- The advantages and disadvantages of kayak and canoes, Benefits, Main types & Categories, Rules

The main fundamental difference between kayaks and canoes :

the center of weight paddler. In a classic kayak (SIT-IN) You will sit just below the water level and your feet are straight ahead and center the weight is just ...

- Is Canoeing & kayaking dangerous? As with any kind of "extreme" outdoor-activities, kayaking is fraught with potential risk.

However, if certain security measures, most of which are obvious and common sense, chances to be in the hospital or the cemetery is min...

- Which Canoes and Kayaks to Choose How do you know which type is right for you? -It depends for what purpose and in what conditions you want to use the boat. In recent years, with the massive expansion of the entertainment sector of the store...

- Stability & speed stability: The important qualities of a canoe and kayak, stability and speed and stability rank at the top for the angler. The more stabile the kayak the slower paddles...

- Canoes or kayaks Safety and Instruction Tips For safe canoeing or kayaking, you must always: -primarily to show prudence, responsibility and common sense necessarily know how to swim.
-always wear a life vest, but nothing that know how to swim. If children are aboard, make sure that a kidís life vest is secured...

Canoe & Kayak storage options and systems. "how to" and "Do it yourself" videos Sailing Inflatable Kayak - Sevylor SVX500DS SVX200DS u230;

Ranger Inflatable Kayak / Canoe Sea Trial

- Canoe and Kayak Storage options storing the kayak or canoe in the garage, but the most simple, but effective and inexpensive solution "do it yourself", we show here. All you need are 2 belt at about 1.5 to up 2 meters...

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- Kayak and Canoe Anchors, Anchor Types Folding kayak anchor, ideal for kayak fishing is a durable, light weight anchor, thatcan fold this anchor and can carry easily wherever you go and offers enhanced stability.Foldup Grappling Anchor for canoe/kayak. holding power1,5lb...

- Touring kayak: techniques and Safety Gear At First, think of your kayak safety equipment and gear procedures in terms of to help yourself and then that fails to attract outside help...

- Types of kayaks choose the right type kayak for you needs, sport, fun, or "most pleasant time".

- Kayak fishing Kayaks designed for "fishing" have typically either bolted-on or molded-in rod holders because you need a secure place when paddling to keep your best rods. Perhaps the biggest problem is If your Kayak not equipped with rod ...

- Touring kayak: Characteristics and Advantages Equipment, design, Speed, Maneuverability, Stability of Kayak. Touring kayak has popularity around the world. First of all must to know the basic kayak touring techniques necessary to get, and with practice, you can become reasonably proficient at kayak-paddling,...

- Types of PFDs Life Jackets, Models and Manufacturers Types of PFDs Life Jackets ...Reducing Risk. Few pieces of boating gear (Personal flotation devices) PFDs have progressed more in safety and safety than the some of models simple life jacket.

- Whitewater Kayaking The beauty of whitewater kayaking is found in the basics of paddling (movement & proper paddle position), and a proper execution and understanding of the basics and basic safety tips and rules- have more fun on your next kayak adventure.

- River Kayaks, still & whitewater kayaking The beauty of whitewater kayaking is found in the basics of paddling (movement & proper paddle position), and a proper execution and understanding of the basics and basic safety tips and rules.

- Sea & Ocean kayaks - Characteristics and Advantages, Selection, Equipment and Use Your seakayak is your life! - this is not a lie, for any paddler out in open waters - If you lose the kayak, you could lose your life. See important safety features of a sea "ocean" kayak below.

- whitewater River Classification US and Canada whitewater River Classification - Whitewater kayaking

- Inflatable Kayaks, Gear and Manufacturers The variety of different watercraft is almost end-less, as well. From the familiar rowboats to canoes and strong inflatable kayaks...

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Kid's kayak - Characteristics and Advantages & manufacturers

Kayaks for Kids and beginners

Characteristics and Advantages




for beginners and Kids

A kids' kayaks, easier and more fun, will be easier to maneuver, fit better, and make
it easier for them to keep up.
"Sit on top kayaks" - looks like a fat surfboard is the best type of kayak for kids.
they are easier to handle, comfortable and very stable for beginning paddlers in Additional for fishing, Because The paddler sits on the kayak instead of inside it.Kids can easily enter and exit into a kayak but For a sit in kayak must to be learn specific maneuvers. Sit on top stability is excellent for new paddlers kayaks are great for kids.New paddlers Dad or Mummy can realy easily jump on top with the very young ones if you are a confident.

