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- The advantages and disadvantages of kayak and canoes, Benefits, Main types & Categories, Rules

The main fundamental difference between kayaks and canoes :

the center of weight paddler. In a classic kayak (SIT-IN) You will sit just below the water level and your feet are straight ahead and center the weight is just ...

- Is Canoeing & kayaking dangerous? As with any kind of "extreme" outdoor-activities, kayaking is fraught with potential risk.

However, if certain security measures, most of which are obvious and common sense, chances to be in the hospital or the cemetery is min...

- Which Canoes and Kayaks to Choose How do you know which type is right for you? -It depends for what purpose and in what conditions you want to use the boat. In recent years, with the massive expansion of the entertainment sector of the store...

- Stability & speed stability: The important qualities of a canoe and kayak, stability and speed and stability rank at the top for the angler. The more stabile the kayak the slower paddles...

- Canoes or kayaks Safety and Instruction Tips For safe canoeing or kayaking, you must always: -primarily to show prudence, responsibility and common sense necessarily know how to swim.
-always wear a life vest, but nothing that know how to swim. If children are aboard, make sure that a kidís life vest is secured...

Canoe & Kayak storage options and systems. "how to" and "Do it yourself" videos Sailing Inflatable Kayak - Sevylor SVX500DS SVX200DS u230;

Ranger Inflatable Kayak / Canoe Sea Trial

- Canoe and Kayak Storage options storing the kayak or canoe in the garage, but the most simple, but effective and inexpensive solution "do it yourself", we show here. All you need are 2 belt at about 1.5 to up 2 meters...

- Kayak & fishing Forums Salt-water kayak fishing reports, Kayak fishing reports from lakes and rivers, Alaska Kayaking&Canoeing...

- Kayak and Canoe Anchors, Anchor Types Folding kayak anchor, ideal for kayak fishing is a durable, light weight anchor, thatcan fold this anchor and can carry easily wherever you go and offers enhanced stability.Foldup Grappling Anchor for canoe/kayak. holding power1,5lb...

- Touring kayak: Characteristics and Advantages Characteristics and Advantages | design, Speed, Maneuverability, Stability of Kayak. Touring kayak has popularity around the world. First of all must to know the basic kayak touring techniques necessary to get, and with practice, you can become reasonably proficient at kayak-paddling,...

- Touring kayak: techniques and Safety Gear At First, think of your kayak safety equipment and gear procedures in terms of to help yourself and then that fails to attract outside help...

- Types of kayaks choose the right type kayak for you needs, sport, fun, or "most pleasant time".

- Kayak fishing Kayaks designed for "fishing" have typically either bolted-on or molded-in rod holders because you need a secure place when paddling to keep your best rods. Perhaps the biggest problem is If your Kayak not equipped with rod ...

- Kayaks for Kids and beginners Great fun to be had kayaking lakes, calm rivers, and ocean waters with kids.
It's true that rapids put much of the "extreme" in backcountry trips involving water travel is not for kids and teens. Together with your kids ...

- Types of PFDs Life Jackets, Models and Manufacturers Types of PFDs Life Jackets ...Reducing Risk Few pieces of boating gear (Personal flotation devices) PFDs have progressed more in safety and safety than the some of models simple life jacket.

- Whitewater Kayaking The beauty of whitewater kayaking is found in the basics of paddling (movement & proper paddle position), and a proper execution and understanding of the basics and basic safety tips and rules- have more fun on your next kayak adventure.

- River Kayaks, still & whitewater kayaking The beauty of whitewater kayaking is found in the basics of paddling (movement & proper paddle position), and a proper execution and understanding of the basics and basic safety tips and rules.

- Sea & Ocean kayaks - Characteristics and Advantages, Selection, Equipment and Use Your seakayak is your life! - this is not a lie, for any paddler out in open waters - If you lose the kayak, you could lose your life. See important safety features of a sea "ocean" kayak below.

- whitewater River Classification US and Canada whitewater River Classification - Whitewater kayaking

- Inflatable Kayaks, Gear and Manufacturers The variety of different watercraft is almost end-less, as well. From the familiar rowboats to canoes and strong inflatable kayaks...

Kayaking Books & Guides - Kayaking Guides, Paddling technique, Gear & Accessories

kayaking & adventure spots and Touring - Ecuador,Costa Rica and Crotia Touring

Kayaking & adventure spots and Touring - Alaska, Thailand, Costa Rica and Ecuador, and Croatia Touring

Nimbus single/double Kayaks

Kayak Manufacturers - specializing in kayaks, equipment and accessories

Rainforest Designs LTD

Nimbus single/double Kayaks

RAINFOREST DESIGNS LTD. Nimbus Kayaks: Canadian handcrafted Kayaks, paddles and accessories over tha last 30 years. Manufactured by Rainforest Design quality touring kayals using the most suitable closed molding technology and materials. Nimbus boats are playful and very nimble performers.

