids.,Compass Use, Dead Reckoning, Piloting, Electronic Navigation, Tides and Currents


Kayak: The New Frontier: The Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Technique /07 - William Nealy

Themes: Paddle fu, Hydrotopography, air Traffic Control,Swimming self Rescue,
Self and River Rescue, Big water Technique etc.


Sea Kayak Rescue, 2nd - The Definitive Guide to Modern Reentry and Recovery Techniques "How to Paddle Series" /2007 - Roger Schumann and Jan Shriner

Themes: Sea Kayak - Recovery Paddle Techniques


Kayak Surfing "How to Paddle Series" /2009 - Bill Mattos

Themes: to surf, or not to surf - what you'll need, where to start, getting there, controlling speed, top turn, radical top turn,
radical cutback, rip till you die, tube ride, blunt & barrel roll etc.


Easykayaking Basics - A Paddling Handbook Series for the Pacific Northwest/2004 - Gary Backlund and Paul Grey

Themes:Buying a sea kayak and Equipment choices, Safety equipment Boat Transporting, care and maintenance,Apparel choices made easier food tips, Fitness and physical needs, Kayak safety & navigation and GPS unit


Expedition Kayaking , 4th "Sea Kayaking How- To/99 - Derek C. Hutchinson

Themes:The Kayak and Equipment, Strokes & Maneuvers, Deep-Water Rescues, Paddling, Handling Double Kayaks, Sailing Your Kayak, Emergency Aid, Camping etc.


Whitewater Rescue

Manual - New Techniques for Canoeists, Kayakers, and Rafters /95 - Charles Walbridge and Wayne Sundmacher

Themes:Kayak Techniques, Equipment Safety Check,Swimming and Wading, Throw Ropes: Selection and Use, Swimming and Line-Based Rescues, Recovering Pinned Boats, Retrieving Runaway Boats, First Aid etc.



Gear & Equipment & Accessories

Begin Your Kayaking Adventures - A Simplified Guidebook On Kayaking For Beginners With Basic Kayaking Tips On Kayaking Gear And Kayak Training For You ... The Ultimate Kayaking Adventure Of Your Life/2011 - / Chris G. Stewart

Themes: Beginning Requirements, Learning Safety First, Choosing Your Kayak,
How to Choose Kayak Paddles and Sea Equipment, Advanced Learning and Fundamental Techniques, Kayaking in Whitewater Races

Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayaking "Sit-On-Top Guides"with Illustrations /2000 - Tom Holtey

Themes: Why A Tandem?, Types and parts and Accessories(The Kayak Paddle, The Life Jacket, Kayaking Apparel)of Tandem Kayaks, Working As A Team Launching and Landing, Deep Water Re-entry Paddle Strokes, skills,
Transporting Your Tandem, The Right Tandem For You and Safety


Kayak Touring & Camping Paperback /1999 - Cecil Kuhne

Themes: Equipment(Paddling Accessories, Clothing, Trip Planning), Technique, Camping Skills and Appendixes


The Optimum Kayak /99 - by Andy Knapp

How to Choose. Maintain. Repair, and Customize the Right Boat for You

Themes: Kayaking"s Broad Spectrum, Choosing and Using a Kayak
Keeping Your Kayak in Top Condition, Winter and Summer Storage of Gear and Equipment, Cartopping and Transporting Your Kayak, Resources and Accessories


Kayak Bass Fishing - Largemouth, Smallmouth, Stripers /10 Paperback- Chad Hoover

Themes: Gear selection, rigging and Accessories selecting a kayak, paddles, pfds accessories and gear installation.
Safety equipment, clothing and transport

essential strokes and techniques, the search for knowledge,rod, reel and line selection
lure descriptions and techniques, pyhsiology and environmental, bass hangouts
developing a successful strategy, striped bass, finding big fish etc.


Kayakfishing - The Revolution by Ken Daubert /01 - Ken Daubert

Themes: The book is basicly an invitation to join the kayakfishing, Gear and accessories for fishing, fish anywhere fishing, from small rivers and ponds to open oceans from kayaks.



to Kayaking and Kayaking Equipment /11 - James McAllister

Themes:Beginner's Kindle Edition 2011 Guide To Basic Kayaking Equipment, Gear and Adventure and more...

book available on Amazon

Kayak Fishing- The Ultimate Guide /2011 - Scott Null and Joel McBride

Themes:equipment and kayaks,paddles-pfds -anchors-accessories, chapter before hitting the water,fishing from a kayak and "how-to" catching fish,freshwater & saltwatfr kayak fishing


This is the Roll

The art of rolling must be up there with navigation - it can be a bit of a black art, however, once mastered, it can transform your paddling.

This DVD covers 3 Greenland style rolls-the standard Greenland roll, the reverse sweep and the storm roll, and has additional sections including troubleshooting, rolling with a 'euroblade', modifying your equipment for rolling, and stretches for rolling/paddling. Each roll is covered in great detail and is broken down into constituent parts and easy-to-learn progressions. There are some fantastic dryland exercises (including in an uncovered kayak-frame that clearly demonstrates the importance of driving with the leg), which introduce the fundamental moves and concepts. When the activity moves in-water, the footage is shot from multiple angles both above and below water, which provides a comprehensive and and is easy-to-follow guide. The teaching is done by world-class instructors Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson, who provide clear introductions and explanations of each element, and are the sort of instructors you would love to have teaching you! The DVD has been produced by multiple award winning filmmaker Justine Curvengen, and this shines through in the quality of the filming. This is a polished production that has been brilliantly and beautifully filmed. Overall this is an exceptionally comprehensive guide that will help you to master rolling, no matter where or how you capsize or what blades you use.

Available to buy from www.cackletv.com RRP-£19.99

Canyoneeing Arizona

One of the most successful canyoneering guides ever, Canyoneeing Arizona is the quintessential tool for exploring Arizona's streambeds, gorges, and slots. All the best canyon routes in the state are covered, from easy canyon trails to waterfall-choked chasms. This is the book that helped redefine backcountry play in the Southwest.

Grand Canyon River Hikes

This is the book tor finding just the right side hikes on your Grand Canyon river trip. The US Canyons standard routes like Thunder River and Nankoweap are covered, as well as numerous lesser-known hikes. Handy information specific to Grand Canyon is listed with each route in this easy to use Guide. As with all Funhog Press books, maps and photos accompany every route description.