Great fun

kayaking with Kids

Great fun to be had kayaking lakes, calm rivers, and ocean waters with kids.

It's true that rapids put much of the "extreme" in backcountry trips involving water travel is not for kids and teens. Together with your kids, you can explore flatwater(exciting in a relatively safe way) stretch of river or series of lakes, or flatwater stretch of river. Like river rafting trips and get away from cars and roads.

There's great fun to be had kayaking calm rivers, and ocean waters with children. In addition to providing the means to paddle large lake waters or ocean tandem sea kayaks provides an excellent method of conveyance for parents and kids taking inland trips.


Kayaking with Kids ...and some Protections

Generally, kids under age 16 must be accompanied by someone older and Experienced adults, and the families can try kayaking, Paddling or fishing in the calm waters around people and not too far from beaches. Kids must correctly sized kit to enjoy and stay comfortable and warm while boating.

Children can easily lose interest on paddle and long trips, often sitting about on a boat paddling only a little time, you must build in frequent stops, often short and long breaks in water and ashore, to go toilet, have sandviches or something like that.

Protect and Suit the child's needs, ensure they wear head protection for their size and child skin protection from harmful sun's rays.

Methods include wearing kid's hats and "sun cream" high factor applied even on sunny and overcast days, long clothing and it;s important for a good time kayaking.

Sea Kayak

and Kids

Sea kayaks can be used on any flatwater tnp because of their closed cockpits make them more problematic for hauling gear because everything carried on a sea kayak trip must fit through the kayaks' small hatches. Large boat or yacht traffic, large waves and complexities of weather make taking children in sea kayaks more demanding han inland flatwater trips but family trips on the ocean are are doable.A tandem of two person sea kayaks provides an excellent method of conveyance for two parents and two kidstaking inland trips. Depending on where and when you and your kid paddling, you may wear special clothing, right size and type, a good life jacket(Note: kids' jackets are sized by age) and take other gear.

Make your kayaking intervals short. This is a must with kids of almost any age. kids get bored and tired o so you must to need to do some careful trip kayak planning and good idea of how far you are likoly to he able to paddle in an hour and make certain that this will put you in a spot where you can readily pull out. It's good idea to have some attractions.

Kid's boat Manufacturers

Kayaks Manufacturers


- THE age WHERE FUN BEGINS with our kayaks.
Jackson Kayak - is one of the few kayak US companies with such an extensive collection of kayak products and accessories that it can accom-modate children of all ages and ability levels.
Manufactures specifically intended kayaks for kids and beginners in six different series with many different models for children.

Fun kayak 1.5 suitable for kids to learn to paddle from 60 to 120 pounds in river or lake.

How to Find: There is a store locator on the Jackson Web site, contact the company
for assistance www.jacksonkayak.com

Prijon Kayaks

offer amazing range of models , specifically designed sea touring and river kayaks for kids, teenagers or beginners. All kayaks are made in Germany or from EU countries...more >>

Kid's "Flipper" Kayak

- Short 293cm Flipper - Very low wieght 9 kg children Kayak for fun paddling - www.prijon.com


ģ Canoes and Kayaks

A large selection of kayaks for trips, expeditions, fun or sporting purposes.
Kayaks available in many different styles, models and sizes depending upon the family or kid's needs.

Some kayaks are very maneuverable and stable, and smaller and are more suitable for children.
The "Dirigo Tandem Plus" and "Dirigo 140" kayak models have removable child seats so thatyour child can be in front of you as you paddle and are made for all family water recreation - designed for two paddle family fun boats.
There are models Kanoes suited for older teens or children provide better stable
It is highly recommended that kayaks if you wish family expeditions or fun.

contact the company for assistance: www.oldtowncanoe.com

These best companies specialize in manufacturing kayaks and excellent products and accessories to help your child enjoy Whether you like to swim or kayak,to enjoy as you water sports.All of this kayak companies listed abowe have
understand that your child's fun and sport needswill considerably vary depending upon his or her size and a strong orientation toward customer service.