Contacts: 5 - 9903 - 240th Street,
Maple Ridge, B.C. CANADA
V2W 1G2
web/source: www.nimbuskayaks.com

Solo/Single Kayaks

"Cygnet" 14'9" surf


Very lively expressly designed compact(L14'9") "surf-great" kayak for the lighter paddler 90 to 150 pounds(Cockpit size: 31.5" x 15.5",165 L cockpit). Kayak suited for short expeditions and day trips.
available version in Glass 50bl and Kevlar 43lb

"Klemtu" 14'3"

comfort Kayak

Short Kayak(L 14'3") provide good stability and comfort idelly suited for short expeditions, day touring,fishing and photograghy. This single Kayak comes equipped with: with or without a rudder, rescue straps, comfort seat, stern and bow toggles, storage tray, hatch and stern bulkead.
available version in Glass 42bl and Kevlar 38lb

"Solander" 16'2"


The Solander one paddle Kayak L16'2"- Nimble fun and sport updated easier to use kayak since 1981. Comfort idelly suited for day touring, easy to move around on shore or on the water.
available version in Glass53bl and Kevlar 46lb

"Horizon" 16'3"


This a medium sized solo Kayak provide more stability on water and good paddling characteristics The versatile is also available as a 3piece sectional known as the "Horizon-S" in Glass 48bl and Kevlar 41lb.

It is a really nice boat to paddle. Fast for it's length but very manageable. Can paddle it any time, just msg you and will pass on the details. Nice boat for a smaller person sub 12stone.

"Seafarer" 16'8" soft chined hull


This larger selectively reinforced single Kayak with revolutionary soft chined hull provides responsive handling in surf suitable vor longer expeditions.
available version in Glass 55bl and Kevlar 46lb

"Zoom" 17' 6.5"

Sport Kayak

Selectively reinforced fast, manoeuvrability and sporty but yet functional for the seasoned one paddle Kayak "Zoom"L18' 7 and With a relatively large-volume capacity 330L

available version in Glass 49bl and Kevlar 42lb , the cockpit can be customized by order

Double/Team Kayaks

"Kerama" 18'7"

double Kayak

Team compact Kayak equippet with a shallow arch strong hull with a fairly hard chine.This modest length 2 seats Kayak is very stable and manoeuvrable< this Model has smaller size 30.75" x 17" cockpit
available version in Glass 83bl and Kevlar 75lb

"Kanaka" 18'3"


Team sporty kayak suitable for shorter paddlers 31.5" x 15.5" with a lower deck and smaller cockpits
available version in Glass 75bl and Kevlar 64lb

"Skana" 21'8" Large


Team expedition a large double kayak L21' 8" more comfortable and roomy with Tremendous storage spac.
available version in Glass 95bl and Kevlar 85lb

"Hyak" 19'3" Large


Popular Team Kayak "Hyak" L19' 3" features roomy cockpits, Bow and Mid cockpits(34.5" x 17.5") and adds reasonable storage capacity
available version in Glass 95bl and Kevlar 85lb

Kayak Equipment:

all kayaks is outfitted with footcontrolled flip-up rudder, watertight compartments in the stern & bow, so as to keep out water entering the kayak, large size hatches, stern lines, foredeck storage tray, paddle float uses a quick-release float, outside seams and tow line. Additional Kayak-Equipment include: very comfortable rugged customized seats, Adjustable pads, foot rests and Neoprene storage tray used under the foredec

Prijon offer amazing range of models , Whitewater sport kayaks, fast single kayaks for sea, coast and lake include kids, teenagers and beginners models

Sea Kayaks

single 500 and 520

Sea Kayak

HTP Sea Kayaks. Version 500( L500 cm) fast and sporty boat for lighter and smaller paddlers weight 100kg. Equippet with comfort seat, ideal seating position and offers a lot of back space.

520( L518 cm) medium and high weight(paddler weight 140 kg) suitable for long tours provide it with secondary stability but still ...more >>

River and Lakes Kayaks

tandem "Excursion"

rivers and lakes Kayak

A high level of safety Excursion kayak L518cm/39kg,max capacity of 260kg from Prijon, Excellent kayak suitable for river and lakes and the rounded ends
with broad hull and the rounded ends design offers s a lot of storage ...more >>

Touring Kayaks

single "Alborea"

Touring Kayak

Short length 422cm ,Well balanced hull design kayak,easy to trasport and load touring kayak with only 17 kg weight and length of 422cm offer allrounder qualities regarding kayak for touring on ...more >>

Kayaks for kids and beginners

single teenagers "Jun"

Sea Kayak

Biger and Longer 378cm/13kg.

Junior Version kid's boat - Sea Kayak with flat seating hatch suitable for teenagers provides safe contact with the boat ...more >>