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Prijon Kayaks

Kayaks Made in Germany, EU

Prijon offer amazing range of models , Whitewater sport kayaks, fast single kayaks for sea, coast and lake provides them with a high base speed and pronounced tracking qualities, Allround for all occasion from coastal waters and rivers in calm conditionsand kayaks for kids and beginners maneuvered well and good tracking kayaks suited for short tours. All HTP kayaks are made in Germany or from EU countries.


New Prijon Kayaks for 2016

Prijon Enduro 450 (a combi-kayak version)

The New 450 cm version "ENDURO" (only 26 kg/load capacity 130 kg.) is specially designed boat for touring, produced for smaller or bigger rivers and lakes it's ideal for all-round Kayak up to class II.

If you are looking for a boat for tours with luggage, then easy to turn and edge Enduro 450 is perfect suited, as this kayak have certain standards of equipment, like perfectly adjustable optimized ergonomically seating position with backrest and water-tight storage. The Enduro 450 comes equiped with luggage straps on the deck plus as a steering mounting and 2 waterproof bulkheads.

Prijon Marlin LV - carbon & glass fibre Kayak

Another Prijon beauty made in Germany. Thanks to the production process and materials Marlin LV is lightened to amazing 14,9 kg. With total capacity of 115 kg this fast kayak is designed to meet the needs of light and middleweight paddlers (from 50 to 90 kg). Like the quality and overall care Prijon put into their new line of products, it's another measure of the craftsmanship that distinguishes Prijon kayaks.

The seat is very comfortable and perfect suited for longer stretches allowing for increased success even when perfecting the most challenging. It's precisely boat, Fast changes in direction during the riding thanks to it's ideal elegance shape lines. Marlin LV kayak comes equiped with thermoformed, ABS hatch lid, and sledge footrest with pedals.

The Marlin's production process begins by vacuum epoxy resin injection spraying into a highly polished mold. glass fibre, aramide and carbon fibre boat components are sandwiched together with reinforced rigid foams, resulting in a extremely strong and light and at the same time high mechanically resistant hull.

CustomLine Double-seater Prijon CL 470 Relax

With the Prijon CustomLine range of options (range from basic to fully equipped touring model) you can add different packages of accessories to the light basic model CL 370 & 490 or brand new offen cockpit kayak CL 470 Relax and adapt it to your(or your family) requirements and wishes.

The lightweight (only 35 kg/load capacity 230 kg.) open double-seater provides uncomplicated riding, neutral and safe qualities. CL 470 Relax version is perfect boat for family water fun. CL 470 are easy handling and with a very high stability characteristics. It's is the perfect boat for the lakes or sea family water fun - thanks to the mix of a moderate rocker and length of 470 cm. This Prijon version features a big cockpit with tour-seat plus "CustomLine" backrest, Sawtooth-footrest, luggage spider, CL-thigh braces, bulkhead with cover in the rear and floating device depend on your requirements.

Sea Kayaks

single 500 and 520

Sea Kayak

HTP Sea Kayaks. Version 500( L500 cm) fast and sporty boat for lighter and smaller paddlers weight 100kg. Equippet with comfort seat, ideal seating position and offers a lot of back space.

520( L518 cm) medium and high weight(paddler weight 140 kg) suitable for long tours provide it with secondary stability but still easy to maneuver.

single "Marlin" prilite

Sea Kayak

Safe and precise manner, enormously agile sea kayak L 530cm with good tracking.
Beautiful lightweight 20gk kayak, elegant stretched lines which offers a light weight while at the same time being very sturdy and manageable perfect suited for travelling.

single "Kodiak"

Sea Kayak

Safe and fastest when touring at sea or expeditions, Kayak L 518 "Kodiak" offers very spacious cockpit for large size paddlers.

smaller version "Catalina"

Sea Kayak

Short length 464cm Catalina smaller version kayak offers smaller cockpit for smaller paddlers but adjusted seating.


single " Proteus"

Sea Kayak

Fastest Kayak L520cm from Prijon. Suitable for fast tours with Especially
prominent keel areas at the back and front.

combination version "Millenium"

single Sea Kayak also on rivers and lakes

Excellent Lighter version 20,5 kg elegant sea kayak from Prijon is a
good mix of a single kayak for lakes and rivers and sea kayak

River and Lakes Kayaks

tandem "Excursion"

rivers and lakes Kayak

A high level of safety Excursion kayak L518cm/39kg,max capacity of 260kg from Prijon, Excellent kayak suitable for river and lakes and the rounded ends
with broad hull and the rounded ends design offers s a lot of storage space.

tandem "Poseidon"

rivers and lakes Kayak

Poseidon HTP kayak max capacity of 240kg some length 518cm provide better tracking and higher speed.

single "Motion"

rivers and lakes Kayak

Short kayak - L454cm/26kg, Smaller cockpit for small size paddlers but gearet at speed fast kayak.

Touring Kayaks

single "Alborea"

Touring Kayak

Short length 422cm ,Well balanced hull design kayak,easy to trasport and load touring kayak with only 17 kg weight and length of 422cm offer allrounder qualities regarding touring on lakes or rivers.

single "Laguna"

Touring Kayak

Longer-455cm Touring lightweight kayak made in Carbon - 18,5kg for simple handing,load and trasport best suitable for medium lakes and rivers.

single "Yukon"

Touring Kayak

Short length 440cm /27kg -Yukon kayak suitable for safe uggage tours on flowing waters and even on easy white water.

Kayaks for kids and beginners

single kid "Dayliner - "

River/Lake Kayak

Short base 380cm, lightweight 22kg, solo kid kayak offers perfect seating position with comfortable area suitable for lakes and rivers.

children "Flipper"


Short 293cm Flipper - Very low wieght 9 kg children Kayak for fun paddling

single teenagers "Jun"

Sea Kayak

Biger and Longer 378cm/13kg.

Junior Version Sea Kayak with flat seating hatch suitable for teenagers provides safe contact with the boat and support.

single "Capri"

Kayak for beginners

Good tracking qualities beginners solo kayak L 367cm/20kg, considering its compact measurements suitable for lighter paddler.

Prijon Whitewater

good looking line-up!

The price on Prijon WW boats has actually gone down since 2009. (Prijon do have a version of the Chopper for $949 - and its a great boat too!) You get a lot of boat for the price in a Prijon. If you take general care of it you can keep them going for many years.