What age

can I start the kids kayaking?

to 3 yeas old keep them on your knee on sit on top kayak type

3 to 4 yeas old can on sit on top single, but stay close

over 5 should be fine single sit on top

over 7 years old sea kayak can single

over 9 start them on small rapids

Camps teach life skills,

Tips to get your children started and loving kayaking.

For n camp kid, summer means a lot more than no school arid trips to the local swimming pool. Every child who has attended an outdoor summer camp knows that at camp the bar is raised, and daily activities include kayaking, on main biking, learning to read a map and wilderness .sur- vival skills. Children were introduced to kayaking on their first summer and through a gentle introduction have grown to love the sport and look forward to kayaking summer and winter. But what kids may not realize is that camp is about far more than the practical skills and adventurous activities that draw them id ihe outdoor each year It's not enough to teach the basic head knowledge of .survival and ad venture, a Boulder based summer camps program, rt s equally important to deliver the experiences that build character and teach youth how to become responsible leaders. So what long-term effects can come from an outdoor summer camp?

Canada's first aquatic driving range - Manitouwadge -

for Young and kids or old - kayaking.

Manitouwadge challenges you to play kayak in the extreme! Manitouwadge is a beautiful community that offers year round opportunities for outdoor adventure and indoor fun. In the summer, explore our great forests and wilderness while you kayak or canoe along pristine waters or rushing rapids, fish on any of the hundreds of nearby lakes, camp out under thestars, or spend the day hiking or biking on miles of marked trails and old logging roads. Manitouwadge also features a nine-hole golf course, complete with full clubhouse facilities and Canada's first aquatic driving range.


Kayakers and Instruction

Another favorite activity is kayaking, you can started out using canoes , but we have all come to prefer kayaks.

Kid's love boats especially attracted to kayaks and small kayaks,because boats are small and light-constructions compared to a lot of other different types of boats
especially when they are able to sit close to the water,also water play is extremely enjoyable for little children. wonderful sport for children is Sea kayaking at its most exciting, but they should be with good swimming abilities! If young children are made aware of the importance of kayak adrenaline sport the following suggestions shouldn't them scare them.

The BIG Sport Bilbao - Exploring Sport paddling, Exploring, Trips with the children and Underwater hunting kayaks
BILBAO,The fluid hull shape, optimum stability kayak that Will suit beginners or experienced kayakers alike. Whether you're paddling single, or with the kids, the quality of its design makes all activities possible with better comfort and ease.
web/source: www.bicsportkayaks.com

Older Kids can take advantage of boats plastic, fiberglass, or inflatable made especially for them, also kid-friendly approach to teaching the basics of
river or sea kayaking while building confidence and self esteem, kids love a little "Piece" of independence.
But be sure your child is as ready as you are for any boat or water situations that can arise.

- For perfect days out with kids plan outings with young children to sheltered waters always close to shore.
- Choose a boat suitable for carrying kids, Sit on tops kayaks offer a safe and fun platform or double kayaks type with the center hatch converted to take a kid seat can be used as triples, especially with smaller kid,but avoid putting a child in the seat compartment with you or the rear compartment of a single type boat, because it eliminates the rear boat flotation.
- When it comes to kids safety, life jackets/PFDs and clothing appropriate to water temperature and weather, there's no room to skimp.
- Make really sure,the Best Way To Make Sure is to test the kid, your child is capable of self-rescue in the event of a boat capsize.

Sea Kayaking with Children

We all want our kids to grow-up to be independent, confident, and self-reliant individuals, right? More than likely, the grumbling will disappear as soon as your Children get into the kayak sport. If it doesn't, there are lots of other great outdoor sports to try.No law who says you have to get started in a new
sport hand in hand with your familly and kids.

There's no better way for children to develop those qualities than by participating in the challenging, Highly individual & Family world of outdoor action water sports - kayaking.

Playful and Fun kayaks for tha little and not so little, surf and sun fun for the whole famili models, a touring sit on tip go anywhere and do anything user friendly and kids models from "New Zealand" - Q-Kayaks, source/web: www.q-kayaks.co.nz

Sea kayaking is a amazing family adrenaline sport (as long as you can trust your Kid not to freak out)
with a kid in the front of a 2-3-seat boat and a parent in back, Not in Front!

With a flatter design and hull larger than a river type kayak and a boat center of gravity much lower than a canoe, a sea-kayak is the most stable of the three and ideal choice for kids and offer a range of exciting activities, perhaps just inches off the sea shore. On the other hand, the restless and excitable young child and those with a sun allergy and back problems can find
sea kayaking much uncomfortable, so it is wise to try a short outing especially your first time kayaking.

For Kids Safety you can use devices for increasing stability, balance sacks(attached with a bone Hook forward and a stick slipped under the aft deck lines) an balance poles(were tucked under the deck straps in front of the cockpit) , both kayak devices
referred to as pakkul.

Reasons for Adventuring with Kids

Five Reasons for Outdoor Adventuring with Your childrens

- You'll make lifelongtime connections with your childrens.
- confidence levels will grow up
-You'll get to enjoy watching your childrens develop a humbled respect great appreciation for the natural and sea world.
- a sense of accomplishment.
- Your kids' creative abilities will skyrocket.

But the more they learn they become with themselve,s Before long, they consider themselves real kayakers, and may be willing to take big risks!

No Child Left Behind

Paddler Magazine | July/August 2007

It's not the fish you catch, but who you catch it with

IN THE INTEREST OF FAIRNESS, THE RULES of the Jacksonville Kayak Fishing tournament: www.jaxkayakfishing.com, a charity event in northeast Florida, are stringent. But for Todd Derringer, the winner of the tourney's redfish-trout-flounder slam, he gains a unique advantage in the form of his fishing partner-3-year-oid son Christian. "I couldn't do it without my little buddy' says Derringer, 27, of nearby St. Augustsne. "I face him right toward me in my sit-inside, and he'll telt me where to go."

Christian pointed his daddy in ihe right directions during the mid-Way contest, as Derringer Janded a 25-inch red, 20.6-inch trout, and 17.8-inch flounder for a three-fish total oF 63.4 inches. The tournament, which raised $22,000 for a local children's service organization, was the first kayak-Fishing tournament Derringer had ever entered. But it certainly wasn't the first time ho had teamed up with his son. Derringer's father purchased a discontin- ued Victory Navigator for his son two years ago. The ability to paddle to fishing spots peeled back the curtain to an angling experi- ence he'd never known before.

"Being able to catch more fish than on land, basically," says Derringer, a manager of collections for a finance company. "I can go where most people can't. And it's a lot more peaceful, too, There's a lot of motarboats and jet skis out on the Intracoastal Waterway on the weekend, but I can go inland and stay there all day if I want." Todd has taken Christian on most of his fishing trips, fastening his puffy PFD over his shoulders and topping his head with an oversized sun hat. The pair will head out to nearby waterways for as long as 12 hours at a time. Sometimes, young Derringer falls asleep. But when he wakes up, he's ready to take home his own catch. "He can't cast, but he knows reel." Derringer' says. "He's caught redfish and a couple of flounder before." Now, however, it will be from a drfferent boat. Derringer's grand prize for winning the catch-photo-release tournament was a fully outfitted Ocean Kayak Big Game Prowler. "I got pumped up when I saw it," Derringer said. "That thing is loaded."

The boat may change, but it will be the same father-son experience. Dad feeding out the line, son feeding out the beta. "I always ask him where the reds are at, and he'll say, "Go over there, Daddy.' He's the best guide around, and he doesn't charge much. Only some cookies to snack on." -Mike Kord


Nearly every water venue is suitable for kayaking. A quiet-water lake, pond, or reservoir has relatively calm water with an almost glasslike surface. If you are new to the activity, begin on a sheltered fiatwater lake or pond away from powerboat/ski traffic, winds, or current.

For many, fiatwater kayaking on a small lake fulfills a need for kids adventure. Coves, historic bridges and piers, and cliffs and shoreline features on thousands of lakes and ponds offer an almost endless supply of web-sites to see and places to explore.

Great Lakes, rivers, and seas. Lakes, reservoirs, large ponds, and quiet coastlines make good paddling venues for kids fiatwater excursions. Many lakes have interesting outlets or inlets with nooks and crannies to explore, seek nature, or fishing.

A small body of water that is sheltered from the wind and has restrictions on powerboat traffic is ideal for the novice paddler and kids. A protected shoreline and minimal boat traffic will minimize the waves created by wind or boat wake. Your safest route on a lake is along the shoreline, within safe swimming distance from shore.